14 Signs You and Your Boyfriend are a Good Match

When you’re in a relationship, you can’t help but create your own biases. You’d think everything about your boyfriend is just so perfect and that you’re perfect for each other. However, are you and your partner really a good match? This question needs to be raised because you don’t enter in a relationship for nothing. You’re talking about someone you could spend the rest of your life with.

Now, how will you know that you and your boyfriend are a match made in heaven? Here are some signs that can help you answer that question:

1. Your life goals match.
You and your boyfriend don’t have to share exactly the same goals. However, your relationship and life goals should at least match. For instance, are both of you planning to settle down in the near future? Or, is one of you not looking for a serious commitment? Does your partner support your goals as a career woman? Or, does he only want you to stay at home? If your major goals are aligned with each other, then you have nothing to worry about. You’re in the right relationship!

2. You have common interests.
You don’t have to take interest in all of his hobbies. However, it would make everything lighter if there are activities that you both genuinely love doing.  For instance, are you both music lovers? Are you both into art? Are you both up for an adventure? Spending time together and doing the things you are passionate about will help your relationship grow.

3. You share the same core values.
Do you share the same core values with your boyfriend? Are you both honest and open-minded? Do you share the same spiritual beliefs? As partners, you will be making major decisions; having the same core values makes it easier for you to come up with those decisions.

4. You respect each other’s differences.
You may influence each other on other things, but you are still two individuals who may have different beliefs, preferences, and attitudes. However, it’s not about how different you are from each other; it’s all about how you respect each other. Cultivate respect for the relationship to continue to bloom.

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5. You love each other’s quirks.
Every individual is unique. Your boyfriend might have some quirks that you sometimes can’t stand. For sure, you also have your own idiosyncrasies that your boyfriend can hardly fathom. However, if you find each other’s quirks adorable and tolerable, then you’re meant to enjoy a wonderful journey together.

6. You allow each other to be free.
Sure, there are times that you want to set some boundaries when it comes to your boyfriend’s girl best friend or his ex-girlfriend. However, you wouldn’t want him to feel that you’re being too controlling. If you still allow each other to be free while staying committed to each other, then that means you two are compatible.

7. You are attracted to each other.
This is supposed to be a given, but some relationships fail because of lack of intimacy. Physical contact is one important language of love. If your partner makes you feel you’re the most beautiful woman in the world and he’s crazy about you and you alone, he may be the one for you.

8. You fight and come up with a compromise.
If you haven’t had your first major fight, then maybe you’re still at the honeymoon stage in the relationship. This doesn’t mean you need to pick a fight with him, but know that it’s all right to fight. It’s all right to voice out each other’s opinions about things, so long as your end goal is to come up with a solution and a compromise.

9. You inspire each other to be better.
Does your boyfriend bring out the best in you? Do you also inspire him to do better and become better? If yes, then it’s a sign you’re in a healthy relationship. Remember that being in a relationship does not mean you have to change each other. Rather, it means you are willing to grow together and become better people.

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10. You know each other’s family.
Already got the chance to meet his family? Have you introduced him as well to your family? If yes, it only means how proud you are of each other. You’re not just two people trying to do some kind of experiment. You are serious about each other, and that’s just brave and beautiful.

11. You both enjoy your alone time.
While you want to be in each other’s arms all the time, it’s still important that you get to spend some time away from each other. Do you still have the time to go out with your friends, read your book, or play your favorite video game? Do you still feel independent and enjoy it? If yes, it only means that you’re able to find balance in the relationship.

12. You go the extra mile for each other.
Does your boyfriend always take extra effort to make you smile? Do you also do the same for him? Do you surprise each other in every little way? Do you make sacrifices for each other? If you go the extra mile for each other, then you’re a match made in heaven.

13. You can be yourself around each other.
A stable and mature relationship is already past the “I need to impress him/her” stage. In fact, you don’t mind farting in front of each other. You’ve seen each other laugh, get mad, cry, get wasted, and yet you’re comfortable with each other. You love each other for being real and imperfect.

14. You can visualize your future together.
Most importantly, if you and your boyfriend are openly talking about your future together, then that means the relationship is going somewhere. Otherwise, it’s a total waste of time. If you can’t imagine your future with him, you may be in the wrong relationship.

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if you’ve already found your soul mate. No person is perfect; no relationship is either. However, you and your partner are certainly a good match if you’re able to make things work despite the differences, you love each other’s imperfections, and you both grow as you try to build your future together.

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