3 Things That Destroy A Marriage

3 Things That Destroy A Marriage

Marriage, a sacred union between two individuals, is built on trust, love, and mutual understanding. However, despite the vows exchanged at the altar, many marriages crumble under the weight of various challenges. In this article, we will explore three common factors that can destroy a marriage and provide insights on how to address them.

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Marriage is more than just a legal contract or a social institution; it is a bond that intertwines the lives of two people in a journey of companionship and growth. It serves as the foundation of family and society, providing stability and support for individuals and communities alike.

Lack of Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of a healthy marriage. When communication breaks down, misunderstandings arise, and resentment builds. Couples who fail to communicate effectively often find themselves drifting apart emotionally, leading to feelings of loneliness and isolation within the marriage.

Effects on Marriage

The lack of communication can manifest in various ways, including frequent arguments, feelings of neglect, and a sense of emotional distance between partners. Over time, these issues can erode the foundation of trust and intimacy, making it difficult for the marriage to survive.

Tips for Improving Communication

To address this issue, couples must prioritize open and honest communication. This involves actively listening to each other, expressing thoughts and feelings openly, and being receptive to feedback. Additionally, couples can benefit from seeking professional help, such as couples therapy, to learn effective communication strategies and rebuild their connection.


Infidelity, or the act of engaging in romantic or sexual relationships outside of marriage, is a betrayal of trust that can have devastating consequences for a relationship. Whether emotional or physical, infidelity undermines the commitment and fidelity promised in marriage vows.

Causes of Infidelity

Infidelity can stem from various factors, including unresolved issues within the relationship, emotional dissatisfaction, or individual vulnerabilities. It may also be influenced by external factors such as temptation, opportunity, or peer pressure.

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Impact on Marriage

The discovery of infidelity can shatter the foundation of trust and security within a marriage. It often triggers intense emotional pain, feelings of betrayal, and a loss of self-esteem for the betrayed partner. Rebuilding trust after infidelity requires time, patience, and a willingness to address underlying issues within the relationship.

Rebuilding Trust

Recovery from infidelity is possible, but it requires both partners to be committed to the process of healing. This may involve honest communication, seeking professional guidance, and making changes to prevent future infidelity. Rebuilding trust is a gradual process that requires empathy, forgiveness, and a renewed commitment to the relationship.

Financial Issues

Financial stress is another common source of tension in marriages. From disagreements about spending habits to struggles with debt, financial problems can strain even the strongest of relationships.

Common Financial Stressors

Financial stressors can arise from various sources, including job loss, insufficient income, excessive debt, or incompatible financial priorities. These issues can create friction within the marriage, leading to arguments, resentment, and feelings of insecurity.

Communication About Finances

Effective communication about finances is essential for managing financial stress in marriage. Couples should openly discuss their financial goals, create a budget together, and make joint decisions about spending and saving. By working together as a team, couples can navigate financial challenges more effectively and strengthen their partnership.

Solutions for Financial Problems

Finding solutions to financial problems may require sacrifices and compromises from both partners. This could involve reducing expenses, increasing income through additional work or education, seeking professional financial advice, or exploring alternative ways to manage debt. By addressing financial issues proactively, couples can prevent them from becoming a source of conflict in the marriage.


Marriage is a journey filled with ups and downs, but with commitment, communication, and mutual respect, couples can overcome the challenges that threaten to tear them apart. By addressing issues such as lack of communication, infidelity, and financial stress head-on, couples can strengthen their bond and build a relationship that stands the test of time.

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How can I improve communication with my spouse?

  • Practice active listening, express yourself openly, and seek professional help if needed.

Is infidelity always the end of a marriage?

  • While infidelity can severely damage a marriage, it is possible to rebuild trust and reconcile with dedication and effort from both partners.

What are some common financial stressors in marriage?

  • Job loss, excessive debt, differing financial priorities, and insufficient income are common sources of financial stress in marriage.

Can financial problems lead to divorce?

  • Financial problems are often cited as a contributing factor in divorce, but proactive communication and problem-solving can help couples overcome these challenges.

How important is it to seek professional help for marital issues?

  • Professional counseling or therapy can provide couples with the tools and support they need to navigate difficult issues and strengthen their relationship.

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