What to say to a girl when you want to approach her?

Approaching a stranger you just met is never an easy thing. It can happen that the discussion goes perfectly well but sometimes it can also go wrong. 

The last case is often seen when it is a girl. Have you ever had difficulty addressing met a girl in the street or elsewhere?

Have you ever caused some kind of misunderstanding by wanting to chat with a girl? 

In this guide, we provide all the necessary advice to never block on the conversation. 

Where do we start?

It is sometimes complicated to approach a girl and immediately start a discussion with her. To do this, you really have to find the right ways to get your attention 

To get there, you have to approach it with a smile or not, but keep your head high and have full confidence in yourself .

Above all, you have to get straight to the point without beating around the bush.

For example, you can get close to her and touch her shoulder, then use a deep voice to go out immediately, the famous expression “excuse me”. 

Be sure of yourself, say it lively, because it should not feel fear or hesitation in your voice.

Its very important ! Then tell her right away what pushed you towards her. Is it her beauty? His approach ? His way of dressing?

If it’s her beauty, use a captivating phrase, but soft enough, to show her that her beauty is really attractive.

Say it through a rather interesting approach sentence. 

Why not a touch of humor? 

If it is her approach or her clothes, let her know that you love the way she showcased herself through her clothes and her approach. 

Here, you will need to be delicate, because for a first meeting, the objective is above all not to scare him.

You should be able to compliment a pretty girl without going into extravagance , and being polite. 

Once contact is made, don’t be afraid to start a little chat.

For example, tell her that you want to chat with her for a few minutes, if she doesn’t mind. 

Whether she accepts or not will depend more on your approach technique, and what she felt when you contacted her. 

You are good enough to be technical, if from her point of view, you do not emit any charm or if you do not manage to make her feel even a small interesting effect, she would not want to continue with you. 

But if you have followed the previous steps, with a touch of charm, you should be able to initiate a promising contact 

If you feel that she would be ready to discuss with you, then come down on good topics of conversation .

The fatal mistake not to make, is to ask him immediately for his telephone number. 

Most girls are susceptible when an “unknown” asks for their contact.

On the other hand, if you take the time to extract one or two smiles from her, to put her at ease, and even to make her discover some common points between you, then, you are likely to have her phone number. , the truth. 

The first challenge after making contact is therefore not to annoy him . Usually some men invite you to sit somewhere to continue the discussion. 

But then again, if she finds no particular interest in doing so, you risk taking a rake. Initiate a slight topic of conversation right away, for example on what she was doing in the area, if it went far, put a little joke or two to try to charm her. 

In general, women do not really want to chat with a stranger in a very serious tone, unless it is to show him the way or provide him with information. 

But if your goal is to establish a relationship that could lead to a friendly or * relationship, you need to be more detached and fun. 

However, keep in mind that you are not talking to a simple girl, but to a woman who deserves all the respect and delicacy in the world. 

If after five minutes you can keep the discussion interesting enough, then it might be time to invite him to sit down somewhere.

If she is not late, she will accept, just to learn more about you. 

Otherwise, if you have insured at the start, you will still have his telephone number to continue the discussion later.

In either case, you are not losing much yet. 

In fact, if she is immediately available for further discussion, this is where the real challenge starts, as you should find topics of conversation that interest her enough to even consider, even a friendly relationship. 

It is true that many men fear the friendzone, but at least you are in his circle of friends.

In any case, if from the start she plans to establish a friendship with you, you are likely to have more. 

For now, make room for possible topics of conversation for a first meeting.

The topics of conversation that can be discussed

Discussion topics to be discussed with a girl must meet certain criteria for the discussion to be interesting. 

Above all, the subject must not be heavy, but something on which she can easily intervene without getting lost.

Then it must be able to attract her attention and cause her positive feelings. 

It is true that having access to a person’s social networks allows you to have an idea of ​​the subjects to be tackled, but there you are on an improvised date, without any prior information.

Your weapons will therefore be your charm and your delicacy. 

You don’t have to be too serious. Relax and be a little fun, the girls love it.

People often like to chat about everyday matters such as food, travel and entertainment 

So you can try them with her, which will allow you not only to be able to make conversation with her, but also to know the things that she likes and those that she does not like.

1. The hobbies

We all know how gleaming people are when they talk about their passion. It would therefore be interesting to discuss with her what interests her. 

The best way to make her say her hobbies is to ask her to describe herself in a few words.

To guide her, suggest that she tell you what attracts her interest. 

Show interest in what she says.

Show your desire to learn more through a few funny remarks.

Depending on what she tells you, you can consider another appointment or at least keep in touch.

It is an adorable way of creating complicity between two people.

2. The music

Music unites hearts it is said. Ask her what kind of music she likes.

Talk to him about your favorite musical genre and let him hear the most touching and enticing songs you have in your repertoire. 

If possible repeat one of these songs or sketch a dance step to snatch a smile from him.

3. Sport

Sports topics are rewarding, so it would be interesting to discuss them.

Ask her what she enjoyed doing as a sport in her childhood and if she continues to practice it. 

Then let them know what sports you love and why you love them. Say fascinating things.

For example, tell him that a particular sport allows you to draw a beautiful silhouette…

4. The cinema

Cinema is a popular distraction. For example, you can ask her if she likes watching movies or if she likes going to the movies.

Then ask her if she has watched such films?

Tell him about some movies that you have watched before and that you find very interesting.

Suggest that you may be able to watch some movies together soon. 

This method will allow you to print in his head the possibility of another appointment.

In any case if you have a good time, the probability of another date will be higher.

5. Food:

Everyone loves to eat and everyone has their favorite dish.

It is a very interesting topic of discussion. Ask what she likes to eat, what she likes to drink and why. 

On the other hand, no need to ask her about her allergies or the things they hate to eat or if she suffers from a particular ailment that prevents her from eating this or that. 

Either way, if she deems it important to share this information with you, she will do so voluntarily, depending on the mood of the discussion and how you make her feel confident. 

Keep in mind that this first exchange must be under the sign of lightness. Approach everything with lightness and a touch of humor.

Of course, knowing that inside you are serious.

Note that being funny and detached does not mean that we are going to succeed in gossiping a girl.

If possible, don’t hesitate to find out if she wants to eat right away.

Depending on the mood, you will know for yourself whether this proposal is a good idea or not. 

Do not scatter yourself.

Focus on what might make him happy, instantly, without it being too serious. 

6. The trip:

Travel is one of the most interesting topics of conversation.

If the occasion allows, find out if she loves to travel and what are these favorite places where those she would dream of going to visit. 

Then try to tell him anecdotes.

Don’t force anything; Be as much natural as possible. Talk to him about your travels, your experiences, the magnificent settings you have visited. 

Describe these destinations so that she will fall in love with these places and want to accompany you there next time.

But be aware that what comes out of your mouth must be truthful. 

The main idea is to discover commonalities, not to cheat on it with untruths. 

7. The family atmosphere

It may happen that the discussion falls back on the family atmosphere. Perhaps you alluded to your little sister, or that she did.

If this is the case, and that this leads to family discussions, do not hesitate to go for it. 

For example, we all have something to say about our childhood, whether negative or positive. The moments spent in childhood are unforgettable. 

Ask him how his childhood was and what his dreams were.

How did her family celebrations go? Also find out if the job she does is the one she always wanted.

It is a rather delicate subject which can easily arouse emotions.

8. Relationships

Not everyone likes to talk about it, but try your luck with a catchphrase. Ask if she is comfortable getting along with others.

What she dislikes in others: men or women. 

Does she have friends? What is her vision of a couple life, what is her type of guy or what does she expect from a man?

Finally ask him the big question: Are you in a relationship?

Note that you must immediately make a transition when you notice that the subject is boring.

You can for example make him understand that it has nothing to do with what you were talking about but that you have to ask him a question. 

After that you change the subject at the same time by asking your question.

It is a technique which often works, and which especially helps to refocus the debate on what interests you. Nevertheless, politeness must be de rigueur.

She must say that you are a fairly polite, cordial and charming young man. 

All of these features combined will no doubt give you access to what you want most. 

It is important to avoid certain subjects. There are some who are either boring or terrifying or even a source of divergence.

Avoid, for example, subjects relating to politics, death, religion or subjects that are too serious.

The best catchphrases to use

To get the girl’s attention, you have to be honest and use very captivating phrases. Here are some catchphrases that often work.

It’s up to you to find the one that suits you and how to use it.

  • “Excuse me, I find you very beautiful and I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you, they call me … and you? “
  • “Excuse me young lady, your beauty is captivating, I was there and your way of walking as well as your elegance caught my eye. My name is…. “
  • “Wow! what a class, but you dress super well! You are very pretty, they call me “
  • “Excuse me, I saw you walking and I found you simply beautiful, me it is … and you?
  • “Pleased to meet you … you’re just perfect.” You can thank your parents for this beautiful silhouette. They call me……
  • “Excuse me, I really have to tell you that you are very cute. Can I have your photo? Just to show Santa what I want as a gift this year and all the ones to come 
  • “Hi, you know my parents always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. So can I follow you for a moment? “
  • “Excuse me, I’m new to this city, can you tell me your apartment? “
  • “Excuse me, are you as beautiful on the inside as on the outside?” “
  • “Hi, are you a magician? apparently when my eyes fell on you everything else disappeared “
  • “Excuse me, can I borrow your phone?” in fact it is to tell my mom that I met the woman of my dreams. You are everything I have always wanted ”
  • “Are you a believer? I think you have the answer to all my prayers ”
  • “Hi, I think I know you. It’s strange but you look terribly like my future girlfriend ”
  • “Hello, nice to meet you, my name is…. You are bright »
  • “Hi, I saw you coming and all I wanted to do was tell you that I love your look”

Address areas of interest and pretend it is your first date

For a good atmosphere to settle between you, pretend that it is a first date with her. For it :

  • Give him a feeling of joy: be smiling, give off happiness and above all have humor during the conversation. It creates complicity.
  • Establish a climate of trust: make her feel safe with you. For this, do not be too reserved, indulge in it. It is an effective way to get them to interact with you and to open up more.
  • Ask your questions openly, feel free to ask such things as you feel. Whenever she speaks, listen, show her that you are there for her and that you are interested in what she says

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