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What do zodiacs hate most?

Certainly, jealousy, quarrels and criticism are not really fun, but astrology knows that every sign of the zodiac reacts differently. The planet that rules a zodiac sign tells you what you hate the most …

Jealousy, quarrels and criticism are not really fun, but astrology knows that each sign of the zodiac reacts differently. While Aries sometimes even provokes a quarrel, the cancer prefers to avoid it. For a scorpion, jealousy can be a proof of love, the shooter feels cornered by jealous behavior.

Information about how we react to different situations and what behavior we hate others gives the planetary constellation. In which zodiac sign we are born, decides the state of the sun at the time of our birth.

Since all planets revolve around the sun and go through the horoscope, for each sign of the zodiac there is a planet, from which the sign is governed. In astrology, planets play a crucial role when it comes to interpreting personality traits and psychological relationships. So we can say what the zodiacs hate the most …

Do not let a ram wait

As the first sign in the zodiac, the ram is ruled by the planet Mars, its element is the fire. Mars stands for assertiveness, courage, combat readiness, impulsiveness and instinctuality. In the positive sense, this means that the ram can defend itself and courageously pursue its goals. On the other hand, Aries borns can also be aggressive, belligerent and even violent with this energy.

Not every ram manages to channel its energies. It comes as no surprise that patience is not exactly a strength for this powerful sign. Aries want to rush and do. Therefore, there is hardly anything that provokes the ram more than to keep it waiting. Who brakes them, must expect a fight announcement and the subsequent open dispute. The ram will seek the conversation and emphatically state its point of view. This can only be avoided if you do not let him wait so long next time.

The bull does not like sharing

The bull is governed by Venus, its element is the earth. This means first of all that he is attached to the sensual pleasures of life. Determined and patient, he works to build something in life. He is prudent, conscientious and reliable. But losing his possessions causes him great anxiety. At times he can be possessive, jealous, jealous and stingy.

The typical bull can not share well, least of all his partner. At the slightest suspicion of a deception, the cozy and serene being is transformed and shows his passionate side. The last place you want to be is a fighting arena where a raging bull rages. If he sees red, he can completely lose control. It is quite possible that dishes will break.

In boring conversations, twins go rapturous

The planet Mercury rules the twins, their element is the air. Mercury stands for the mind and promotes thinking and communication. The twins quickly understand their situation, are adaptable, communicative and outgoing. Their most salient feature, however, is their curiosity – on people and on life itself. They want to get to know and explore everything.

On the other hand, this curiosity is the reason why they quickly lose interest in things they already know. Accordingly, twins are quickly bored, especially by people who have nothing exciting to tell. If a conversation does not go according to their ideas, twins make no secret that they are bored and change not only the topic of conversation but also the conversation partner.

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