Why Have Men Forgotten How To Care For Women?

Why have men forgotten how to care for women? We always knew that available women in big cities were a dime a dozen. But never before have they been in your smartphone. Dating sites and social networks have led to the fact that the maximum romantic gesture that we can now afford is an emoticon.

Why men have forgotten how to care for women:

Even write an SMS with the text “Good morning!” – this is already something from a past life. We all agree that romance is dead. And it seems that everyone has already come to terms with this. But if you want to achieve greater success in your personal life, then you will have to do something about it. Start small: look into her eyes during dinner, not at her smartphone.

This is unthinkable, right? The whole point is that relationships with people are now like a buffet. We have too much choice. We think that this is a good thing, but in reality, it often does not allow us to have any kind of strong and necessary relationship for both of us. Registering on a new dating site is like diluting delicious juice with water. It seems like there is more drink, but its taste is hopelessly lost.

Too many choices prevent us from focusing on the person we’ve already gone on a date with who is right in front of us. What if this guy is not the best of all those on the site? What if a new girl registers tomorrow and will blow your mind? Love does not exist. The Internet killed her.

We exchanged love for diversity. Now, to get new experiences, we don’t need to plan a unique date. It’s enough to just meet a new person. Now we are not ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of relationships. Of course: it seems so easy to find someone who will love us for who we are.

Not a single generation of people on the planet has had the opportunities that we have. We can open a new tab in the browser and immediately look at a photo from Portugal. A couple more clicks – and we have already bought a ticket, paying for it with a Visa card. We could do this every day, but we don’t.

The fact is that we never know whether we will have enough money to get everything we want. It’s the same with women. We never know if we have enough time to “try all the options.”

Previously, you could meet each other in a bar and immediately ask her out on a date tomorrow. Today you will go through dozens of contacts to decide who is worthy of your audience. And as a result, most likely, you will stay at home on Saturday. Alone. There are always many tempting options.

We have forgotten what it is to live and meet people. Why ask how the trip was if we saw everything on Instagram? Why choose if so many doors are open? But this choice paralyzes us. Since there are too many possibilities, it is much easier to get confused and put off choosing later. We tell ourselves that we need incentives. We convince ourselves that she is not good enough. And then we complain about our idiotic life, in which no one needs us.

We used to think that we were in a relationship after the first sex. Or even much earlier. Now we are in a relationship only after we change the corresponding status on Facebook. And everyone else will believe us only after we publish a couple of joint photos.

All this turned our relationship into a myth. No one posts statuses at three in the morning about why she cried all night. Nobody posts sad tweets about how hard it is to love. We see only happy statuses and impressive photos on social networks. And we draw the false conclusion that one of us is in an “ideal” relationship. But the truth is that the more we believe in ideals, the less happy we are.

Real life and life on Facebook are two different things. There are no “ideal” partners. There is no “ideal” family life. But we don’t believe in it. For this, we spend too long on dating sites.

And it’s not just about relationships. We constantly feel like we are not good enough. That our relationship is not good enough. We begin to believe that love should be like pizza delivery: everything is simple and clear.

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