19 signs that he wants to marry you and one day build a future with you

When we really love a man, we only think of our future with him.

We hope to marry him and we are dying of impatience that he asks us the fateful question.

But although everything seems perfect, he never really told you that he wanted you to become his wife one day.

Therefore, you do not know if he really intends to ask you for your hand and you cannot read between the lines.

Here are 19 signs a man shows if he plans to spend the rest of his life with you and hopes to marry you someday.

1. He makes room for you in his life

If a man really wants you to be part of his life, he gives you a place.

This means that you will always know everything about him – you will know what he is doing, what his plans are, what is upsetting him, etc.

If he has planned to marry you, he will not live single and will make sure to include you in his life.

It doesn’t mean that he has to spend every second of every day with you, but that he never makes you feel like a stranger.

2. He talks about the future

One of the clear signs that a man has big plans for both of you and wants to marry you is when he includes you in his future plans and imagines you in it.

He does not have to speak clearly of his plan to marry you, but that he suggests his intention to stay with you in the long term.

When he talks about the future, he uses the word “we”, rather than “I”, because he sees you as a team, as partners.

He can’t imagine life without you and he has no plans (short term or long term) that don’t include you.

He just assumes that you will be spending your weekends and vacations together because he has no intention of letting you go out of his life.

3. He remembers every detail

A man hoping that one day you will become his wife will want to know you, really. This means that he will be attentive to everything you say.

Thus, he will never forget your birthday, the date of your meeting or the things that are important to you.

He will notice the slightest change, both in your appearance and in your behavior.

He considers you one of the most important people in his life and therefore everything that concerns you is important to him.

4. He gives you the keys to his apartment

Men like to keep their space private and expect that their limits will be respected.

No matter how crazy a man is about you, he will want to keep his home, the place where he can relax.

Therefore, if your boyfriend has given you the keys to his apartment, it is an extremely revealing sign of his desire to marry you soon.

According to him, you will move in together and you will get married one day: it is only a question of time and formalities.

This shows that he is more than ready to take your relationship to the next level and that he is thinking of seeing him.

5. He asks for your opinion

Men are known for their fragile ego, which makes them pretend that they are always right.

But if your boyfriend asks you for your opinion, it is because he is important to him.

But in addition, it means that he attaches importance to your person, he says that you are someone of good and good advice.

This man is clearly planning to marry you, so he wants to know what your opinion is on various subjects.

He hopes you will spend your life together, so he knows you will have lots of decisions for two.

6. He wants to take a pet

One of the first signs that a man wants to marry you and plans to build a family with you is the fact that he is proposing that you take a pet.

First, it is a small being that you will take care of together and that will bind you as long as it lives.

Also, animals are a responsibility and he wants to see how you manage to share this one.

A pet is excellent preparation for future life and for family life.

And even if you tell yourself it’s not much, it’s actually a huge step forward since it’s a major test for a couple.

This indicates that he imagines you together for a long time!

7. He is protective

Protecting the woman he loves is in the nature of every man. The same goes for your boyfriend.

He sees you not only as his girlfriend but also as his family and he considers it his responsibility to make sure that you are well.

For him, you are his partner and there is no question that he lets anything happen to you.

This does not mean that he thinks you are unable to take care of yourself, he just wants you to know that whatever happens, he secures your back.

He will defend you against all odds and will never harm you.

These are signs that you are an integral part of his life and that he wants it to stay that way for as long as possible.

8. He takes care of you

A man who really loves you and wants a future with you will take care of you and your needs.

This means that he will be concerned about your health and your feelings. He will never tell himself that your problems are stupid.

No, he will always try to help you to resolve them.

Whether you’ve eaten well, slept well, knowing something is bothering you, and having everything you need will be important to them.

What is more, he will never do anything that would hurt you, because your happiness is paramount to him.

9. He will introduce you to his family and friends

That this man introduced you to his family and friends is one of the most telling signs of his desire to marry you one day.

You are a major part of his life and he wants all of his loved ones to get to know you.

It is important that you get on well with them since they are the ones they love.

He invites you to all his family reunions and outings he does with his friends because he hopes you will bond with them.

Over time, these people have learned to see you as a pair and they say that you will end up together.

He also wants to spend time with your friends and family and he also wants to get to know them, because he considers them to be what you are.

He tries to impress them and gain their friendship. It is a telltale sign of his desire to share a future with you.

He hopes that one day you will form a big family and he knows that it is important that everyone gets along well.

10. He likes spending time with you

Getting married to someone assumes that you spend a lot of time with them so that you don’t have the rest of life.

Therefore, if your boyfriend likes to spend his free time with you, you will never feel bored.

And it’s definitely a sign that he wants to marry you someday.

It is also likely that you will like the same things, so it will be easy to compromise for your couple as to the activities chosen and the places you will visit.

This man clearly finds you interesting, he wants to know everything about you and that means that he sees himself perfectly being with you forever.

11. He shares everything with you

In general, men do not share personal information with anyone.

But when it comes to the woman they plan to spend the rest of their lives with, it’s different.

He knows you are the right one, so he has no problem opening up to you and reaching an unprecedented level of intimacy with you.

You know everything about his past, he hides nothing from you.

You know his deepest fears, his hopes, his dreams and he would not say as much to someone he did not plan to keep in his life.

He clearly sees you as a duo and he doesn’t feel the need to be someone he isn’t to seduce you.

He is certain of his love and he knows that you love him for what he is. He is not afraid to show himself in his true light.

He hopes that one day you will share your life.

Thus, lying and pretending would make no sense, since in any case, it would end up revealing its true face to you.

12. He wants you to move in together

One of the most telling signs of his desire to marry you one day is the fact that he asks you to move in with him.

Even if he does not speak directly about marriage, it is obvious that he wants to share his life with you.

Moving in together is an important step – it can either destroy a relationship or confirm that two people are made to be together.

Either way, it’s not something he would offer to anyone. It is proof of the seriousness of his intentions.

Moving in together is almost like being married, without official papers.

This man loves you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

What is more, if he thinks you are compatible enough to live together, it is clear that he plans to marry you one day.

Remember, when a man wants to move in with you, the next step is to get on his knees and ask you the fateful question.

13. He supports you

When a man has serious plans with you, he does his best to accompany you against all odds.

If he plans to marry you, it is because he perceives you as a team and is ready to hold your hand and move side by side with you throughout life.

Therefore, he will help you with your problems, your concerns and he will do his best to show you his support, as soon as necessary.

He wants you to know that he will always be there for you and that he will not abandon you at the slightest complication.

It’s actually something a husband would do …

14. You’re meeting his married friends

Whatever you say, the environment in which you live is essential.

If your boyfriend hangs out a lot with his single and flirty friends, it is probably because he has no serious plans for the two of you.

But if most of his friends are married and happy couples, it is only natural that he should think about it too.

He knows that marriage is by no means scary and that it will likely be the next step in his life.

Whenever his friends are in the company of their respective wives, he invites you to visit him.

This means that he considers you as his half, his partner, and also in the same way that his friends consider their wife…

15. He talks about having children

If your boyfriend is constantly talking about children and what he would like his family to be like, this is a clear sign of the start of his biological clock and his desire to start a family.

He does not tell you directly that he wants children with you, but he implies or jokes about it, saying that it would not be unpleasant.

He often cites names of potential children and talks about what yours might look like.

He sees you as a potential mother. He loves and respects you enough to hope that you will one day become the mother of his children.

What is more, as soon as he sees a child, he rushes to play with him, thus testifying to his paternal side.

And he talks about it again later, because he wants to know your opinion on the matter. He wonders if you want children and he wants to broach the subject.

16. He makes you feel like the only woman in the world

If your boyfriend sees marriage as something serious and lasting, he will want it to last forever.

So one of the signs that he hopes to marry you someday is to look for in his ability to make you feel like the only woman in the world.

Because for him there is no one else. He only has eyes for you and he’s not afraid to show it.

You never feel the need to compete with other women for his attention and love, because you know he is all yours.

All of this means that he takes your relationship seriously and has no trouble imagining spending the rest of his life with just one woman … You.

17. Saves money

If a man plans to ask you to marry him, he will be extremely careful with his money.

He will save as much as possible for D-Day because he knows that it will not be superfluous.

You could tell yourself that your boyfriend has suddenly become a tight-fisted man, when he may just be planning to ask you the fateful question … Reason for which, he reduced his budgetary expenses.

18. He has no difficulty in showing you his affection in public

If a man wants to marry you, he will never hide it from others.

On the contrary, he will be proud to be with you and he will want everyone to know that you are his girlfriend and future wife.

He will never be anxious about showing his feelings for you and will have no trouble showing his affection to you in public either.

19. You have goods in common

Having common goods is one of the most obvious signs of wanting to marry you.

It doesn’t matter whether you bought a house together, a car or has a joint account – the most important thing is that you started living as a team or as a married couple.

Your money is his money and vice versa. This is how it will be once you are married.

If this man is ready to share his possessions with you, it is because he clearly plans to share the rest of his life with you.

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