8 Reasons Why Men Disappear, Then Try To Return

It is not always all white or all black, especially in terms of male / female relationships.

We are made differently. This is why we sometimes fail to understand the behavior of the other.

But the reasons why men play the card of disappearance and then come back are beyond all logic.

The first explanation that comes to mind is that they are dredgers. But, it may not be that simple.

There are sometimes other reasons than their desire to trudge and see other women.

While this is the most likely and most logical reason, there are also exceptions to the rule.

Want to find out what could explain the disappearance and then the reappearance of your man?

1. He still doesn’t know how he feels about you

Men often have things to clear up before they are ready to enter into a serious relationship.

They step back to see more clearly and move away to think.

Yes, I know that the rigorists will say: “When we know, we know. What do they need to think about? ” But there are often many things to think about.

You never know what’s going on in people’s minds, or how their brains work.

If you think it’s there, the cause of his behavior, the worst you can do is run after him or ask him for an explanation on the spot.

It will only give him more doubts and will lead him to run away even faster.

Give him the space he needs to think. Play it cool, even if it might be very difficult.

But don’t let it come and go in your life as it pleases.

That it disappears and reappears is not really what you signed up for and tolerate, even once is already proof of great understanding and a lot of tolerance.

2. He has real feelings for you and it makes him panic

He may have gotten on with you, saying that he would move day by day, without really knowing where it would lead him.

But as he got to know you better, he opened up and let you into his life.

He got naked and it scared him, made him panic and he left.

He may have problems managing his own anxieties and fears that led him to act stupidly.

If he’s just scared, maybe he deserves a second chance. But if there was another reason for such behavior, you can say goodbye to it.

3. He doesn’t want a serious relationship

If it is a beautiful speaker, it will keep you in reserve. You will not be in a relationship, but not single either.

It will give you the illusion of having real links with you. He will give you his attention and will be adorable when you are alone.

But he will never say that you are “his girlfriend”. He will never introduce you to his friends or family.

He may even say that he loves you, but that he is not ready for a real relationship.

The truth is, he may never be ready for it and he will only take you by boat.

If a man behaves like this, go for zero tolerance. Don’t let it come and go in your life as it pleases.

4. Things are going a little too fast

You and your man may not be on the same page yet.

When he decided to take it easy, on the contrary, you went too fast. The opposite scenario is also a possibility.

His disappearance may be a message from his subconscious asking you to slow down.

He was overwhelmed and probably started to feel trapped.

If you think this is the cause of his behavior, let him breathe and give him some space.

Slow things down and settle into its rhythm. Relationships are built one brick at a time and skipping steps is never a good thing.

If he disappears again, let him go, but this time for good. If you’ve made an effort to slow things down, there’s no reason why he’s treating you like this.

5. He’s focused on something else

He may have other things in mind that led him to do this. Maybe his job is stressing him out or taking too much effort.

He may also have family or even health problems that prevent him from leading a normal life.

In any case, he is focused on something else and it is not the right time to start a relationship.

His mind is confused and does not allow him to get close to someone.

I know that your instinct would lead you to want to help him at first, but if he doesn’t want to, you can do nothing for him.

You can’t settle things for him and until he gets there on his own, he won’t be ready for a relationship with you or anyone else.

6. Has confidence issues

Not all women are saints, and not all men are demons.

He may have been with someone who destroyed him emotionally.

If he comes, then leaves, but you are aware of his past, it is possible that his injuries are causing confidence problems that prevent him from opening up to you and building a true relationship.

Although you can understand it, you cannot turn your heart on and off on demand either.

Try talking to her and telling her that you shouldn’t be paying for someone else’s mistakes.

If it disappears again, I’m afraid there’s nothing you can’t do. He has to solve his problems on his own.

7. He’s a commitment-phobic

It seems that today, all men have become commitment phobics.

They are just not ready for a relationship. They are afraid of being trapped and deprived of their freedoms.

They may be immature. Having responsibilities and devoting oneself to one woman is not for them.

If he’s afraid to commit, there’s nothing you can do about it. Welcoming him again would make no sense when it is very likely that he will disappear again.

8. Not certain that your relationship will work

The amorous fog can become so dense that it can be difficult to see clearly.

Take a step back and try to have an overview. Are you really made for each other?

It is not necessarily the fault of one or the other.

It is just that you are not compatible and his attempt to return to your life may be explained by his desire to be sure that he did not make a mistake by disappearing.

Also, make sure you don’t make a mistake by letting it enter your life again.

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