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This zodiac sign makes lying easy (he)

It is clear that a correct maiden and an authentic shooter are struggling with a lie. Other zodiac signs make lying easier.

A little white lie has surely gone over everyone’s lips. With solid lies, on the other hand, some people are more difficult. Our zodiac sign also tells us whether we are good or bad liars. Some zodiac signs make it easy to fall (he).

Behind it, not necessarily bad intention or calculation. Sometimes only reality and dream are close together, which reduces the inhibition threshold. Elsewhere lies are lied not to hurt one’s counterpart or for the sake of loving peace. Everyone deals with the truth differently – and some zodiac signs make good liars.

Lie and truth are two sides of the same coin for twins

Twins unite contrasts in many ways. This also applies to the handling of lies. For twins, every “truth” has a double face, is both true and false. In addition, as air signs, twins easily take lying and do not attach much importance to the morally reprehensible aspect of the lie.

If they are caught in a lie, they either give it lightly, play it down, or avoid the subject completely to avoid attacking. But with the twin, behind every lie is always the fear of having to look at things and get to the bottom of them. The depth unsettles the character, which prefers to remain on the surface in his perception.

Rule # 1: When a lion lies, the lie automatically becomes the truth

The ruler of the zodiac is beyond reproach. This gives the sign, which is governed by the sun, a kind of license, which also includes lying. This is very convenient for the lion, for example, in moments when he puts his merits and achievements in the right light before others. Here, people like to decorate and decorate a bit, which makes the fire sign more or less different from the truth.

If you catch a lion lying, it does not do much to challenge him. He will reject the criticism harshly, after all, he keeps what he tells for the truth. In a way, that may even be true: at some point, things were told so often (falsely) that they eventually became the truth – a modern legend.

For Libra, harmony is more important than the truth

Harmony at any price. For Libra-born, the balancing principle is prevalent. Everything is subordinated to him. Tense mood or unspoken conflicts make it difficult for a balance to create. The zodiac is governed by Venus and attaches great importance to beauty. In addition, Venus is also the planet of love .

The preservation of love and beauty is always worth a lie to a Libra. However, we are moving here rather in the context of a small white lie, which serves the common good. Instead of putting a solid white lie into the world, Libra would rather remain silent – even a form of not telling the truth.

Pisces: The masters of confusion are themselves confused

The fish-born are reacted by Neptune. This may stand for charity, devotion and sensitivity, but also embodies lies, guile, falseness and uncertainty. Neptune is the planet of deception that masterfully blurs situations, confuses, and intrigues.

For the fish-born, reality is transcended. Who can say what is right and wrong. Does not everyone have their own truth anyway? It may not even be clear to a fish that he lied. After all, he is under Neptune’s influence and is himself confused. Accordingly, it is difficult to convict him of the lie. Also, the fish is reluctant to worry about the consequences of a lie. More important to him is to preserve the image of his fantasy world, which he has created in painstaking detail work. If a lie is necessary, then that’s just the case.

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