7 Things He Loved About You Pre-Relationship And 8 Things He Hated After

Relationships are a funny thing. At first, they are all about instant lust and a magnetic, even chemical, attraction. The “honeymoon phase” is like a sweet dream and you think it will last forever. You simply can’t get enough of one another, and everything about the other person is just as perfect as can be. You call and text each other constantly, and every time you think about one another, a huge toothy grin spreads across your face, and your eyes light up with sheer excitement. You are as smitten as a kitten, and the attraction is totally mutual. You don’t think the fabulous feeling will ever possibly subside, and you praise the good lord above for the magical workings of your matchmaker, cupid.

But as time passes, while you may still be going strong as a couple, those things you once adored about the other person start to rub you in a different way… and it’s not a good one. Adorable becomes annoying and sweet becomes sarcastic. Is it just basic human nature that relationships go from sizzling hot to lukewarm? Is everlasting love even a real concept? Sure, every relationship is different, but most wind up pretty much the same… the marvellous feeling of lust goes bust.

Here are 7 common things lots of guys love about their gal pre-relationship when things were just getting going and 8 things they start to frown upon after some time has passed. That 7-year itch is a rash that is universal… if it doesn’t come sooner.

15Your Goofy Laugh

You may have always been self-conscious about your funny-sounding laugh, but when you got together with your man, he couldn’t get enough of it. Those little piggy snorts and high-pitched sounds made him think you were the most adorable girl in the world. He would do everything he could to make you laugh out loud by telling stupid jokes and acting like a fool. But you loved his playful antics and your goofy laugh would bust out of your body without control. You enjoyed the fact that he admired your quirkiness and fun-loving side, even though the laughter would turn heads due to its odd sound. Sure, it may have been a tad embarrassing in romantic restaurants or at the movies, but he wouldn’t have you chuckle any other way.

14Your Delicious Cooking

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so it was no surprise that your boyfriend loved how you wanted to cook homemade meals for him when you first started dating. Whether you whipped up a gourmet recipe at his place or yours, your man couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into your custom culinary creations. You’d make dishes like cheese lasagna, shrimp scampi, and juicy pot roast for dinner, and in the morning, you’d surprise him with a stack of fluffy buttermilk pancakes with real Vermont maple syrup or sunny side up eggs with a side of bacon. Sure, he may have gained a few pounds, but they were worth every morsel. Plus, he saved money by not having to dine out, so he enjoyed the fact that you are a wiz in the kitchen even more. Bon Appetit!

13Your Love For Animals

As an animal lover himself, when you first got with your man and he learned that you love animals as well, he was as smitten as a kitten! You love dogs of all breeds, you are as close to a “cat lady” as one can be without being considered crazy, and you love taking regular trips to the zoo. You take time out of our day to feed the birds in your yard and you even donate monthly to the ASPCA. He knows you are a caring soul since you adore animals of all kinds with such raw emotion. He would often think you love your pets more than you love him, but he became OK with that. Knowing that you accept his pit bull as you would your own, he knew you were a keeper. He may not have the same fondness for snakes and lizards that you do, but at least he loves the fluffy animals just as much.

12The Way You Kiss

There is nothing quite like that first kiss that sparks magic, excitement, and anticipation of what is to come in the future. Kissing for hours on end seems like the status quo of your relationship and every time your lips meet is like pure bliss. Your man tells you that you are the best kisser in the world and just cannot get enough of those soft and pillow-like lips of yours. He claims your breath is always fresh and minty and you know how to make him feel so special. Whether it is a small peck before leaving for work or a steamy make-out session that lasts all night, the way you kiss is his favorite. Will this lip lust last? Pucker up and find out in a few months.

11Your Quirky Sense Of Humor

Not everyone gets (or wants to get) your unusual/warped sense of humor, but your boyfriend surely does. He laughs at all of your corny jokes and understands your dry wit and comedic timing to a tee. He knows that you are a little “out there” when it comes to what you find funny, but he delights in your unique quirkiness and sometimes awkward sense of humor. When nobody else is laughing at your off-the-wall jokes and silly riddles, you can always count on your reliable man for a big hearty belly laugh and a sincere chuckle. Humor is very important in a relationship, so knowing that he already thinks you are a barrel of laughs is a sure sign that you are getting your relationship off on the right foot.

10Your Super-Cool Friends

It is a very good sign when a guy you like is totally cool with your “squad” too. Your close group of friends means a lot to you, so knowing that your fine fella thinks they are as special as you are is a fabulous feeling. You spend lots of time with your pack of girls and want them to be able to feel super-comfortable around the guy you are dating too. It would really suck if your man thought your best gal pals were total losers or irritatingly annoying. He may have a bunch of single guy friends looking for a match, so you can all go out as a large group and see which of the friends hit it off. Double (or triple) dating was never so much fun!

9How You Look In A Bikini

Your man loves your feminine body, so why not show it off in a teeny tiny yellow polka dot bikini? OK, so it doesn’t actually have to be covered in polka dots, but just make sure it fits well and shows off all of your womanly assets. A woman who is obviously secure in her own skin is undeniably attractive, and a guy loves to see lots of skin. Get yourself in beach-ready shape and put on that cute string bikini with self-assurance. Any guy would feel like a million bucks with a hot babe on his arm who looks like a supermodel in her swimwear. Just be sure to slather on plenty of sunscreen before hitting the waves! Surely your man will help you cover all those hard-to-reach spots.


8That You No Longer Worship The Ground He Walks On

When you first got together, you thought your man was a real-life knight in shining armor. He was the king of your universe and you would do anything for him – anytime and anywhere. You told him he was the most handsome fella you had ever laid eyes on. You thought he was the smartest and most hysterical guy you had ever met. You loved his mind, body, and soul. You would cook for him, clean up after him, buy him gifts, and give him daily massages. Every thought, 24/7, was about him, and he knew it. Now you are not quite as excited by him and you no longer worship the ground he walks on. He loved being treated like gold and now he is feeling less-than-special. The king has been dethroned.

7That You’re Turning Into Your Mother

It happens to the best of us. Right before our very own eyes, we begin to act more and more like our mothers. In many cases this is quite wonderful because our moms are like queens in our eyes. But you know who doesn’t like the idea of you being just like your mother? Your aggravated boyfriend. He thinks you sound just like her, have the exact same opinions and sensibilities, and you are even starting to dress like her. Not so hot. Not only that, you have begun spending more time with your mom when you used to spend all that time with him. He isn’t looking for a “cougar,” so this new personality of yours is not a turn on in any way. Love your mom, but not so far as to morph into momma.

6That You Compare Him To Your Ex-Boyfriend

There is nothing worse than comparing your current man to your ex. Especially when you are doing it in front of your present fella. He doesn’t want to hear anything about your past relationships, so comparing and contrasting for him to hear isn’t going to make your relationship any better. Does he want to know which type of beer and TV shows your ex used to love? Heck no. He doesn’t care that your ex had a Master’s degree or that he was 6’7”. He knows that your ex wasn’t balding like he is and he is fully aware that your ex was a great cook and always bought you flowers. If you think your ex was such a prize, then why aren’t you still a couple? He’s an ex for a reason, so focus your attention on your man of the moment, or else he’ll soon land in your “ex files” as well.

5That You Stopped Shaving

Oh heck no. You cannot let yourself go just because you are in a long-term relationship. Men like smooth legs and hairless armpits whether they are in a one-week relationship or a 25-year marriage. Unless you are the all-natural type and he is, and has been totally into it since the get go, you cannot suddenly grow out all your stubble and expect him to embrace the furriness. If you want to stop shaving and grow out all your hair, more power to ya. The natural look is a lot easier to maintain than getting weekly bikini waxes and laser removal. But not every man wants to run his hands over a scratchy thigh. At least give him fair warning that you are dumping the razors and letting loose. He can decide if the stubble is worth the trouble.

4That You Nag Constantly

A woman who nags day in and day out is sure to lose her man before she can utter her next complaint. No man can stand a nagger, and if you begin to nag more frequently as the relationship matures, then you are sure to find yourself all alone and looking for dates again before you know it. Complaining, criticizing, and bothering your man all the time is not healthy for the relationship. He will start to tune you out and soon totally ignore you. That whiny voice of yours will make him cringe and he will spend more and more time huddled up in his “man cave” just to get away from you and your annoying nagging. Be kind, pick your battles, and nix the nags. Your man may not be “Mr. Perfect,” but “Miss Nag” is a real drag.

3That You Never Want To Be Intimate Anymore

As time passes, the passion may dwindle. OK, the initial lust won’t always be as fresh as when you both met, but in order to keep a relationship thriving, intimacy must be kept in check. A man may be able to handle a little less bedroom time as the relationship matures, but if you never want to get it on he is not going to be very happy. If you are totally not into your man anymore, it may be time to call it quits. But if you do still have a real attraction, you had better start showing your dude some more affection. He may decide he can’t take the slump anymore and choose to leave you or he may stray. Put on some R&B music, light some candles, and let the romance take you over!

2That You’ve Stopped Working Out

Not everyone has a killer body, but if you used to work out and take care of your health and now all you do is sit on the couch vegged out in front of the TV eating chips and salsa, your fella may not like the new you. It is not only about looks, but about lifestyle and overall well-being. He may have once loved the fact that you could go hiking and bike riding with him and now all you want to do is nap and eat fast food. Moderation is key, but if he fell in love with your desire to stay in shape and your love of physical activity, he may not want to be with the lazy version of you. Do what you want for yourself, but don’t expect your man to desire your love handles as much as he did your six-pack.

1Your Obsession With The Kardashians

Yes, we know Keeping Up with the Kardashians is on TV 24/7, but just because E! wants to air endless reruns of the reality TV show does not mean you must tune in all the time. Not only do you watch the various Kardashian-Jenner shows religiously, but you follow them all on social media and buy all of their products. You try to dress like Kim, do your makeup like Kylie, and work out like Khloe. You want to name your future kids with “K” names and you have even begun to find Rob attractive. Your man cannot take all this Kardashian nonsense any longer. If you don’t stop the obsession with the rich and famous reality family, your boyfriend will leave you faster than Kim’s marriage to Kris Humphries lasted. Turn off the TV and tune into the man in front of you.

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