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Which signs of the zodiac are the best fathers of the family?

If you are looking for Mr. Right, you might also want to find a dad for the potential children together … Find out here which zodiac signs best fathers give.

The zodiac signs contain various typologies. Even though every man may and should be the father of a family , some astrological signs are predestined to start a family. Listener, fighter or role model: They hand over the best family fathers and make the creation of a home and the education of their children their biggest life task.

However, that they are perfect for the father role does not necessarily mean that they also want to start or start a family. Maybe you have to help the luck on the jumps. But not infrequently, the stars are right, and the astrologically favored characters turn out to be true natural talents, while other star signs have to laboriously grow into the father role.

The bull creates an honest environment and a cozy home because he strives for harmony

The cozy bull-born, it is an inner need to create a homely home in the course of their lives. Here comes the sociable bull with his loved ones. Bulls are true connoisseurs and delight in the beautiful side of life: a snappy outfit, a relaxing holiday or a delicious meal, which sometimes makes itself felt as a hip gold, as soon as he does not pay attention to his figure.

The earth sign is a diligent worker, who not only faces the hardships of life, but also struggles with his endurance. The bull often accumulates a solid wealth. His great willpower distinguishes him, and for hardly anything he fights so intrepidly and end uringly as for his family. Seen from the outside, this can sometimes be interpreted as stubbornness, but that’s what makes him a rock in the surf, which brings him the appreciation of close people.

Dealing with it may occasionally cause one’s kindness to be sober. Diplomacy is not exactly its strength, and it can be very vindictive. But as head of the family he will always be loyal, and sometimes he will be able to jump over his shadow. He will never get bored with trivia and only harshly address things that need to be clarified. Then the family council is called and all are involved. He does not fight for the sake of fighting, but to find a solution to an instance of malady so that he can adjust to what he most enjoys: harmony. From this down to earth father figure, a child feels taken seriously, honest dealing creates trust.

A cancer father has empathy and security – also because he needs it himself

There is a soft core in this hard shell – no one knows that as well as the family of a cancer man. He always seems to hit the right tone and meets his counterpart with a certain caution and respect. The Cancer Man is a good listener and participates in the life of his family. His children can come to him with any problem, they are not only listened to, they are really heard – and together they search for a solution. As one of the few signs in the zodiac, cancer-born people never forget what it was like to be a child themselves – even a certain childishness itself is preserved. At the same time, they manage to do the splits of adulthood. A father figure who can be an inspirational role model for a child.

Sometimes the cancer man struggles with conflicting emotions inside him. He knows that he is soft, but gives himself hard – a kind of self-protection. This dichotomy can be interpreted from the outside as a moodiness. What he needs then is a strong hug and some affection from his loved ones.

Cancer men are usually good cooks and like to bring the family with a good meal at the common table. The conversation is important to them, that all family members are well, their top priority. However, the exchange also has the task of always informing them as soon as possible about changes, because they do not have any changes. The cancer dad needs security. Because he has to create them for himself, he offers them upside down to his family as well – a stable family life, where children always find an open ear and a good grip. This star sign is also ideally suited as a family man.

As a family leader, the Lion Man protects his family and sets clear rules

The lion is the king of the zodiac. He is the center of attention and is firmly convinced that there is nothing that he would not be able to do – including successful family formation. For the family, a lion-dad gives everything. His children enjoy his kindness and everything his big heart has to offer. Courage, strength, superiority, but also justice are values ​​that lion fathers want to convey to their offspring.

The Feuerzeichen takes responsibility, does not shy away from the argument and protects everything that is close to his heart, with full commitment. For his family, the lion creates a home in which children are supposed to grow up protected. Materially, the family will want for nothing, because the lion loves to show something outwardly, and will not let it rip. Luxury is good for him, and his loved ones should have something of that too. As long as he enjoys the recognition and following, he will benevolently share his possessions.

As head of the family he does not like sharing his throne. The rules he sets for coexistence are fully valid and do not tolerate criticism. Freedoms may be difficult for his children to work through, which will prepare them for life. A concern expressed in the right tone will sooner or later soften the fearless ruler in his role as a father of a family. A perhaps hard, but understandable family structure in which children can orientate themselves.

In the father role, the Capricorn man finds his fulfillment

Persevering, persistent, resilient and down to earth – conquering the heart of a Capricorn man is not an easy and, above all, a quick job. He is not a friend of quick decisions and looks at the partner choice with a critical eye, because if he ties up, then he enters long-term relationships. If you do not give up and stay in touch, you will be rewarded with a partner who has put family life into the cradle of the stars – a true natural talent. The Capricorn is not a sprinter, but an endurance runner – and it benefits above all the family that he founds. He leads his children on safe paths into adulthood.

The family life with a Capricorn-Dad is varied, because there is no challenge that a Capricorn would not accept. If something is to be tinkered for the school, his craft skills come to light. The school project will be summarily declared a family affair, which will be duly honored after successful implementation with a small family celebration.

His duty as head of the family takes the Capricorn man very seriously and often builds his life around it. He is not discouraged by possible depths of life and setbacks – whether private or professional. The otherwise rather serious and authoritarian character shows in his role as a family man warm-hearted, lovable and humorous, because in her the star sign Capricorn finds fulfillment and meaning. This impressive father figure does not intimidate, it gives confidence and unshakeable love.


Have you been single for a while? You do not have to be in search of the right star sign for a family man … Maybe your zodiac sign is the reason, because some zodiac signs are afraid of love and prefer to be solo.

Zodiac signs with complicated relationships have a lot of explosive potential. Even if Cupid’s arrow hits, at some point the scraps fly. Often, the gap between the elements is difficult or impossible to overcome.

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Zodiac signs and the associated character traits can help us better understand people and their behavior. Everything about the subject of the zodiac sign can be found here.

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