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These zodiac signs go through thick and thin with you

The stars have given some zodiac signs a few attributes that make them the perfect best friend.

She listens, when the guy has gone on the road, tells you honestly if you look like a jerk in jeans and watch out for the guinea pigs when you’re on vacation: what a friendship is and should be like is natural individually, depending on whether one likes to go on holiday together or in times of crisis needs an open ear or both.

Irrespective of this, however, there is a great desire to find someone who will accompany us over a long period of time and participate in our development. Some star signs are best suited as a best friend .

A bull girlfriend (21st April to 20th May) will pamper you and take care of you

The bull woman knows exactly what she wants and is willing to work hard for it. She examines personal relationships and friendships very closely, not just at the beginning of an encounter, but continually.

Because: She is willing to give a lot, but can not take advantage of and reacts to an imbalance in this regard extremely rigorously by deleting your phone ado from your address book. You can not hope for forgiveness, because the earth sign can be quite vindictive.

Many women of this character are fantastic cooks and bakers. When the best friend comes to visit, she is served excellently – which makes the hours together enjoyable. With her balanced and prudent manner, a bull-woman will listen to her request and will gladly give advice. The role of a bull-woman could be a maternal one in a friendship.

Their enduring, down-to-earth nature is the basis for a long-lasting friendship. You can steal horses with a bull’s girlfriend, but she will also be there for you when tears need to be dried.

The Krebs friend (22 June to 22 July) takes you into the circle of her family

No star sign in the zodiac is as emphatic as a cancer woman. She can empathize with you and find gentle words for your situation. In a conversation with her, you feel well taken care of. No one understands them as well as they do to create an atmosphere of security.

The Cancer Woman is a great “best friend” for anyone who appreciates the exchange and wants to be in a small, intimate circle. From your moods and pessimism from then until when you should not be deterred.

This lability is due to a conflict in its interior: The cancer woman would like to be tough, but in this hard shell is a very soft core, which must be protected from people who threaten to exploit or injure.

Once you have won the favor of this friend and her trust, you have a human by your side, who will be very close to you and will accompany you through thick and thin. With this watermark the family has the highest priority – and of course you as a best friend are part of it.

The Virgin (24 August to 23 September) is true to her word – you can really rely on this friend

The maiden as a friend will amaze you with her knowledge again and again. She likes to analyze and look at everything from different angles. Her prudent and gentle manner makes dealing with her so enjoyable. She is the perfect counselor whose opinion is not only in demand as part of a friendship.

What do the zodiacs hate the most? The virgin is unreliable. She herself sets a good example. It rarely comes on time, but also expects you a degree of stability.

What you should not risk is to get her out of her concept. Everything is meticulously planned and follows a well thought out plan. If this system is disturbed, you shake her maiden friend profoundly and she will have to wonder if you really suit her.

If the chemistry is right between you, the friendship with a maiden can last a lifetime. She understands that things can not always go smoothly and that life writes its own story. It will also be able to accept one or the other radio silence in your friendship.

At the Scorpion Lady (October 24th to November 22nd) you can show yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses

She is persistent, resilient, hard-working and passionate – there are many prejudices against the Scorpio lady. Especially the poison sting makes the environment to create. But: This is only used when the sign feels threatened. And indeed, a scorpion is attacked now and then because it gets to the bottom of things and pronounces unpleasant truths.

That these truths can be addressed without fear of resentment, however, makes a good friendship. So who calls a scorpion-wife his best friend, has found a faithful companion who persistently interested and with their deep psychological view of things in you brings to light, you surprise yourself. With her you can show yourself as who you are – without a mask, without shame – because no other sign has so much understanding for the abysses of man.

In this friendship an intense dialogue awaits you, always open and fair. Above all, when things get tough, you will be able to rely on the Scorpion Lady, because she does not feed the tail, but will loyally stand by your side and stay there until the end.


Have you been single for a while? Maybe your zodiac sign is the reason, because some zodiac signs are afraid of love and prefer to be solo.

Zodiac signs with complicated relationships have a lot of explosive potential. Even if Cupid’s arrow hits, at some point the scraps fly. Often, the gap between the elements is difficult or impossible to overcome.

Terrifying how apt horoscopes are. The powerful ram, the analytical virgin or the sensual Libra: The love horoscope also shows that every sign of the zodiac lives relationships and sexuality differently. What do men want in love? The zodiac betrays it .

Zodiac signs and the associated character traits can help us better understand people and their behavior. Everything about the subject of the zodiac sign can be found here.

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