What Your Favorite TV Serial Couple Says About Your Relationship

We all get personally invested in the relationships of fictional characters. And can you blame us? Someone of that lovemaking gets seriously hot and heavy. But, watching the best TV couples go through on and off again relationships makes us feel frustrated. When two characters you ship don’t end up together, you feel betrayed. When a favourite couple breaks up, you feel as though it’s physically happened to you, screaming ‘NOOOOO’ at the TV with tears streaming down your faces. We know, we’ve been there.

There are so many power couples on TV who we think are #couplegoals and we wish we could be in their shoes for a hot minute. I mean, they do have expertly scripted love lives after all. So, what does your favourite TV show couple say about your relationship?


Betty Cooper & Jughead Jones, Riverdale 


The classic good girl and bad boy sitch. When the prim and proper girl next door and the rebel outsider get together, they constantly deal with outside forces trying to tear them apart. You’ve had to live through the scrutiny of family and friends disapproving of your relationship because they think your partner is a bad influence. But, no matter, you’ll keep proving them wrong time and time again. Plus, while you come across as sweet, you love danger and aren’t afraid to show off your kinkier side a la Betty and her black-haired alter ego.

Blair Waldorf & Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl  


You might bring out the worst in each other, but you’ll never be able to resist the undeniable chemistry. You both love playing games with and against each other, it keeps your relationship interesting. Roleplay is your thing and nothing is off-limits. You might say and do some unforgivable things but it always ends with the best sex of your life. Who could give that up?


Lorelai Gilmore & Luke Danes, Gilmore Girls


It was a long time in the making but we always knew Lorelai and Luke would end up together. It made us all warm and fuzzy inside when Luke finally kissed her. If you’re in this situation, tension arises when you know there’s something between you but you don’t want to risk your friendship.You’ll end up stuck in the friendzone, which trust us, kills you slowly inside. When you finally make that leap, you’ll realise this relationship works so well because you know each other inside and out.

Sutton Brady & Richard Hunter, The Bold Type


When you’re attracted to someone that is 10+ years older than you are, it could raise a few eyebrows from your family. Add the fact that they’re your senior at work, and you’re on a whole other problematic level. No matter how mature and respectful the relationship is when it starts, you have to listen to gossip and feel the judgement of your peers who question your talent. A relationship with an older guy can be a lot more responsible and mature and they most likely know exactly what to do in bed, so you won the jackpot!


Veronica Lodge & Archie Andrews, Riverdale


What we can learn from Varchie’S relationship is when you deny your feelings for each other, you’ll eventually end up in bed together anyway. Even if you’re not sure it will work out, you might as well give it a go. Otherwise, you’ll always be left wondering what could have been. It will drive you nuts. On the flipside, feelings for each other could eventually become one-sided. Who can forget when Veronica broke up with Archie because she thought she could never love him as much as he loved her. Awks.

Summer Roberts & Seth Cohen, The O.C.


Sometimes the best decision you can make is to give the nice guy a chance. He might be a bit of a nerd but he’ll always treat you right. He’ll text you back, plan dates and actually make the time to see you. No more mindfuck games for you and you should count yourself lucky! Sure, he might be a little inexperienced in the girlfriend department but at least you know you’ve made a lasting impression on his heart.


Liza Miller & Josh, Younger


The whole Liza and Josh vs. Liza and Charles is an example of when your heart and your head tell you two different things. Her relationship with Charles is the more sensible option, but, her relationship with Josh is more exciting, wild and unconventional. Age is just a number baby! Sure, you might be at different stages of your life but you don’t want to risk an explosive (in the best way) love life for a mediocre one.

Serena Vanderwoodsen & Dan Humphrey, Gossip Girl 


The high school sweetheart you just can’t shake. You always remember the good times and this makes it hard to let go and think logically about whether you are really good for each other. There is way too much history between you guys, so you will always try and make it work. Serena and Dan broke up so many times before they finally got married, so really, it could go either way. They weren’t the best example of a stable relationship but the heart wants what it wants.

Adena El-Amin & Kat Edison, The Bold Type


If your relationship is like Adena and Kat, it’s quite an intellectual and mature one. A lighthearted conversation can turn into a deep and meaningful in seconds. Communication has never been your problem. You allow for each other to be curious and experiment both with each other and with other people. You always respect and want the best for one another. When a problem comes up in your relationship, you’re not afraid to try something unconventional to try and make it work.

Claire Fraser & Jamie Fraser, Outlander


Watching Claire and Jamie have a romp between the sheets makes all of us want to travel back in time and find our own Scottish laddie. If they are your favourite TV couple, it could mean one of two things. One, the chemistry you have with your partner is already out of control, you love experimenting and have no issue with your sex drive. Two, watching their passion on screen makes you want to take more risks in the bedroom and turn things up in your relationship.


Peyton Sawyer & Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill


Throughout the years, so many things have kept you and your beau apart. Job opportunities, your own insecurities, family drama or even the fact that he dated your best friend. Yikes. The good news is that all this bad timing is worth it. Time apart has given you both the chance to experience crazy opportunities that you might not have experienced had you been together. You’ve learned a lot about yourself and know exactly want you want out of life. You guys are now ready to take the next step in your relationship and start a life together.

Elena  & Damon Salvatore, Vampire Diaries 


Who else thought that Elena and Damon’s relationship was so much better when they couldn’t actually have each other? Their chemistry was off the charts when they couldn’t actually do anything about it. Once they could be together, their flame burned out. No matter what they did, they could never reignite it. It’s the classic case of wanting something you can’t have. If the chemistry in your relationship isn’t as strong as it used to be, you might have to admit that the best part of your relationship was the chase.

Rory Gilmore & Logan Huntzberger, Gilmore Girls


To the people that stand behind the Rory and Logan bandwagon, I ask you, why? When Rory graduated college he proposed and when she told him that it was all going too fast, he gave her an ultimatum. Either she married him or they break up. Selfish! Someone that truly loves you will give you the time and space to follow your dreams. Go with your gut on this one. If something doesn’t sit right with you, there’s a reason.

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