25 Little White Lies All Women Tell Their Partners

There’s no point in denying it, we’ve all done it—most of us more than once. White lies are seemingly harmless until someone calls us out on them, and then there’s no avoiding the spotlight.

While some women will say that it’s rare that they tell anything other than the truth, that in itself is totally a lie… we all do it. Most of the time, we’re letting white lies slip when it comes to talking about things with our dates or even long-term partners.

There’s nothing wrong with it, necessarily, but that doesn’t mean we’re not about to finally confront all the white lies women are famous for telling. Keeping them under wraps wouldn’t be much fun, would it?

We’re about to provide the inside scoop on everything a woman fibs about—from the viewpoint of a woman. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, sometimes it’s for a personal reason, and, well, sometimes we just do it for no good reason at all.

Regardless of why a woman tells a half-truth (which is such a nicer way of saying ‘white lie’!), it’s time to expose what goes on inside her head when she does it. Nothing is off-limits and we’re talking about it all… Stay tuned for some seriously relatable content.

25That She Only Dated Half As Many Men As She Actually Has

Whoops, this is a big one. For some reason, most of the female population is self-conscious about the number of people we’ve dated, which will always result in a bit of a fib in order to make it sound… less.

Through no fault of our own, society has taught us that the fewer people you’ve been with, the better. Not to mention, there’s no way of knowing how many people your partner has dated, so it just makes sense to go with a number on the lower end of the scale.

24The Biggest One: She’s ‘Fine’

Are you feeling the pressure yet? Telling the world that she’s ‘fine’ is probably the biggest lie a woman will ever tell in her life, if only because it happens so frequently. Those half-truths add up!

It doesn’t matter if she’s on the verge of tears or if she’s just slightly annoyed. A woman will always say she’s ‘fine’ in an effort to compartmentalize. Some of us do it to look stronger while others do it because they don’t want to feel vulnerable. Either way, it’s rarely ever true for any of us.

23That Her Shopping Spree Was One-Third Of The Actual Total

For those in serious relationships, this is a fib that we know all too well. Those of us who share a bank account know it even better but are just worse at trying to get away with it. Shopping is in our genes and everyone has a vice (don’t try and act like you don’t!).

The bad news is, most of us are pretty weak against fighting the urge to charge. The need just comes over us and before we know it, there goes $200 after one trip to our store of choice. It’s a major ‘oops’ moment… Especially when our honey asks how much we spent.

22That She Doesn’t Think About Her Exes

It’s human nature to think of your past, and we women are famous for overthinking everything. Despite what we might say about our exes being in the distant past, that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally make their way back to the surface.

Anyone you’ve had a history with will always be floating around your memories somewhere. So if nothing else, there will usually be at least a brief second when we think about where they’re at now. It doesn’t mean we still have feelings or are interested, though—it just is.

21Telling Her Partner He’s The ‘Best’ At Everything

It’s the sad truth, but many times when we compliment a guy on something and claim he’s the best ever, it’s a tiny white lie. It doesn’t mean that our love is any less for him or that there’s not some truth to it—it’s just a bit of confidence-boosting.

Women can’t help but do it most of the time and really, it’s a sign of love rather than an urge to just fib about something so personal. Just like a friend would say, ‘you’re the best!’ when we do a favor for them, we do the same thing to our partners.

20Saying She And A Close Friend Never Dated, When There Were Likely Some Sparks

Psh, do you think we’d ever come clean about the ‘best’ friends we’ve flirted with or even dated? No way. Sometimes, we’ll spill the beans, if only to avoid problems in the relationship or to truly have no secrets, but at least not initially.

Not only is it a personal thing, but when it involves someone we’re still friends with, it’s likely a bit of a touchy subject, too. She’ll get there, just not right now… until then, accept the white lie and be patient with her.

19The ‘Friendly’ Vs. ‘Flirting’ Debacle

We’ve all heard it: ‘Were you just flirting with that guy?’ Of course, we say no, but, of course, we totally were. For some people, flirting is second nature and just happens to bubble up regardless of how hard we try to keep it down.

Some women are social butterflies and can’t help but engage with guys in a way that some might not understand. It happens. None of us are innocent but hey, better we should do it in front of our significant others, right? Or maybe not so much…

18Claiming She Never Does Something That She Actually Does Quite Frequently

When she says, ‘oh, I really don’t eat junk food’ or ‘I never miss a gym session’ it’s totally not true. Especially in the beginning of a relationship, that’s when the fibbing is at its peak and both partners involved are trying to hide their respective flaws.

It’s just the way things go and while there’s nothing wrong with it, eventually the truth will come out. In fact, it’ll likely come out when he catches you a pint-deep in ice cream, dressed down in sweats and a tee because you intended to go to the gym but never made it. Sorry, girl!

17This One Gets Them Every Time: Being Ready In ‘Ten Minutes’

As a guy, if you ever hear this statement uttered, you should just be expecting the fact that ninety-nine percent of the time, it’s just never true. There is no woman who takes ‘ten minutes’ to get ready when you walk in and she’s not even dressed to go out yet.

If a woman can get ready in ten minutes then she’s a very good catch and a guy should really hang onto her. It’s just a silently understood fact that women will never be ready in ten minutes or less, even if she’s just putting on jeans and a tee.

16Saying She Won’t Get Mad Is Likely Foreshadowing That She Will Be Mad

Oh boy, so you’ve stumbled upon the great debate. For some reason, guys so easily fall for the ‘oh, don’t worry, I won’t be mad if you tell me’ conversation. It usually comes after the question of ‘do you think so-and-so is cute?’ And every time, some man falls for the catch.

There’s really no plausible scenario where we wouldn’t be annoyed after claiming that we won’t. TBH, we’re just really trying to pull some information out. We might hide it fairly well, but we’re definitely fuming on the inside. Don’t fall for it!

15‘Your Parents Are Great!’ Possibly Means That Your Parents Are Not Great

When it comes time to meet the parents, some of us do find ourselves in a Meet the Fockers type of situation. Not everyone will open up immediately and not everyone is super friendly right off the bat, which has us second-guessing what to say to our significant other whom we love and care about.

Without thinking, it just kind of comes out that you think their family is great, despite the fact that his sister gave you the stink eye and his mother stared disapprovingly at your choice of attire. Sigh.

14Not Being The ‘Jealous’ Type Is Code For Totally Being The Jealous Type Should The Situation Arise

Oh boy. The term ‘not the jealous type’ should be avoided altogether because let’s face it… everyone is capable of being ‘the jealous type’ if provoked enough. It’s more likely that women will be jealous before men are and it’s also more common for us to lash out because of it.

We just love our partners and appreciate knowing they’re all ours, so can you really blame us? Regardless, this is a white lie that no man should believe wholeheartedly or take as the solid truth.

13If She Asks About Your Ex Out Of ‘Curiosity’, Don’t Fall For The Fight Waiting To Happen

Turn back now! Do not pass ‘go’, do not collect $200! This is so obviously a setup (I know because I’ve used this line myself). If she asks about her partner’s ex out of ‘curiosity’, that’s usually a bad sign that she’s on the train to Jealousyville, fueled by a righteous helping of insecurity.

Although we all seek the answers to what our partner’s past was like before we were in the picture, it’s never smart to dive into a conversation about someone’s ex until you’re fully ready for whatever they have to say.

12‘We Weren’t Out That Late’… She Was Totally Out Until Three In The Morning

But you see, it’s in the way that she throws emphasis the word that. She could very well be telling the truth but the trick is in knowing when she’s trying just a bit too hard to convince you. Sorry, ladies—it’s really no different than saying, ‘well I didn’t spend that much’.

As if the drawn-out syllable will actually distract your partner from the $80 shoes you’re wearing and $60 purse that you just had to have once you saw it on IG. It’s okay, we all do it… but just know you’re not as stealthy as you think you are.

11Saying She Fell Asleep Or Her Battery Ran Out Likely Means She Just Needed Space

It happens, and it’s totally okay! This is one of those instances where a white lie truly is harming no one. It’s not uncommon for a girl to want to be polite and search for another way to say, ‘I just don’t feel like talking right now.’

We all need our downtime and to shut off for a little bit, and this is just her way of saying that she needs her space. It might not seem like a big deal to a guy, but women don’t like disappointing people or feeling as though they’ve been unnecessarily mean—hence the fib and ‘low battery.’

10‘No Can Do, Aunt Flo Is Here’ Is Code For Back Off

One thing that women will likely never talk about (at least not openly at first) is how cruddy they feel when Aunt Flo comes around. One thing that guys don’t understand is that she actually announces her appearance several days before with some lovely visiting gifts.

Before she actually arrives, girls experience anything from mood swings to cramps, headaches, and everything in between. So if they fib a bit about when, exactly, she arrives, just know that it’s really not you… it’s her, and this whole biology thing. So back off.

9Saying She’s Busy Can Literally Mean Anything, Including ‘No Thanks’

What’s the easiest way to get out of something? By saying you’re busy. We get away with this plenty and it’s usually because we really know how to sell an excuse. By using the reason that we’re ‘busy’, we’re able to avoid most social interactions that we just don’t really want to have at the moment.

Of course, we don’t just come out and say, ‘yeah, sorry, too busy’  (maybe sometimes) in most cases. Chances are, we’ll come up with a darn good excuse to go with it.

8If She’s ‘Not Looking For A Relationship’ It Means She’s Just Not Interested In You

Realistically, a woman probably wouldn’t be going on dates if she wasn’t looking for a relationship. Granted, there are many people who do go on dates just for the sake of socializing and expending their freedom, and that’s totally fine.

However, there’s always the chance that a girl really just isn’t that into her date. In this case, the easiest thing to do to keep it from advancing is by saying she’s just not looking for what he has to offer. It’s a fib, but it’s simple enough to work with no collateral damage.

7Saying She ‘Doesn’t Know’ Is The Equivalent Of Knowing With No Intention to Tell

Don’t bother asking why we do it because as a woman, I literally have no answers for you. For whatever reason, it’s just easier to say ‘I don’t know’ when it comes to questions that we deem too challenging to actually answer. Or if we know the answer and don’t feel like getting into the conversation.

‘What do you want for dinner?’ ‘I don’t know’. ‘Did you feed the dog?’ ‘I don’t know’. ‘Do you want to drive?’ ‘Eh, I don’t know’. It’s just something we do and more than likely, it always means ‘no’. We’re just too nice to say so.

6If She ‘Really Likes Your Friends’ But Never Wants To See Them, That Speaks For Itself

This is one of those silly white lies that could potentially cause some issues if it goes unacknowledged. She may say that she enjoys the company of your friends, but if she never actually wants to hang out with them, then there’s something else going on there.

It could be that she just loves spending time with her partner, or it could be that she fibbed just a little on exactly how much she likes them. Chances are, it’s the latter. As I said, we’re just too nice sometimes.

5‘This Dinner Is Great!’ Can Mean ‘It’s Gross But I’m Being Nice’

There are so many more descriptive words to use in place of the word ‘great’ when it comes to food. Excellent, wonderful, lovely, fantastic, fabulous, awesome, delicious, just to name a few. If the word ‘great’ comes up with absolutely nothing else to follow or, even worse, the word ‘good’, don’t count on us being honest about dinner.

Those two words are fill-ins for what we’re really thinking which, once again, is way too mean to say in front of our significant other. But hey, we’ll agree that it was a good try!

4‘Gotta Go, Call You Later’… She’s Not Going To Call Later Or, Likely, Ever

Sometimes, a girl will actually call you if she says this. However, the chances might be low simply because of the fact that, uh, no actually uses the phone for phone calls anymore.

Even more so, it’s all in the way she delivers the blow—was it quick? Did it seem like she was genuine? Was she interested in the conversation up until that point? I mean, we’re good, but we’re not that good. Saying you’ll call someone and then immediately dipping is a quick way to get out of any unwanted situation.

3‘Maybe’ In Any Circumstance, Means Absolutely No

A fun way to test this in a new relationship is for a guy to ask a girl if she’d be interested in going to a sporting event with him. That’s a surefire way of getting a ‘maybe’ (unless she genuinely loves the sport and the team).

Once again, we’re usually too nice for our own good and never feel like hurting someone’s feelings. Therefore, rather than saying, ‘there are about ten other things I’d rather do than watch basketball, none of them including obnoxious buzzers,’ we’ll stick with a ‘maybe’ and then claim that we’re ‘busy’ that day.

2‘It Won’t Happen Again’ … It Will Likely Happen Again

Oh, so she called her significant other eight times in a row when she didn’t hear from him after six hours? Yeah, it will definitely happen again. Did she eat her boyfriend’s fries on the way home from Burger King? She’s definitely fibbing if she says she won’t do it anymore.

It’s a cute thing we do where we try and convince our significant others that we’re totally capable of not repeating a behavior but the fact is, we’re not. Especially when it comes to readily-available food, which is our weakness.

1Saying That She Didn’t Check Your Phone When It Went Off Is Likely Untrue

It’s an annoying thing to have to deal with but it happens. If our partner’s phone goes off right next to us and they’re across the room, it’s just human curiosity leading us to find out who’s trying to contact him at the time.

If nothing else, it’s just a habit because of how often we are checking our phones. Most of the time, it’s not even malicious; it’s just repeated behavior that we do without thinking. Contrary to popular belief, we do not try to be wicked intentionally. At least, not all the time.

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