Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For November: Lifestyle, Relationships & Love

November is one of those rare perfect months. It’s cold, but not yet freezing. There are social events, but it’s not as overwhelmingly social as December. Also, Thanksgiving! I mean, a holiday all about eating? What more could one ask for? Of course, some of us may start November off feeling a little… off. Yes, I’m talking about that Halloween hangover. Not only are you battling a hangover but you may have slept in your Harley Quinn makeup and that is just not a good look for anyone. November 1st aside though, it’s a pretty perfect month.

We’ve established that November is pretty much the best, but what do the stars have to say about it? That’s right, we’re talking about horoscopes, ladies. Being that November is the end of Scorpio season and the beginning of Sagittarius season, it’s a very social season marked by a heavy focus on friends, family, and romances. However, this November the signs are divided on the relationship front. Some signs will experience great focus and success in relationships while other signs will experience great focus and success in the workplace. Also, it’s not just the cold weather that has you feeling sluggish. Some specific signs will experience a period of time during which their energy will be very low. Though, the best way to beat this low energy is to embrace and relax rather than power through it.

So, what will it be for you – a career heavy month or a hot relationship month? Will November be The Devil Wears Prada or The Notebook? Find out below where we have you horoscopes for lifestyle, career, health, and relationships!

24Sagittarius: Your Self-Awareness Is Soaring

Sagittarius, at the end of the month we finally come into Sagittarius season! So, happy birthday!

Since November is a month dominated by the Scorpio and the Sagittarius, it’s a month for relationships. The highly passionate Scorpio can bring out those passions and heavy feelings. Meanwhile, the Sagittarius brings out friendships, positive bonds, and new acquaintances. Whatever the case, November will be a month more about relationships than anything else. During November, the focus will be on relationships rather than your career. Take this time to invest in your relationships.

On top of that, your sense of self is very strong during November, Sagittarius. Because of this, you will have extra confidence and feel very logical in your thoughts. Since you’ll have a clear mind, this is a great time to establish positive habits in your relationships. Also, because you’re feeling an innate sense of self, take this time to meditate and really think about goals… or just take a relaxing bubble bath and say you meditated and thought about your goals. Whatever the case, they’re both good activities for the soul.

23Sagittarius Love ‘Scope: You’re A Love Magnet Until The 19th

Sagittarius, the beginning of the month is much better for your relationships. Up until the 19th, you’ll have great luck in forming new romantic relationships, which is due to that steamy Scorpio season. If you’re a single Sagittarius, take advantage of the beginning of the month because your Tinder may run dry after the 19th.

If you’re in a relationship, you should use the time up until the 19th to connect with potential friends. Linking up with well-traveled, successful, connected people could result in some successful opportunities if you play your cards right in November. When that certain magnetism runs dry around the 19th, spend time cuddled up with your significant other, especially if you haven’t watched season two of Stranger Things yet. I mean, what are you waiting for? November was pretty much invented for binge-watching.

22Capricorn: You Want To Work, But You Just Can’t

Capricorn, you like to work so what I’m about to say may sound weird: November will not focus on work.

Like many of the other signs, your career will take a backseat during November. This may give you some anxiety, but go with it. There’s no reason to fight natural instincts. Instead, allow your energy to focus on friends, family, and home life. Your career will naturally take the front seat again when your energy is ready to focus on it.

On the 29th, a lunar eclipse will shift your work life, creating temporary changes you’ll have to deal with. Between the lack of natural focus and the temporary shift, you may feel out of your element. Just hold tight and trust that things will shift back before the end of the year. In the meantime, make some pumpkin pie with your loved ones or take a bubble bath.

21Capricorn Love ‘Scope: You’re Feeling Like The Queen You Are

Capricorn, get ready for Venus! That’s right, Venus is in the Capricorn sign in November. Since Venus is the planet of love and beauty, you can expect good vibes coming your way. You’ll feel more beautiful, attractive, and fun. In fact, you’ll feel uncharacteristically charming. You’ll even want to push your social boundaries. You’ll go out to lunch alone, sip a martini alone during happy hour, attend your friend’s party even though you don’t know anyone else. This type of social independence isn’t necessarily in your wheelhouse, so embrace it in order to expand your social circle.

Capricorn, if you get down about not feeling like your normal workhorse-self, just remember that making connections can be just as important when it comes to job advancement. So get out there and mingle, lady!

20Aquarius: Relationships Led To Positive Career News

Aquarius, like other signs, it will be a social month for you. Only for you though, these social relationships will specifically help your work life. You will add influential people to your circle of friends, which will result in new career opportunities. Be open and friendly this month, as it will result in some financial gain.

As for you health, you may feel delicate, weak, or sluggish until the 22nd. As Scorpio season comes to an end though, you’ll start to feel back to your energetic self. During the beginning of the month, it’s best to not even try to fight through this sluggish feeling. Instead, rest and indulge on yourself. Take a bath, stay in bed, read a book. Do whatever it is you need to do to start feeling better.

19Aquarius Love ‘Scope: No Luck For The Single Aquarius

Aquarius, your social life will be quite busy during November. However, you will also be feeling that sluggish feeling. If you planner is booked solid but your aren’t necessarily feeling up to doing anything, feel free to cancel. One night in won’t hurt you. In fact, it’ll make you feel prepped and ready for your plans the following night.

If you’re a single Aquarius, you’ll be meeting a ton of people in November. That’s all well and good, though it may not result in a romantic relationship. You’re more likely to see your new relationships benefiting your career rather than your love life. Really focus on those career relationships this month and save the loving relationships until December.

As for any Aquarius in relationships, you’ll feel as though it’s smooth sailing this month. During those days when you are feeling sluggish, try to bring your loved on in on your relaxation. Whether it’s binge-watching a new series or taking a yoga class, embracing relaxing activities with your loved one can open you up to new parts of your relationship.

18Pisces: Career, Fitness, And Finances All Look Good!

Pisces, you’re looking at a great month for your career. While other signs may feel pulled towards being social over their career, you’ll feel the opposite. In fact, you’ll feel your loved ones pushing you towards you career. That’s right, your friends and family will be very supportive of your career goals in November, which will only push you to work harder to make them proud.

In other good news, November will be a great time for your finances and health. In both cases, you’ll find a new source of energy that pushes you to revamp. In terms of money, that means making a budget, setting up a saving account, or paying off that credit card. In terms of your health, you may try Whole 30, do a juice cleanse, or try a new fitness class. In order to see strides in both departments, you do have to work for it. However, the stars are totally on your side.

17Pisces Love ‘Scope: Look For Love At Work Or At A Yoga Class

Pisces, your romances don’t face favorable odds this month. If you’re with someone, you may find that your compatibility has shifted. You’ll have to decide if this shift is something you can work through or if it’s better to cut ties. This may also develop in the form of a new relationship step for which you aren’t necessarily ready, like moving in together, engagement, or pregnancy. Think everything through, as you don’t want to feel forced into taking the new step before you’re ready.

If you’re a single Pisces, looking for love in places of mindfulness or spirituality are best. So, you may feel your work crush heating up or your yoga friend flirting with you. Go with it, as you may want someone to snuggle up to during the colder months.

16Aries: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Aries, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you will find professional success in November. The bad news is that you will achieve said success through, horror of all horrors, teamwork. Ram, you’re not one who especially loves teamwork, as you’re a born leader who likes to go in alone. In November, you must embrace the teamwork aspect to be truly successful. You may really want personal glory, but you won’t achieve any glory alone.

In November, you’ll feel an upswing to start eating healthier. Try eliminating processed foods and sticking to natural, whole foods. In order to make healthy eating better, try having fun while cooking at home. Don’t think of it like a chore, but rather a fun project you can do for yourself and your body.

15Aries Love ‘Scope: A Workplace Romance Is On The Menu

For the single Aries, you may try looking for love in the work place or at networking events. Signs point towards professional environments being very steamy for you this month. On that note, it’s likely you’ll make a connection with very successful, influential people. Since success is a real turn-on for the Aries, this successful person may be a potential long-term partner. Even if your work schedules are both busy or if you think he’s too old, don’t be so quick to write him off. His goals may align perfectly with yours, making your union both romantic and compatible.

If you’re in a relationship, you can expect it to be smooth sailing in the month of November. You may hit a few bumps due to lingering issues that you have been avoiding, but for the most part the committed Aries can look forward to lots ‘o love.

14Taurus: You Need To Equally Focus On Work And Relaxation

Taurus, because of the location of the planets, you’ll face some of the same challenges as the Aries. Meaning, you will be focused on your career but need to work as a team in order to achieve your goals. You, however, had a much easier time with team. Taurus, you may even like working together, as you’re a very social sign who values your relationships. You can be stubborn, so embrace compromise and flexibility in your partnerships this November.

Do not let this focus on career stress you out. Your health will be weaker than usual this month. If you do feel stressed, take time to relax and reconnect with yourself. Overworking yourself will only result in illness and time off work. It’s best to take some breaks rather than be forced to take time off. Remember that taking time to chill out can actually make you more productive in the long run.

13Taurus Love ‘Scope: It’s Time To Talk About The Bills

Taurus, it will be an extremely social month for you. While you can be somewhat of a homebody, you’ll find your social schedule brimming with plans this month. Embrace them! Yes, you would probably rather stay home and watch television, especially when it’s a bit too chilly. But you gain energy when you’re surrounded by loved ones, so don’t bail on your plans. With all these plans, the single Taurus will find herself in many opportunities to meet someone new before the holiday season. It’s likely you’ll find yourself gravitating towards the more intellectual types. Go with that! Brainy guys are the best guys.

As for the Taurus in a relationship, everything will be love, love, love in the relationship department. With your career-focused month, use this harmony at home to talk about financial goals with your significant other.

12Gemini: Career Advancement, But Not The Kind You Want

Gemini, November is a good month for your career, but not your own personal career goals. If you have a project or promotion in mind that you’re itching for, don’t even think about it this month. It’s just not in the cards. During November, you will achieve great things in your career if you curb your own ambitions and help someone with a request. So, if your boss insists you research a seemingly dead-end project, do it with a smile. It could be the very thing that gets you to the place at which you can actually work on that goal of yours.

Gemini, you’ll also stumble upon some extra cash, which you should then use on some small luxury for yourself… y’know as reward yourself for helping your boss on that project. You totally deserve it, girl.

Your health with be steady until the end of the month. After the 22nd, you may fell victim to a cold or just low energy. Take time for yourself near the end of the month so that these low, sickly feelings don’t take control.

11Gemini Love ‘Scope: No Scrubs, Thank You Very Much

Gemini, you’re looking at a very social November. That’s good news to you because sitting in on your couch is simply not for you.

This month, you’ll be able to build your social network through your jam packed schedule. Of course, if these parties and events don’t result in a romantic connection, don’t be down in the dumps about it. Think positively about the emotional, friendly connections you did make. Hey, they may even pay off better than finding a new dude.

If you do find a romantic connection, make sure he’s a guy who can tend to your emotional needs. Basically, you don’t want no scrub. You’re looking for an A+ guy, who has a job, an apartment, and pays (most of) his bills on time. Don’t settle for less, since it’ll crash and burn.

If you’re in a committed relationship, you can expect more laughs than usual. You and your partner will be clicking better than before. Take this chemistry and push the relationship forward in the direction you want. Itching to finally move in with him? Bring it up in November!

10Cancer: You’ll Be Pulled In Every Single Direction

Cancer, you’re going to be all over the place this month! While some signs are feeling focus on their careers and other signs are feeling focus on their relationships, your focus is both everywhere and no where. You’ll be pulled in 1,000 different directions – work, home, family, friends, romance, you time – and feel a but unfocused by it all. It’s okay. Take a moment and calm down when things get too hectic during November.

This month will be about adapting to all the challenges. You’ll have to find ways to juggle all of this, without, somehow, neglecting any areas. In order to do this, you’ll have to compromise, delegate, and ask for help. Luckily though, it seems you won’t be facing any hostile or complicated situations. In November, it’s all good stuff… it’s just a lot of good stuff.

9Cancer Love ‘Scope: Not Much Time For That Love Stuff

Cancer, you’re a very emotional sign. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff going on in November, your loved ones will likely notice since you pretty much wear all your emotions on your sleeve. Though, you need to be mindful about not taking out your emotions on your loved ones this month, Cancer. Don’t ignore you significant other or pick petty fights with anyone. Instead, verbalize your feelings of frustration or tiredness. Who knows? If you tell someone how tired and stressed you are, they may just fix you a bath.

If you’re single, you won’t even have much time for romantic relationships. Don’t let this worry you during November, though. Instead, indulge in some carefree dating. Don’t think about the future and simply live (and date) in the today. If he sticks around until December, maybe you’ll find some time to really pursue this relationship.

8Leo: It’s Home VS. Work In November

Leo, you enjoy being a bold leader. In fact, you love being a bold leader. However, that’s not the way to go in November. Instead, this month is about using your personal relationships to get ahead. You’ll have to depend on the help of others, the recommendation of a contact, or the opportunity suggested to you by a friend in order to truly thrive in November. But that’s all okay since you feel energized in social situations.

Because of this, there will likely be a conflict between the workplace and home. Maybe, your boyfriend doesn’t like that you’re spending so much time on a project with a work colleague…? Whatever the case, you’ll have to tend to the problem at home in order to concentrate on the project in the workplace. Don’t think you can sweep the home vs. work conflict under the rug. It’ll come back to haunt you.

7Leo Love ‘Scope: Everyone Aboard The Relationship Express

Leo, you can absolutely expect forward moment in the relation department. For the single Leo, this means you’ll be given quite a few opportunities to spark a little flame with someone. So, go out! Have fun! Meet someone new! You never know what could happen, right?

For the Leo who is in a casual relationship, expect it to move forward or fall apart. November will be the make it or break it month for all of those in-between relationships.

As for the committed Leo, expect the commitment to expand. You’ll be looking towards taking another step together, be it exchanging keys, moving in together, engagement, or babies.

In terms of the Leo’s love life, the good will get better and the bad will fall away.

6Virgo: Time To Make Amends With Loved Ones

Virgo, you’re one of the workaholic signs. You can’t help it because you truly love to work. Well, the work thing doesn’t come as easily this month. It seems career ambitions will be stalled this month. Not to worry, because your family and relationships will take the front seat.

You’ll also be feeling extra collaborative in November, so take this time to patch up damaged relationships. With the holidays here, try to bridge that gap with the aunt you rarely talk to or that cousin with whom you had a falling out. Establishing solid relationships is key in November.

Don’t try to force work performance when you’re simply not feeling it. Instead, shift that energy towards friends and family. In the long run, having stable emotional relationships will bring you many good times.

5Virgo Love ‘Scope: You’ll Find Some Brainy Lovin’

Virgo, it’s a good time for love. If you’re single, you’ll have a solid chance at meeting a long-term significant other, so be on the look out. Also, that means be on your best behavior. Don’t wild out and drunk dial that you guy just met. Instead, look at guys as possible long-term boyfriends or soul mates. That should, uh, keep you from sending that filthy Snapchat.

In terms of meeting guys, you’ll have luck in places full of knowledge. While work is an obvious choice, also think libraries, film festivals, even trivia night at the local bar. Since you’re a sign who loves intelligent conversations and debates, finding a knowledgeable partner is of high important to you.

For the Virgo in a relationship, it should be fairly smooth sailing so don’t be afraid to take another step. Invite your partner to Thanksgiving dinner, why don’t ya?

4Libra: It’s Time To Think About 2018 Career Goals

Libra, career will only be on your mind in the very beginning of the month. After the 5th, your career ambition will take a backseat and your family will take center stage.

Use this downtime career-wise to make plans for the future. Think about career moves and opportunities. Think about your career goals for 2018 and make plans for them to become a reality. In this time when you may not be so focused on actively pursuing career goals, use the clarity of mind to really think about career goals. This type of thought process can actually further your career much more than just working, working, working.

You may find yourself itching to get out of the house. In that case, try a new fitness class. Your health will be in good shape during November, but you’ve got to remember to keep the body moving even when it’s so easy to marathon yet another television series.

3Libra Love ‘Scope: November Isn’t An Easy Love Month

Uh-oh, Libra. It looks like your love connections may be a bit difficult in the month of November. As a Libra, you’ll experience miscommunication, fighting, and overall confusion in the love department this November. For the single Libra that may mean you stay very single during November. That’s all good, though. It doesn’t mean you can’t find someone to flirt with, am I right?

For the Libra in a relationship, you may find yourself getting into more disagreements than usual with your significant other. Don’t let this bring the relationship. Talk things out and come to a conclusion together. Also, just remember that an off month doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed. November may be difficult, but December brings cold weather and warm hearts.

2Scorpio: Don’t Worry About Work Too Much

Happy Scorpio season, Scorpio! Until October 23rd, we’ll still be celebrating the sign of the Scorpio, making you feel extra powerful. However, don’t expect that power to be reflected in the workplace. Your career isn’t really the focus of November, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make future plans. Since it seems your day-to-day career moves aren’t taking off in November, be sure to really reflect on your career’s future during this time. Sometimes it’s best to plan for the future when you aren’t consumed with the minute details of the everyday.

Luckily though, you do excel in your relationships this month. November will be all about having a happy home and building on your already solid relationships. If you’re bummed you don’t see much progress in the workplace, do know that your emotional relationships are progressing.

1Scorpio Love ‘Scope: Everyone Loves You (As Usual)

With it being Scorpio season for most of November, you are brimming with good energy. Everywhere you go, it’s like the sun is shining down on you. That said, if you’re in a relationship, it may take a bit of the backseat. Hey, you’re too busy being the center of attention to cuddle up next to your honey at home. Because it’s a great month for relationships, he’ll understand.

If you’re single, November is the perfect time for a Scorpio to meet someone. During November, you’ll naturally draw people in. Use this to your advantage, whether you’re looking for something long-term or short-term.

Scorpio, don’t forget that the holidays are creeping up. You may want to lock someone down quick so you can secure that New Year’s Eve kiss.


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