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The Most Egocentric Zodiac Sign, According Your Zodiac Signs

While it’s important to have self-confidence, some people tend to cross the line into self-importance. Whether they’re constantly extolling how effective they are, refuse to pay attention to anybody else that’s speaking unless it’s them, or can’t quit posting perfectly filtered selfies on their feed, these people drift even more toward narcissism than others. In other words, it can be challenging to be around them. Nevertheless, if you’re questioning why specific people are a little bit more loaded with themselves than others, it might have something to do with astrology. Read on to discover the six most self-concerned zodiac signs, from a little bit vain to completely self-obsessed.


Gemini has a self-centered ulterior motive when they spread info concerning others. “Gemini isn’t inherently self-focused– they’re extra thinking about what’s taking place around them. But that can offer a sense of flightiness and also shallowness that makes others feel uneasy,” claims astrologer and tarot reader Ryan Marquardt. If Gemini isn’t cautious concerning the way they pull information out of other people, they’ll spit it back out in harmful methods, and also others will feel betrayed and shed trust in them.


If you understand a Taurus, you should recognize that they will certainly not listen to you. They are the most obstinate and belligerent of the zodiac signs. “Therefore, they can end up being incredibly materialistic, hoggish, and also, naturally, self-centered,” states psychic reader and spiritual therapist Emily Newman. “They are understanding yet controlling, as well as their self-centered actions intensify their egoism.”


The globe focuses on Sagittarius– or two they assume. According to Marquardt, they have a “come and go” power that individuals have a hard time taking care of. “It’s really easy to assume that Sagittarius is self-absorbed, yet it’s simply that their demand for freedom moves them to keep relocating life,” he explains. “It’s not that they don’t care about lingering for others, they simply need to keep checking out life.” In other words, you’ll require to stay on top of them, otherwise, they’ll move on without you given that their journey is what’s crucial.


Scorpios’ egos are very beneficial to them, and also they are normally self-indulgent and deceptive. “They would such as not to be surrounded by more smart individuals than Scorpio,” explains Newman. “When they satisfy somebody better than them, they come to be manipulative rather than angry or rash.” Be careful– they will not allow any person to sabotage their objectives.

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As the very first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the natural-born leader, conducting a path for all other indications. “However that can get the most effective of them and also leave Aries food craving love from others just for existing,” keeps in mind Marquardt. They need to locate their sense of self to avoid this. Or else, “their ego will certainly demand attention from everyone else, which is why they get a stigma for being needy and also narcissistic,” he includes.

Newman includes that “no one is more vital than themselves.” “They can’t put themselves in others’ footwear to recognize how their decision impacts others,” she discusses.


Leo is ruled by the sun, which represents the ego, so normally, they take the top spot. “Leo is unbelievably in harmony with their very own wants and needs,” discusses Marquardt. “At its worst, this can come off in a conceited way, playing into the stereotype Leos have for always needing to be the centerpiece.” Inevitably, if Leos flaunt their vanity way too much, they will certainly drive away other individuals. Leos require to radiate “easily, not vigorously,” says Marquardt.

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