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The Perfect Partner for You based on Your Zodiac and Life Experience


Up until 29.5 years old for Aries, the most proper partners are amongst individuals birthed under the sign of Leo and also Sagittarius. When Aries comes out of this age, it progressively begins to mature, end up being a lot more sedate, less impetuous and also passionate, a lot more practical. Right now Aries works with the sign of Capricorn and Virgo. These two signs have large earth usefulness– a trait that is missing out on from Aries to prosper.

After 29.5 years Aries become much less self-centered: they focus on love and sex and also start to guide their energy to solid conversions and protection.

At the age of 41.5, which is half of the cycle of Uranus, zodiac sign Aries is required to control. Throughout this time around it works with Libra (delicate mental indicator) as well as Gemini (likewise an intellectual personality).


Until 29.5 years old for Taurus, the most proper partners are individuals with zodiac sign Capricorn and also Virgo. If you choose Virgo, you need to understand that she/he is beautiful however cold which the Capricorn is a good companion, yet eventually, he/she might not satisfy Taurus sexual requirements.

After 29.5 years Taurus begins to expand spiritually and also can locate an appropriate partner in Gemini and Aries. Gemini will raise his intelligence and Aries will provide fire and power. Aries as well as Gemini are intellectual indicators and also are great to be around Taurus.

After 41.5 years Taurus has currently gotten long-awaited success, he awaits a deep, spiritual partnership. Now it can be compatible with Scorpio.


Till 29.5 years of ages the Gemini must search for the very best companions among Libra and also Aquarius. All three air signs until 29.5 years act lightly, enough liberal and also unserious.

After 29.5 years Gemini begins to develop and also to be familiar with his true character, which becomes much more balanced. After that they typically find resemblances with Taurus and also Aries. Taurus offers them security and also Aries– arousal as well as a great design of ‘I’.

After 41.5 years, the zodiac sign Gemini is called for to establish as well as lastly to meet the greatest intelligence and also solid self-control. Back then, they may work with Sagittarius.


Approximately 29.5 years of ages their ideal companions are Scorpio and Pisces– in between these three watermarks exists interest and deep psychological connection.

After 29.5 years old Cancer cells develops as well as realizes their true individuality, becoming extra liberal as well as less alarming careful. Then they commonly locate that they are compatible with the indication of Gemini and also Virgo.

After 41.5 years Cancer cells remains in need to have complete control over himself. After that they can be together with Capricorn.


Until 29.5 years old, the most effective companion Leo should seek amongst people born under the indication of Aries and Sagittarius. All these are indications of fire. At this age, they are really independent and also act fairly and selflessly.

After 29.5 years Lions aspire to become more patient in their partnership as well as even more useful. At that time, they may be compatible with Capricorn.

After 41.5 years of ages, Leo is currently mentally established, he is much less conceited, eccentric and arrived of their intellectual advancement. Now they find that they work with Libra as well as Scorpio. The combination of “Leo- Libra” is a popular astrological duet. Because Libra is constantly trying to please and also wants the very same lion, they efficiently build a connection of the kind “slave– master.”

The combination of “Leo- Scorpio” is feasible only among the very intellectual types. This is truth power, intelligence, innovative union– the emperor and empress, not simply King and also Queen!


Until 29.5 years of ages the Virgo discover their most ideal companions amongst those born under the sign of Taurus and Capricorn. All these are signs of the earth and also till 29.5 years act passively, their relationships are casual and also sensual connections– steady and also restricted.

People on the indicator of Taurus can add a little gentleness to worried Virgo, while Capricorn, with a high feeling of organization, can draw on the useful abilities of Virgo.

After 29.5 years of ages, Virgo begins to understand the whole stupidness of his mindset to life and also modification, however only after they have actually built up a lot of understanding as well as experience. Currently they can be suitable with Scorpio as well as Leo.

After 41.5 years old, Virgo currently has created emotionally. Now they can be suitable with Sagittarius- intellectual, idealistic character.

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