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Zodiac Couples With The Best Bet At Having A Long-Term Relationship

In some parts of the world, the zodiac signs of would-be couples are matched to see how compatible they are. Although many of us have stopped believing in these star signs as far as our relationship is concerned, there are others who still do quite a bit of consulting before they jump into one. And it might not be all mumbo-jumbo. Read on to discover which star signs make the greatest couples whose relationship stands the test of time.

1 Scorpio and Cancer

While the Cancer will remain unpredictable and mysterious, the Scorpio partner will add lots of loyalty. Together, they are likely to work hard to forge an adventurous relationship. However, the Cancer should be well-warned of other Scorpios gone awry. Scorpios seldom appreciate the good things enjoyed by others, or even share their star sign, and will even go so far as to be destructive.


2 Aries and Gemini

When Aries and Gemini pair up, they create a dynamic team. While the Aries is focused and decisive, the Gemini is quick to spot aberrations and correct the path they are pursuing as a pair. All they need is a common goal and they’re set for life. The Gemini will need to work harder to be calm so as not to trigger irritability and impatience in the Aries.

3 Sagittarius and Leo

These two fiery star signs bring a lot of passion in their relationship. Though both can be hot-tempered, good qualities of them include positivity and compassion. As long as the Leo doesn’t get too commanding and the Sagi prevents any rising problems, they are fine. It’s important for these two signs to have an open chat, even if that turns into a spat.


4 Libra and Aries

This is a dream team as both are born leaders and diplomats. When they strike a deal, they’ll make sure they reach the end and glow in the achievement. However, the Libra should put a check on their natural tendency to flirt while the Aries should avoid their impulsive behavior.

5 Pisces and Scorpio

The Pisces and Scorpio team up to bring perfect balance in the relationship with the sincerity of the former and the reserved nature of the latter. However, the balance can be very easily tipped to the Scorpio’s side if they get into a power play and try to dominate the Pisces. With good sense and kindness, they make a lasting pair.


6 Virgo and Aquarius

While the Aquarius is never short of new ideas, the Virgo will leave no stone unturned in analyzing these ideas. So, they make a great partnership. They are a perfect match at the intellectual level. But things need to be worked on to keep it smooth. The Aquarius may get carried away with too many ideas while the Virgo will strive for perfection. So, it will help to keep a check on these qualities.

7 Aries and Capricorn

Similar to Libra and Aries, the pair of Aries and Capricorn makes a successful team. Both have their ambitions set up sky high and will bend over backwards to reach where they mean to reach. As the Capricorn is prone to be unnecessarily negative sometimes, this could affect the relationship. But if the Aries understands this trait in their partner, they can easily overcome any challenge and conquer the world.


8 Pisces and Cancer

The Cancer has all the love to give and the Pisces is ready to absorb every drop. So, they are a passionate pair to say the least. However, the Pisces will have to work against keeping secrets, a trait that the Cancer will not warm to. On the other hand, the Cancer will need to remember to keep calm in such situations and let love in.

9 Gemini and Virgo

Both the star signs are excellent at spotting different issues of any problem and that makes them a balanced and level-headed couple. To keep things smooth, both need to stay calm even during an argument to avoid saying things they didn’t really mean to say and blowing the situation out of proportion.


10 Capricorn and Aquarius

While the Capricorn is good in cooking up a plan, the Aquarius is busy with a smooth execution strategy. So, these two can play the parts of a leader and thinker very well. However, as both are prone to depression, they might have to have their own fall-back plan when one of them is feeling down. They can either share their own experiences to get the other out of depression or experience it together.

11 Taurus and Virgo

The Taurus and Virgo pair blends together perfectly as both tend to prefer staying home with a book or a movie rather than painting the town red. However, staying like this may be too close for comfort and so it may be a good idea to go out and be sociable.’


12 Sagittarius and Taurus

This can form the strongest and longest lasting relationship. The Sagi loves to go on adventures and run free while the Taurus is more homeward bound. So, the Taurus needs to give enough space to the Sagi to allow them the freedom they thrive on. On the other hand, the Sagittarius also needs to realize the worth of their Taurus partner and draw in the reins of freedom without cutting it off completely.

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