The Sneaky Secret He’s Hiding, According To His Zodiac Sign

Every man has his secrets. Sometimes those secrets are the sort that, well, they just need to be known because they explain what he’s all about. Whether he’s got issues or he’s just in need of a reality check, each guy harbors a sneaky secret that needs to come to light.

Sometimes he’s up to no good and a potential partner definitely needs to be in the know! While some may argue that a person has a right to keep their secrets, none of us are interested in that! We want to know what’s going on in the shadows because sometimes being aware can save us tons of heartache! Plus, some secrets are definitely meant to be shared.

Don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper. When in need, turn to his sign! Honestly, keep in mind that the stars can’t go into specific detail about what he’s hiding, but they can definitely point us all in the right direction. He’s got something to hide and the stars are willing to spill some hints toward what it is! Pay attention and learn a thing or two about him. Here are the sneaky secrets he’s trying to keep covered up, according to his sign.

20Taurus Guys Harbor A Deep, Love-Related Secret

Was he hurt in the past? Is he the one who did the hurting? The world may never know. What can be determined is that a Taurus is usually holding back a truly heartbreaking love-related secret. On the outside, it’s easy to believe he’s just your average guy, but if one were to peer past his reliable, uncompromising, confident exterior, they would discover he can be just as emotionally raw as the next person.

Taurus men are stubborn, so don’t expect them to come clean about their painful secrets. Often, they keep their secrets to themselves their entire lives and learn to either deal with them on their own or keep them locked away, forgotten on a dark shelf.

19Virgos Are Surprisingly Tricky!

When thinking about the most mischievous sign, few would turn to Virgo. Virgos are known for their undying loyalty, analytic skills and tendency to keep things neat. No one would ever suspect a Virgo of harboring a secret related to some serious mischief.

He could have pulled a prank that went wrong or he could have succeeded in something legendary, but someone might have gotten hurt as a result, which makes his success less than savory. Unlike Taurus, a Virgo man is willing to divulge his secret to the right person. It is usually a romantic partner who makes him feel he can safely share what he’s done without fear of judgement.

18Capricorn Men Are Hiding An Embarrassing Moment

Capricorn men are known for their self-control, discipline and manners, so when it comes to secrets, we know it’s got to be related to their weaknesses. Capricorn men tend to expect the worst when contemplating situations, which is why their deepest, darkest secret is related to an embarrassing moment.

He doesn’t want to be judged for that one moment and he often replays it in his mind – usually right before bed or at unexpected times. While he dislikes this one instance, he won’t let it interfere with his everyday life. In fact, he won’t even mention it – to anyone!

17Be Warned! Earth Signs May Be “Grounded” But They’re The Best Secret-Keepers

When it comes to relationships, whether they’re based on friendship or romance, it’s easy to believe Earth signs are the best to trust due to their logical, “grounded” outlook in life, but they’re actually among the most dangerous. While they appear to have everything together on the surface, a little digging will reveal the truth: they’re expert secret-keepers. They’ve got the best reputations, which serves as the perfect cloak to disguise themselves with.

So what are their secrets?

That’s the thing – there’s no way to tell for sure! The best anyone can eke out from the stars is the general idea. If an Earth sign really wanted to, they could keep their secrets for all eternity.

16Capricorn BONUS: He’s No Stranger To Sneaking!

Despite their reputations for being well-disciplined, some Capricorn guys have picked up some bad habits.

This particular secret has to do with something in his past, such as an overbearing parent or too many siblings. Whatever the origins, the result is he struggles with wanting to “have it all.” He’ll keep his activities to himself and will actively go behind his partners’ backs, just because he loves the fact that he can get away with it – for a little while, at least. If he isn’t sneaking in this way, he’s still more than capable of skulking around in other ways.

15Sagittarius Wasn’t Always So “Fiery”

Sagittarius men have a lot going on behind their dashing good looks. On the outside, he’s handsome, funny and generous, but on the inside he is dealing with some past issues. One of the main reasons he’s as amazing as he is now is simply because he’s doing his best to move past a life-changing moment from his past.

While it might not be as crazy as one might expect, whatever that moment was, it made him go from being a quiet, nervous guy to a confident, goofy man. Odds are he won’t be willing to share that defining moment with anyone but a serious romantic partner.

14Aries Secretly Wants To Settle Down

An Aries man often exudes an aura of confidence, courage and passion. While he may seem to embrace a carefree lifestyle, what he’s secretly hoping is to find his ideal partner. Many are fooled by his jumps from one relationship to another, believing he isn’t seriously invested in his many romances, but the truth is he is trying to find the diamond in the rough.

He knows he’s ready to get serious but he’s waiting for the perfect partner before he puts a ring on it – and he’s already got that picked out as well! He’s going to settle down, and in his eyes, the sooner the better!

13Leo Pretends To Be Someone Else, For The Sake Of Others

Leo guys are known for their big hearts – they may have a fiery personality but the truth is they’re also quick to love. Due to their great compassion, they’re sometimes willing to pretend to be someone they’re not for the sake of those around them. If they’re with a friend who is more quiet and shy than others, a Leo will hold back to accommodate that person’s comfort levels. If he’s around a boisterous friend, a Leo is willing to let his silly and excitable side come out.

Though it may seem like he’s doing something kind, what he’s really doing is confusing who he really is and who he should be on the surface.

12Fire Signs Keep The Darkest Secrets

Fire signs may burn the brightest but when their world goes dark, it goes very dark. Fire signs are known for their passionate side, but little is ever seen of their vulnerable moments. While it’s true that Fire signs can be a bit temperamental at times and are often extremely outgoing, they tend to hide their moments of darkness. It isn’t because they’re hoping to hide this side of their personalities, it’s simply because not everyone who experiences misery really does want to enjoy company.

Instead, a Fire sign will set themselves apart and will get through their serious moments alone.

11Leo BONUS: He’s Waiting For The Right Moment To Reveal His True Self

It can be difficult for a Leo to pretend to be something he’s not, but he isn’t entirely unaware of the predicament in which he’s placed himself. He is open to learning more about who he really is and he wants to be that person around others.

The problem is he’s waiting for the right person to help him open up. While it might be difficult at first, he does want to be himself around others. He doesn’t want to go at it alone, so when he finally finds the sort of person he feels he can be himself around, he’ll go all out.

10Aquarius Once Purposely Hurt Someone Emotionally

Ready for a super sneaky secret? Aquarius guys are often guilty of wreaking havoc as a result of their greatest weaknesses: running from emotional expression, an uncompromising stubborn streak and a flare for temperamental habits. While he isn’t giving in to his weaknesses on purpose, they are often the cause of hurtful words and overly heated emotional outbursts.

The target of his issues is often a romantic interest. He may not mean to be harsh, but when he strikes his words cut deeply, often resulting in some serious emotional pain. He absolutely wants to inflict some level of damage during arguments but often struggles to keep his temper under careful control to prevent losing those he loves most.

9Gemini Had To Learn The Hard Way – But He’ll Never Admit it

Gemini men often struggle with indecisiveness, born of anxiety. He grew up wondering why some people seem to have it all while others don’t. His inconsistent view of social interactions led to several awkward moments and he struggled a little more than others to learn where he fits in.

Today he is adaptable, due to his uncomfortable past, and is quick to learn. While his outward confidence may seem innate, he had to fight his way to get to this point – but he’s never going to admit it. What guy wants to relive his most cringe-worthy moments? Certainly not a Gemini.

8Libra Hides His Pain

Libras are no strangers to pain. They’ve been through something that really made a difference in their lives, but they aren’t going to talk about it. The main reason Libra is so cooperative, social and diplomatic is because he would rather be polite and fair-minded than create unnecessary drama – he’s been there, done that and isn’t willing to deal with more than he needs to.

Whatever happened to him can be rooted in psychological, physical or emotional issues that may not necessarily be relevant to this day, but he will never forget what once happened and he will never stop taking steps to avoid similar issues in the future.

7Air Signs Are Often Full Of Regrets

Air signs are known for their love of facts, analytical thought and philosophical discussions. They’re big on reading, fact-checking and sharing deep conversations with interesting people. On the outside, Air signs seem like capable people, always willing to have intellectual debates and open to the opinions of others.

On the inside, however, Air signs can be very different from the persona they allow everyone to see. It’s easy to appear confident and analytical, but the truth is they’re trying to fill their minds with anything other than their past regrets. We all know what it’s like to lie awake at night, recalling cringe-worthy moments in our pasts, but Air signs tend to take these regrets a little harder than most.

6Libra BONUS: His Secret Is Heartbreaking, But He’s Willing To Share It With The Right Person

While a Libra man may be struggling with some pretty serious issues from his past, it doesn’t mean he’s broken. He’s strong and he’s willing to face what life has to give him. Libras are aware they can’t control everything, so they don’t bother trying. Instead, they tend to have a “go with the flow” attitude. Libra men do struggle with past issues, but have become accustomed to dealing with them alone.

On occasion, some Libras are willing to share their concerns with others, namely with a friend or romantic interest who has proven themselves to be not only trustworthy, but also caring.

5Cancer Guys Hide Their Greatest Painful Memories

Cancer signs are known, among other reasons, for their pessimistic attitudes. Cancer guys can also struggle with insecurities and question loyalties. With these traits, it’s easy to see how a Cancer guy might view certain events or words in a darker light than they were meant to be portrayed.

Regardless of that, he’s keeping a secret about a very painful memory. Sometimes it can be the moment a friend was disloyal, but more often than not it’s related to a family member. He may be in pain but he won’t say a word to anyone – especially to the person who hurt him. He’d rather try to forget about it.

4Scorpios Won’t Admit Their Best Friend Is Responsible For Their Greatest Insecurity

Scorpio men are known for their strong passions, resourcefulness and loyalty to their friends. They do struggle with jealousy and are known to be secretive, so they’re often holding onto several secrets – but the one thing they hold in the deepest recesses of their souls are the secrets related to their friends.

On the outside a Scorpio may seem to be going with the flow, but he’s got at least one huge insecurity. The secret? That insecurity is rooted in something one of his closest friends once nonchalantly commented on.

Instead of letting the comment go, Scorpios often anchor themselves to that moment and become insecure. Unfortunately, because he isn’t willing to talk about it, his friend will have no idea about the sort of issues they created by mistake.

3Pisces Hides His Fears

Much like their Scorpio brothers, Pisces men struggle with one issue that happens to have a great hold on them. They have a secret fear but there’s no way they will ever talk about it. If they do, they fear others will give them a hard time and they want to avoid that.

Pisces’s gentle and compassionate nature makes him want to believe he can talk about it but the realistic side of him knows someone will take advantage of his fears, so he locks them away. It can be lonely holding onto things but he’d rather keep quiet than let anyone see the real him.

2Pisces BONUS: He’s Secretly Looking For Someone To Rescue Him

The Pisces guy is extremely romantic, loves music and thrives when he has alone time, but one of his greatest secrets is he’s looking for someone to confide in. Walking the lonely road isn’t entirely bad for a Pisces, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into a man who is okay with being alone all the time.

He wants someone to talk to, to be open with and to accept who he really is. Once he finds that person, he never lets go. It might take some time, but once he’s found the friendship or romantic relationship he knows he’s 100 percent invested in, he’s willing to admit to that special person that he’s got a problem, whether it’s his secret fear or greatest flaw, and he needs to be rescued.

1Water Signs Keep Secrets To Protect Themselves

Some secrets are kept to help others but some secrets are kept to protect one’s self. Water sign men are part of the latter group, holding onto secrets for fear of being judged or discovered. Whatever they’re hiding, they’re doing it with the specific intention of protecting either their hearts, their reputations or, more seriously, their way of life.

Water signs understand secrets aren’t meant to be shared – and they’ll go to whatever lengths it takes to ensure their secrets will never be discovered. Most Water signs bury them deeply and never say another word about them for the rest of their lives, but some struggle to contain it.



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