What happens when he hugs you

What happens when he hugs you? The hugs of a loved one are the most desirable. They are pleasant to both partners. It’s a wonderful feeling to be so close to each other and feel the touch of skin and the warmth of the body. Seeing two people hug is pleasing to both the eyes and the heart. You want to look at it forever and remain in the ideal world that hugs create around you. Seeing such a display of intimacy, you will want to wish the lovers eternal happiness and love, but at the same time, you will want the same for yourself.

When a guy hugs a girl, magic happens. The hugs themselves may last only a few seconds, but the atmosphere of magic will remain in the air for a long time. There is no better way to express your love – hugs will do it all for you. Even if you hold back your feelings, your hugs will still give you away. This language is familiar to everyone. Hugs are an expression of love in its most innocent and pure form. When a guy hugs a girl, something incredible happens. This is something that defies logical explanation and no one except the lovers themselves can understand it. You love the feel of his breath on your neck and his fingers intertwined with yours.

Hugs give you a feeling of closeness, happiness, and comfort. Hugging your loved one is the best way to tell them how much they mean to you. What happens when two lovers embrace each other cannot be described in words. No matter how hard you try to explain to your friends how wonderful it is when he hugs you from behind, they still won’t understand you. Every time you talk about it, you will feel his arms around you. At the mere memory of your hug, you will immediately smile and a blush will appear on your cheeks. Your friends won’t question you because absolutely everyone understands the language of love.

Have you ever felt like you disappeared when you saw two people hugging? Have you felt like you are living the moment when your man hugs you? Most likely yes. No matter how realistic we are or how hard we try not to live in a fantasy world, just the thought of hugging a loved one will make us melt. When two people hug, they create an ideal world around them. We value this closeness and want it to last forever. Intimacy with another person is magic and that’s why even when we are hundreds of kilometers away from each other, our hearts beat in unison.

Proximity is underestimated by many. Closeness, both spiritual and physical, needs to be cherished so that magical moments during hugs happen more often, and so that our world becomes a little better. On a less serious note, I’ve met people who wanted to become octopuses just so they could hug as many people as possible at the same time. Hugging is just wonderful, literally.

What happens when he hugs you:

1. When he hugs her

In some cases, love is easier to express with hugs rather than words. A person may forget what you said, but he will never forget how you made him feel. Therefore, the feeling of closeness and comfort remains with us for a long time after the hug itself. When a guy hugs his girlfriend from behind, it’s as if he’s enveloping her with his body and healing both her and himself. In these moments of closeness, they forget about all their problems and worries. When someone close to you looks straight into your soul, you feel better. We are capable of feeling and showing compassion, and therefore we crave the touch and warmth of those close to us. We need to have that person next to us in difficult moments who can calm us down.

Even if there are no serious problems in your life, there are still things in your life that you are worried about. However, you forget about it when a loved one hugs you. When a man hugs his woman, the incredible happens: they both forget about their problems and plunge into an atmosphere of peace. When a man hugs a woman, he creates a circle, and she is in the very center of it. They are two halves when they are at a distance, but when they come closer, they close the circle and become one. This is a circle of love and tenderness, compassion and passion, emotion and satisfaction. This is a message that says “I am here, next to me.” Such a circle is an expression of their love.

He lets her know that she is the center of his universe and that no matter where he is, he will always find her. Everything in this world reminds him of her and if she disappears, his world will become empty and he simply will not survive. He puts her in the center, thereby protecting her from everything bad that could harm her. A man’s hug shows that he is unable to bear to see his woman suffer and that he will always be there to protect her no matter what. He will love her and do everything he can to keep her healthy and happy. His world will always revolve only around her. When he hugs her, he speaks to her in the language of love, which she understands perfectly. Neither of them speaks out loud, but at the same time, they both feel each other.

Warmth emanates from his hands, which absorb her body, and they both dream that this will never end. Each of us wanted to pause a certain moment in life. A moment that makes us feel better than ever before. Two lovers feel the same way when they hug each other. They wish with all their hearts that this moment would never end and they would always feel that peace. The flow of never-ending thoughts stops and there is silence that makes them want more.

Hugs are like an escape from what takes away our happiness. They are like a path to an inexhaustible source of freedom. Hugs expand your worldview, although the only thing you see at that moment is the face of your loved one. Hugs are the best music, even though the only thing you can hear is each other’s heartbeat.

2. Vulnerability, comfort and silence

The moment a man hugs his woman, they are both vulnerable to the point where they can feel their bodies exchanging emotions. They are a little afraid that their self-doubt, which they have been hiding so hard, will become obvious. Feeling vulnerable is very human and if two people feel it, then their embrace is filled with love. If he hugs you and you like it to such an extent that you are not even embarrassed by it, then you are not afraid to be yourself around him. During the embrace of a man and a woman, the incredible happens: she is not afraid to throw off all her masks.

The man initially decided to hug his woman and is therefore ready to do the same. He is not afraid to open up and show her his weak spots. Being vulnerable is wonderful. Emotional dependence on another person does not make you weaker, but rather the opposite. By sharing your vulnerability with a loved one, you will feel calmer and stronger.

While hugging, a man and a woman also explore their levels of comfort. Their hugs are so cozy that they resemble a bed strewn with feathers. Cuddling makes you feel comfortable not because your man’s shirt is so soft, but because you are standing so close to each other and you feel like you are safe and nothing can harm you. The silence that envelops you like a blanket contributes to a feeling of comfort and tranquility. The world around you becomes a better place, and you realize how lucky you are to be so cherished. Just standing and doing nothing has never been so pleasant or given such a feeling of comfort.

Silence makes hugs even more beautiful. Two souls merge, two people listen to each other’s breathing and heartbeat, and understand each other’s emotions without words. Nothing in this world could be more natural. Sometimes we find it difficult to express our feelings in words, so we do it through actions. We want to be silent, but at the same time, we want to speak out. In such cases, hugs will help you. The silence, combined with the tenderness of a hug, makes the moment even more wonderful and calming. Hugging a loved one is one of the most beautiful feelings in this world. No matter how many problems you have, hugging your loved one will make you happier and give you a feeling of calm. Truly incredible things happen when a man hugs his woman.

Hugging a loved one at the end of a hard day can be compared to sitting by the fireplace with hot cocoa and marshmallows on a cold winter night. Hugging is like hearing your favorite song that you haven’t heard for a long time and starting to sing it, even though you don’t remember all the words. Hugging is like looking at the evening sky and reaching out to it, trying to grab it and pull it towards you. Hugging is like feeling like a bird has sat on your shoulder and whispered in your ear that everything will be fine.

A hug from a loved one confirms that this is not the end and everything will work out in the end. A hug with the right person expresses the words and emotions that are already in your heart. When you hug your loved one, the silence screams in your head, and your heart rises like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Do you know those moments when you say something personal and very intimate to your loved one, and you are both so overwhelmed with emotions that they come out of you like rays of the sun? What happens to these emotions later? Have you ever noticed? Most of the time they lead to hugs.

You open up that side of yourself that you had long ago closed, but then finally let out. The next moment you hug your loved one, and he reciprocates.

Such emotions are like a storm and the only place they can find refuge is in the space between the hearts of two people who truly love each other and want the best for each other. Each of us needs a refuge that will help us cope with such a storm and flow of emotions, right?

There is nothing in this world that two lovers embracing each other would like more than to feel each other in their hearts.

There are also several biological benefits to cuddling with your loved one when you think about it. It has been proven that during a hug, a person releases a hormone that reduces stress levels. In other words, it helps you drown out all those voices in your head that tell you everything is bad and make you depressed.

Have you ever noticed that when you hug a loved one, the voices in your head become silent and you feel a sense of peace? One way or another, hugs give you a feeling of security, especially in those moments when your head is a mess and you cannot find peace. Very often, words do not allow you to fully express the love you feel for your partner. A love clearer than the morning sky. There is no better way to express it than a quiet hug in which you open up and allow the other person to experience your vulnerable side.

A hug from a loved one that gives you warmth and security can also take away all your tiredness and make you feel loved and cared for. One-night stands are much easier. Sex does not necessarily require feelings, especially when two people know that such a relationship has no future and there is no question of any love here. It’s one thing to get naked in front of someone and get physically close to them because anyone can do this. It’s another thing to bare your soul, let another person into it, and become one, at that moment when you hug each other and every part of your body screams about your love.

This is how you truly open up. Very few people are capable of this. This is what you do the moment your loved one hugs you: you reveal both your best and worst side, and your partner accepts all of you and touches you with all tenderness and love. So why do you need the warm and loving embrace of your man so much, despite any circumstances?

The following lines provide the best answer to this question:

Just hug me, hug me
I only want to be in your arms
Take me from the darkness, from the darkness
I can’t handle it on my own
Hug me Surround me
with your love
I’m lost.

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