12 Warning Signs that He Is Unbalanced

1. He hides his feelings

You must constantly read the signs and decipher its contradictory signals in order to know what it is thinking about and because it is impossible for it to verbalize it.

His attitude creates a gap between you. You don’t know how to get over it and get close to it.

If he does so, it is because he is afraid of rejection. It’s his way of dealing with it.

2. Either He is too available or He is not at all

With him, you don’t know where to turn.

He has phases where he is always with you and periods when you barely see him and have to bend over backward to find you some time.

He can’t seem to find a balance in anything. It is not balanced and it goes from one extreme to another.

3. He thinks he can come and go in your life as he pleases

He is never sure what he feels for you. One minute he is crazy about you and the next he disappears.

Of course, after becoming aware of his error, he always ends up coming back.

But he will repeat this same scenario as long as you allow him to because he doesn’t know how to handle his feelings.

4. He is impulsive

He acts on impulse and you never know what his next move will be.

The worst part is that he doesn’t know it either. He acts, without taking the time to think.

He says he will do one thing and does the opposite. He says that he will be at such a place and is ultimately not there.

He is absolutely unreliable and his actions are sometimes on the verge of being dangerous.

He doesn’t think about the impact his actions can have on you. He simply makes day-to-day decisions, ignoring nothing.

5. Her mood is more changeable than the weather

It happens to all of us to be whimsical and this is normal. But it can go from joy to depression in seconds …

Or even from loving behavior to aggressive behavior.

At one point, you cuddle on the sofa, it is very soft and suddenly, it begins to belittle you and even insult you.

It is not balanced. He is psychologically unstable and beyond the help of his girlfriend, it is the help of a professional that he needs.

6. He likes to provoke you

You sometimes have the impression that he deliberately starts arguments, simply to provoke a reaction in you.

He likes to debate and is unable to stop before you admit defeat, you are apologized for something you are probably not responsible for and admits he won.

His behavior is extremely toxic and being with him is dangerous.

The best thing you can do is get away from him as quickly as possible.

7. He acts like he’s doing you a favor by being with you

It acts like it’s the best thing that ever happened to you. He even tells you that without him, you would be lost.

He plays with your emotional stability and does his best to destroy it.

Not only is this a warning sign indicating an unbalanced person, but it is also narcissistic, even sociopathic behavior. So be extremely careful.

8. He boasts of his successes

He has this inexplicable desire to speak over and over again of all these things of which he is proud.

Each of his least successes is shared on social networks.

And although being proud of yourself is nothing wrong, if it is taken to the extreme, you will notice it very quickly.

You will also notice that he is looking for admiration and approval from others.

9. His relationships with others are strained

He always has problems with others. He says it is not his fault and that no one understands it.

But ask yourself the question: “Is it really possible that all his friends and colleagues have wronged him and that he is a saint?”

Unbalanced people have social difficulties and are often in conflict with the people around them.

10. He is unable to take responsibility for his actions

Another thing that narcissists, sociopaths, and unbalanced men have in common is that they excel in the art of positioning themselves as victims.

He will prefer to convince you of your wrongs, rather than admitting his responsibilities.

Stay away from men like him. Not being able to take responsibility for one’s actions simply indicates deeper problems.

11. As soon as he faces an obstacle, he finds himself stuck

As soon as a problem appears, he thinks about it and talks about it constantly. He is unable to resolve it, accept it, and move on.

As soon as there is a problem between you, he is able to argue with you for days.

Even if he says that since “water has flowed under the bridge”, he will still be able to broach the subject once again.

Also, he likes to refer to past problems and you throw them in the face.

If he does that, you will quickly realize that your biggest problem is him.

12. In general, he is unable to control his anger

Now, you have understood that the men who were not balanced started a lot of arguments.

He does not know how to manage his emotions. If he is often in extreme happiness or sadness, his anger is the worst.

He has a bad temper and as soon as he is upset, he starts to scream and shout. He also tends to be violent.

It does not necessarily mean that he becomes physically violent, but for example that he hits the walls, breaks the dishes or slams the doors.

You should stay as far away from unbalanced men as possible. They are capable of making your life hell.

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