13 Signs That You Shouldn’t Start A Relationship With Him

13 signs that you shouldn’t start a relationship with him.
When something starts to confuse us in a new relationship, we often turn a blind eye to it and give our chosen one another chance, and then another and another. How can we distinguish temporary difficulties in getting used to each other from obstacles that are unlikely to be overcome? Let’s figure it out!

13 signs that you shouldn’t start a relationship with him

1. You didn’t like him right away. Alas, experience shows that the first impression is the most accurate. 

2. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends and family. Maybe his intentions are not so serious?

3. When you cry, he does not console you but asks you to stop the hysteria.

4. He still lives with his mother, and this suits him quite well.

5. He doesn’t like your friends and tries to limit your communication with them.

6. He annoys you. Even completely harmless habits and actions of your partner drive you crazy.

7. Many words, few actions. He forgets about his promises the very next day.

8. He constantly criticizes and corrects you, considering this as motivation to become better.

9. You are embarrassed by him. In public, it begins to seem to you that he is dressed incorrectly, looks strange, and says the wrong thing.

10. He controls your every move and makes a scandal if he can’t get through to you.

11. Next to him you constantly feel somehow “different”. Not thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, or educated enough, or witty enough.

12. He will always find someone to blame for his own mistakes. Often it turns out to be you.

13. He considers your wants, dreams, and needs to be stupid whims and caprices.

How many items from this list can be attributed to your partner? Tell us about it in the comments!

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