Unlucky in Love? Exactly How to Turn Things Around and Obtain Fortunate Rather

Trust me, if you think you’re unlucky in love, you haven’t met me. I have encountered literally every guy out there and realized I should just own a couple dogs instead. They’re easier. But, really, your dating experiences probably made you lose hope in finding someone you want to be with.

Shitty and disappointing dates always leave a bad taste in your mouth, but you should know something—you’re not unlucky in love.

The essentials if you feel unlucky in love

Really! Believe me! Yeah, you’ve kissed 1000 frogs, but you’ll meet someone in time. What you really need to do, instead of thinking you’re unlucky in love, is to change your mindset. That’s going to be the hardest part, but, when you change the way you think, you attract a completely different type of person.

Trust me, you’re not unlucky.

#1 Stop pitying yourself. This is the biggest problem many people have when they feel they’re unlucky in love. They think they’re meant to be alone and will die without anyone by their side.

And for sure, you can have these momentary feelings. However, overcome them and keep moving forward. It’s feelings like these that prevent you from finding someone because you feel that you’re not worthy of love.

#2 Don’t try so hard. So, this may be hard for some of you, but stop trying so hard. Sure, go on dating sites and talk to people, but don’t push too hard.

If they want to meet you, they’ll meet you. If they don’t, then move on. That’s the best way of being in the dating world. Don’t try too hard and don’t take it so seriously. People smell desperation a mile away.

#3 Hold no expectations. You have a list of traits that you want your partner to have and that’s fine. But don’t expect them to also be millionaires with Porsches. That’s not what this is about.

If you have too many expectations, well, you’re going to be disappointed. The person you’re on a date with isn’t going to ask you to marry them right now. Expect nothing and you’ll always be pleasantly surprised.

#4 Don’t call him. If you’re a guy, skip this one. But if you’re a woman, listen up. You need to understand one thing, if a guy wants you, he chases you. I know, nowadays it’s cool for a girl to call a guy, but at the end of the day, men love to chase. Let them have that chance to chase you, unless he’s extremely shy.

#5 Stop crying over them. If you spend your weekends crying over a date that went bad, oh trust me, you waste your time. Shed no tears for no one, unless of course, you were actually in a relationship. Crying over someone isn’t going to get you anywhere. You need to brush the failed dates off your shoulder and go onto the next.

#6 Keep some mystery. I’ve sat through some dates where the guy told me his whole family background in less than five minutes. Honestly, it was a little much. I mean, he wiped away any inch of mystery he had to him.

#7 Stop blaming it on men/women. I hear it all the time from both men and women. They complain about each other saying how shitty men and women are. But it’s not them. It’s you. This is all on you.

#8 Stop going after the wrong girl/guy. You have this image of the perfect partner in your mind, I get it. But what usually happens is that while you hunt for that person, you miss out on all the other great people that are available.

You don’t have to end up with your dream partner and honestly, even if you did, I’m not sure how much you’d like it. You never find someone who matches your list of requirements completely.

#9 Be yourself. Maybe you’re not finding the right person because you try to be someone you’re not. Maybe you want to find a hipster-type guy/girl but that’s not your style. You don’t have to be a hipster in order to attract one. Just be yourself.

#10 Take a chance. You need to take chances. I know you probably think that you’re not sure about this person, but why not give it a chance? You may surprise yourself with how well it goes. The point is, don’t be so quick to knock something down if you haven’t given it a proper go.


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