How to Comfort Your Girlfriend When She is Stressed

It is not all the time that your girlfriend is smiling, happy, and throwing sunflowers along the way. What should you do when she gets stressed? And how can you make sure that you don’t add to that stress? Read on to see the ways on how you can comfort your girlfriend. Not all girls are the same, but who knows? You might discover some tips that will actually work!

1. Trace the roots of your girlfriend’s stress.
It is difficult to make a move if you do not know where you’re standing, so it is best if you try to trace the roots of your girlfriend’s stress. Is it work? Is it career? Is it her family? Talk to her about it, and make sure you clearly understand her situation.

Some girls just want a listening ear, but some girls appreciate it more when their partners suggest solutions. But then, you cannot give any solution if you are clueless about the cause of her stress. So, communicate with her to know the cause of her stress. From there, you can offer solutions if she wants them.

Wait for clues like, “What should I do”, or “If you were in my situation, what would you do?” Those will show that she wants a solution. Giving her what she needs can comfort her.

2. Actively listen to what your girlfriend has to say.
You can’t go on asking you girlfriend the cause of her stress if you are actually not ready to listen. You don’t want to add more to her stress, do you? Even if she becomes repetitive in the process, don’t get annoyed. You’ll know if you aren’t being a good listener when she asks, “Are you really listening?” So be alarmed.

One of the ways that you can be an active listener is by simply asking questions leading to what happened next. You can also paraphrase what she said to show her that you understood what she meant. By actively listening, you can comfort your girlfriend when she is stressed.

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3. Give her a surprise visit.
Is she working in the office? Give her a surprise visit if you don’t see each other every day. If you see each other every day, visit her at the time she does not expect to see you. You don’t have to spend the whole day with her when you surprise her. Sometimes, the sight of you can already serve as a silver lining, no matter how short the encounter is.

Give her the most valuable gift you can give, time.

4. Just surprise her.
What if you cannot give her a surprise visit because of time constraints or distance? That’s not a problem. Send her something. When was the last time that you gave her flowers? Perhaps it is time to give her some to ease her stress.

If you cannot be physically there, make your presence felt by sending a surprise. You thought of her. You exerted effort for her. You still gave her time because you pulled off a surprise.  You’ll still be successful in comforting her when she is stressed.

5. Send her hand-written letters.
Hopeless romantics equals girls. In the world of technology and instant messaging, hand-written letters are a gem. If you haven’t written her a letter, now is the time. An assurance that things will work out fine can give her comfort in a stressful situation.

Your letter can remind her that she is loved. It can also serve as a medium for you to tell her the things you have not told her personally. So, go ahead and spread some ink on the paper.

6. Comfort your girlfriend by giving her comfort food or drink.
What’s pleasing to the palate can be pleasing for the whole body. Does she want a vanilla flavored ice cream? Give her a scoop. Is she a fan of milk tea? Why not order one for her? Can a glazed doughnut add sparkle to her eyes? Buy her a dozen. These things will not address the cause of her stress, but they can comfort her somehow and make her feel happy. Add to that the fact that you’ve been so thoughtful. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

7. Don’t forget to give her an honest compliment.
Giving her the assurance that she is still the most beautiful in your eyes can lighten up her mood. She might feel like stress is evident in her visage, and that feeling might bring her down, so save her by giving her an honest compliment. Most girls love fashion, so why not compliment how she dressed up that day?

Compliments can serve as a blanket of warmth that can melt stress away. Just remember to keep it honest.

8. Hug her.
Whatever the cause of your girlfriend’s stress is, she might feel as if a part of her world is so messy. By giving her a hug, it is like you are telling her that everything’s gonna be alright, and that your relationship is something she does not have to worry about. What is your girlfriend’s favorite hug? Is it a hug from the back? A bear hug? Give her one to comfort her in a stressful situation.

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9. Give her a massage.
Her mind is stressed; don’t let her body be. Her body might be tensed with all the stress that she is having, so a massage will really work. Unconsciously, she might even be having short breaths. The massage can help her breathe deeply, and this can help the tensed muscles relax.

If she is in front of the computer the whole day, massaging her temples can help. If she is typing or writing most of the time, a hand massage will do. By doing those simple things, you can help her relax a bit.

10. Take her on a road trip.
Getting trapped with the cause of stress is tragic. Give your girlfriend a break by taking her on a road trip. If she gets away from the cause of her stress, she’ll forget it somehow. Go to a place where there are more blues and greens. Nature can help relieve stress. So, where next?

Being there when your girlfriend is stressed is as important as being with her during her moments of celebration. Take care of your relationship by comforting your girlfriend when she is stressed.

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