This Is What It’s Like To Say Goodbye To Your Soulmate


They’re going to tell you that distractions are for the better. That you’ve got to stop thinking so much. They will tell you to cut ties and stick to the no contact rule. And it’s complete bullshit. You and him had something rare, a connection you experience only once in a lifetime. You have profound respect for each other. It didn’t end in yelling insults. It was like holding a bird in your hands and gently putting it back on its branch—soft and delicate. Even then, he still made you laugh; he still cared dearly about you. You both still do.

Leaving your soulmate isn’t easy. It’s the kind of pain that has its own way of showing up. One day you’re fine, and the very next day you want to pluck your eyes out and cry like a baby.


I guess it’s okay to stay close, to hang out once in a while. The no contact rule doesn’t apply to everyone. It makes it worse sometimes. I know you hate to hear that soulmates always find their way back to each other. It’s okay to feel lost. It’s okay to take it day by day. It’s okay to take time to heal.

You used to flirt as if it were the first date every time you two went out. Some said you were like a married couple. Both of you can’t explain or find the right words to define your relationship—it has to be seen. People look at you and they know something special is going on.

And it hurts to let go. To set the other free. You drifted. But all you want is to see him happy, even if that doesn’t involve you. That’s true love. You never wanted to change him; you accepted him completely. There is no word to explain how much the loss of a soulmate shatters your soul.


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