7 Best Places to Meet the Right Guy for You

These days, dating has become a highly lucrative business due to the growing demand of people seeking for a romantic partner. But while the dating industry offers a lot of opportunities for you to find a significant other, they do not actually guarantee that you stumble upon the right person.

Hence, if you are on the lookout for a rather serious relationship and would want to meet the “right” guy, then perhaps you may want to take a few steps away from the dating biz and rather explore other frontiers.

Some of the best places where you can meet the right guy would be the following:

1. Parties with common friends
Sure, it is easy to meet a guy in a club or in a bar, and while you two might end up sharing an intimate moment together and feel a connection, that doesn’t guarantee him being a good catch for you. And besides, what’s good about dating a total stranger?

On the other hand, you’d find better chances of finding the right guy through common friends, because they will give their sign of approval first. You may want to go parties with friends and get acquainted with their other friends, and from there you’ll see if you find a possible partner for keeps.

2. The beach
A lot of people these days go to the beach not just for mere travel, but to mend their broken hearts. And yes, in this time of soul-searching, you will definitely see a guy who is not only getting over a heartache, but is already willing to move forward and face life anew.

You may want to take advantage of this trend, because who knows, you may find the perfect guy while riding the waves or building castles in the sand.

3. Places of worship
A common trait of the ideal guy that most of us overlook is his strong faith. And a man who has high regard for his faith also makes it a point to visit places of worship. And yes, if you share the same regard for your faith, the stronger the bond you two may form.

You do not have to proactively search for a guy while hearing mass (that’s not the way to do it). Rather, you may want to take part in church activities and join faith-based groups. In these organizations and events, you learn to be more open and optimistic about your outlook in life, and probably the right guy would be able to see through those, and see through you.

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4. Sports centers
Have you seen couples that share fitness goals? Maybe the right guy for you is at the gym, or at the swimming pool, or on the track –waiting for the girl he can share fitness aspirations with.

You can start by going to the gym or sports center to focus on your own fitness goals. Once you’re familiar with the area, you may proceed with making friends until you

5. The library
Bookworms are often the romantic types. If you happen to be one of them, then it’s just ideal that you match up with a guy who reads. And where else can you find a mate that’s one for the books?

You may want to hang out in the library during your free time, and you will realize that not all those who read spend their time to themselves. They also socialize with fellow readers every once in a while. You may also want to sign up in a book club where you get to meet people who not only read, but share their insights on books, stories, and life as a whole. Who knows, your perfect match is in one of these groups.

6. Charity events and organizations
Charity events and organizations allow you to enrich your socializing qualities. This is because you are driven to show off your best qualities to achieve a special cause or to provide for specific beneficiaries. By putting your best foot forward, you also get to attract people as they see you in your most ideal version, and not just the regular boring you.

A lot of guys are also into taking part in volunteer groups, events, and charity work. They not only want to help the less fortunate, but also want to be more productive with their time and skills. At the same time, they are looking for people who share the same passion to help. If you happen to share this same passion, then why not give this route a try?

7. Clubs and associations
If there’s one thing about most couples, it is that their relationship stemmed from a shared interest. Some of them like painting, traveling, eating, etc. Hence, it would be also a good way to find the right guy in venues where you share the same interests with other people, such as an art club or a photographers’ association.

In these groups, you meet people whom you not only learn skills from, but also interact with them in a more casual manner. And yes, when you start forming a friendship through a shared interest, the more likely that you can take things on a deeper, more intimate level sooner or later.

A few tips to keep in mind

Finding the right guy for you doesn’t happen overnight, regardless of location or event preferences. You may even find him at the most unexpected places. Hence, it is best that you are prepared for this beforehand.

Make it a point to look good and feel good about yourself, because the positive vibes reflect on your overall character. This is what gets men attracted to women, beyond their looks and fashion styles. At the same time, radiate a cheerful and optimistic personality, as these serve as your magnets not just make men notice you, but for crowds to make friends with you.

Lastly, it pays to be patient. And while waiting to find the “one,” make lots of good friends and enjoy the time you have for yourself. By the time the right guy comes, you already feel fulfilled and most importantly, ready to enjoy the love that you deserve.

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