15 Signs Your Partner Loves You More Than You Love Them

Ever get that ick feeling when you’re with a partner? You love the idea of love and having a boyfriend, but literally, everything they do annoys you. EVERYTHING. You know you should break up with them, but it just seems easier to battle on. Things will surely get better…

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but once the ick arrives, it’s pretty much impossible to get rid of. And the more they try, the ickier it becomes. It’s time to ditch him, sister.


We’re taking a look at the 15 telltale signs you’re just not that into him…

  1. Your phone rings you…it’s him…you see it… then let it ring out. Pretty much on a daily basis.


  1. He tells you he loves you and is met with an awkward silence, followed by a pat on the knee.

3. He comes to so many of the girls’ catch-ups he’s practically one of the girls. On the other hand, you don’t even try to remember the names of his five closest friends.

4. You cringe at every nickname he’s made up for you.

5. He talks to you about the future and you reply: “You never know what’s going to happen…”

6. You watch Married At First Sight and feel like Susie and Billy’s relationship is a pretty normal one.

7. You aim to go to bed 30 mins after he does in the hope that he falls asleep so you don’t have to avoid his awkward attempts at sex.


8. When he hasn’t seen you for two days and tells you he misses you, you respond: “You’ll be right”.

  1. 9. You start scrolling through your phone when he’s in the middle of a deep conversation about his feelings.

10. You’ve contemplated putting your hand literally over his mouth so he stops talking.

11. He asks to come over and you tell him you have plans… [plans to spend the night alone].

12. When your mum asks you why you like him, you come up blank.

13. He brings you home chocolate and you tell him you’re on a diet… and then mutter about him trying to sabotage your life.


  1. He’s only allowed to leave the house when you’ve given his outfit the tick of approval. There’s no point pushing this rule.


  1. Every guy you meet, you start wondering if they’d be a better option. You even find them on social media afterwards just to see if they’re taken or not… girls got to keep her options open, right?!

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