How To Get A Man To Commit: 27 Ways To Make Him Want A Relationship

If you want to learn how to get a man to commit, you’re about to find out.

Just read about these ways on how to make him want a relationship and start using what you have learned.

How to make him commit fast

1. Don’t be too available

You shouldn’t chase a man if you want to learn how to get him to commit to dating you exclusively. He needs to chase you instead.

Don’t be too available and avoid seeing him and texting him too often. Play hard to get to make him chase you.

You also shouldn’t use Facebook to contact him or post a lot about your relationship.

When he texts you, don’t text back right away; wait for a few hours instead.

Don’t do that every single time, but make sure you don’t always respond right away either.

2. Be mysterious

A man will always stay interested in a woman who is mysterious. How to make him commit quickly and easily?

Just pick up some new hobbies to do without him, or find new activities you could do that don’t involve him.

Don’t ever let a man know everything about you, because he will get bored. He doesn’t need to know everything about you and your life.

For example, when you go out with your friends, don’t tell him what you were drinking or where you went.

Of course, don’t overdo it, because he could start thinking that you’re cheating on him.

3. Have a life outside of the relationship

To learn how to get a guy to commit to a relationship, you have to learn to enjoy your own life.

Enjoy doing things without him as much as you enjoy spending time with him.

It will show him that he can also have a life outside of the relationship, and that is very important to men.

Spend some time with your friends and have a hobby you can enjoy without your boyfriend.

A lot of people stop spending time with their friends when they get into a relationship, and that’s a mistake.

Both of you need to have lives of your own, and it will be good for your relationship.

4. Forget about wanting to make him commit

How to make him commit without pressure? By not wanting commitment! Reverse psychology often works on men better than anything else.

Simply act like you aren’t interested in being committed either.

Be careful, though, because you don’t want him to think that you aren’t interested in being with him anymore.

Just show him that you’re not so crazy about commitment either.

You need to make him see that not all women want to get married. After a while, he will naturally get to the point where he’ll want to commit.

To be honest, if you ask me, men shouldn’t even date a woman they don’t want to commit to, but they often just need some time.

5. Don’t let him control you

A lot of women idolize their man and allow their man to control them.

If you want to learn how to get him to commit to a serious relationship, you can’t let him control you.

When your man buys you things, don’t let him think that he can control you by doing that, or in any other way.

You are in charge of your own life and no one else.

Don’t try to control him either. When he wants to go out and spend time with his friends, you need to let him do it.

6. Look your best

When you want to learn how to make a man commit, it’s also important to remember that men are visual beings.

Of course, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t let him see you without make-up and have to be dressed up all the time.

However, you can do what you can to look attractive.

We can’t deny how important taking care of our appearance is, and we want our man to look good too.

Don’t forget that looking attractive doesn’t mean just dressing up.

It also means that you should look confident and independent because that makes a woman attractive.

7. Let him know when something upsets you

What’s the point in learning how to get a man to commit if you’re going to end up in a bad relationship?

You need to tell your boyfriend when something he does upsets you.

Women are known for saying, “Nothing’s wrong,” when there is something wrong, and men hate that. If something bothers you, just tell him about it.

He will appreciate not having to guess, and you will have a healthier relationship.

For example, don’t just tell him that it’s okay to go see his ex if that is not really okay with you.

8. Make sure that he knows that you want him, not the committed relationship status

When we try to learn how to make a man commit, we often end up wanting the committed relationship status more than we want the man in question.

If you are too focused on having a serious relationship, your man could think that you don’t really want him as much as that status.

He could even think that you only want to have a committed relationship with just anyone, not a committed relationship with him.

This is why it’s very important that you make him your priority, not the relationship status you wish to have.

9. Talk to him about it

Sometimes, the best answer to how to get a man to commit is to simply talk to him about it.

However, it’s important not to pressure him, so don’t make the conversation too serious.

Just ask him about his opinions regarding commitment and having a serious relationship.

Point out that you’re not talking about getting married or anything like that.

Try to have an honest conversation without him needing to get defensive, argumentative, or angry.

Ask him about his opinions and respect what he tells you without asking him to commit.

He should also know that he shouldn’t hurt a woman who loves him because of his fear of commitment.

However, if you tell him something like that, do so gently.

10. Don’t let him get bored in the relationship

You want him to know that you need to have a serious relationship with him. However, you can’t overdo it by obsessing about it or pressuring him.

So, how to make him commit quickly and easily? Keep the relationship exciting and fun.

You can do this by trying new things together, going out together, and traveling.

Of course, as already mentioned, it’s also important that you have something to do without him.

He needs to be able to miss you every now and then, and he can’t miss you if you’re always there.

11. Have a real connection with hi

Learn all there is about your man to learn how to make him want a relationship.

Find out which activities he enjoys, what you can do to make him happy, and how he would like to be treated.

This will help you have a real connection with him, and that will make him want to commit to you.

Of course, he needs to want to learn all about you too, but you shouldn’t let him.

Don’t forget that you should always be a little mysterious, so he will keep learning new things about you.

Make it clear how you would like to be treated because he should want to make you happy too.

12. Stay independent

Don’t give up on the things you were doing before just because you’re in a relationship now. If you used to go out with friends, do it now too.

Maybe you had some hobbies or regularly visited the gym… You shouldn’t stop doing those things either.

He needs to know that you want him but that you don’t need him because you can make yourself happy.

If you are overly dependent on him, being with you could become a burden to him instead of a joy.

You can’t let that happen, and the more independent you are, the more he’ll want to commit to you.

13. Let him open up to you

When he shares some opinions you don’t like, don’t just get defensive. You need to respect his decisions, thoughts, and beliefs.

Maybe he would like to talk to you about his fear of commitment, but he can’t because you get upset when he tries to.

Let him open up to you by allowing him to freely speak his mind.

He needs to feel like he can tell you anything, so always try to listen to him and reassure him.

Of course, you can offer him some advice, but only when he asks you for it.

14. Make sure that he feels special

We always expect men to make us feel special, but we often forget that we should make them feel special too.

Show him that you appreciate everything he does, whether it’s a DIY project, getting a promotion at work, or making dinner.

Take him to watch a football game or do something else he would like from time to time.

It can even be something as simple as giving him a massage after a hard day at work.

Try to always listen to him when he has something to tell you, without asking a lot of questions.

For instance, if he tells you that he got a raise, don’t immediately ask, “How much?” and congratulate him first instead.

How to make him want a relationship

1. Be who you are

Are you wondering how to make him commit without pressure? Just be yourself!

After all, if you get him to commit, you won’t be able to keep pretending that you’re something you’re not for the rest of your life.

You want him to commit to you, not to who he just thinks you are.

If he is interested in something you don’t like, you shouldn’t pretend that you are interested in it too.

If he likes football, you don’t need to start liking it as well.

Be yourself in every moment. If you feel like crying when watching a sad movie, cry, and if you like singing in the shower, sing.

2. Let him keep his freedom

The main reason men are terrified of commitment is that they think that they’ll lose their freedom.

Of course, that freedom doesn’t mean that he can see other people.

What keeping his freedom means is that he should still be able to spend time with his friends and go out and do the things he likes doing.

Men don’t really like changing their routine, and that is the main reason they refuse to commit.

You need to let him know that being in a serious relationship doesn’t mean that everything will change or that he’ll lose his freedom.

Once he realizes that you’ll let him keep his freedom, he’ll be more willing to commit to you.

3. Don’t make him feel burdened

If he always pays for everything or does a lot of work around the house, it could become a burden for him.

Don’t let him do everything for you, whether it’s paying for dinner or changing a light bulb.

Every now and then, you can do something he usually does, whether it’s housework or picking up the check.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t rely on him for anything, but he shouldn’t always do everything either.

4. Don’t make him jealous

When you’re searching for ways on how to make him want a relationship, some will suggest making him jealous, but you shouldn’t.

Making him jealous can only end up in arguments, tears, and eventually a breakup.

All men want a loyal girlfriend, and that means that you shouldn’t flirt with strangers or friends.

You also shouldn’t talk to him about your ex-boyfriends, even if he says he wants you to.

Also, try not to be too mysterious so that he won’t think that you’re cheating on him. He needs to know that he is the only man you want and love.

5. Tell him you love him

Your man has to realize how much he needs you, and you can help him. Do it by regularly telling him that you love him.

When he hears it often, he will realize what an important part of his life you are.

Maybe he won’t say it back right away, but you should let him know how much it would mean to you if he did.

Once he gets comfortable with telling you that he loves you, he will realize how much he needs you.

6. Meet his family

After a few months of being in a relationship, you should meet his family, which is a big step toward commitment.

If he hasn’t introduced you to his family yet, ask him about it but make sure to do so gently.

Bring it up when he mentions his family first, so it will happen naturally and without pressure.

If he tells you that he’ll introduce you to them soon, don’t force him to set an exact date and time.

However, if he tells you that every time you ask him about it the way I suggested earlier, you should talk more about it.

If he doesn’t want to introduce you to his family, you should learn what you can do if he doesn’t want to commit but doesn’t want to leave you either.

7. Don’t do too much for him

Perhaps he always invites his friends over, but you are the one who has to clean up the mess they made afterward.

You need to tell him that it’s fine for his friends to come over, but he should clean up after them.

Don’t let yourself feel unappreciated or unhappy in the relationship because you’re doing too much for him.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should nag about every single thing but when you think you are doing too much for him, tell him.

After all, what’s the point of getting him to commit if you’re going to feel unappreciated or unhappy in the relationship?

8. Be his biggest fan

You need to believe in him, support him, and celebrate his achievements. It will also get him to open up to you more.

If he hasn’t told you about his ambitions and dreams yet, ask him about them and try to really listen and keep an open mind.

Find out what his hobbies are too, and if they seem interesting to you, ask him to let you join him one day.

When your man realizes that you’re his biggest fan and greatest support, he will realize how special the bond is that the two of you have.

9. Make him feel manly

How to get him to commit to exclusively dating you?

No matter how independent you are as a woman, you should still show some vulnerability to let your man show his masculinity.

Men simply need to feel manly, and no matter how silly that sometimes might seem, it’s in their biology.

When you make him feel manly, admired, and respected, his testosterone levels rise.

Make your man feel needed, respected, and loved.

Let him protect you by asking him to get rid of a big, scary spider or simply by telling him how safe he makes you feel.

10. Pick up the check sometimes

Next time you have dinner at a restaurant, offer to pay for the meal.

He won’t let you, but you should tell him that you’re trying to show him how much you appreciate everything he does for you.

Even if he still doesn’t let you pay, he will be happy because you’ve noticed that he does that for you.

If he takes you to expensive restaurants and you can’t afford to pick up the check, there’s something else you could do.

How about the next time he wants to take you out to dinner, you suggest cooking him his favorite meal? This will make him even happier.

11. Make his friends consider you a cool girlfriend

If you want to know how to get him to commit to a serious relationship, you need to understand this part.

Getting along with his buddies is more important for your relationship than you might think.

You don’t want his friends to think that you’re a nagging woman because they’ll tease your man.

Don’t ever stop a man from seeing his friends. Instead, try to get along with them, laugh with them, and find out more about them.

Your boyfriend is more likely to picture a future with you when you can get along well with his family and friends.

Even if you don’t like some of them, don’t talk badly about them to your man and don’t prevent him from seeing them.

12. Make him laugh

Everyone knows that women love men who can make them laugh, but men like women with a good sense of humor as well.

If you can make your man laugh, he’ll surely want a serious relationship with you.

Try to keep things fun and interesting too. If you happen to share the same sense of humor, that will create a special bond between the two of you.

You should have some inside jokes that no one but the two of you get, and it will help you connect on a deeper level.

Try to make your partner feel awesome and happy whenever he’s with you, and he’ll want to be with you for the rest of his life.

13. Don’t forget that he needs to earn your commitment too

Men enjoy a challenge and aren’t that interested when everything is served to them on a silver platter.

You want to earn his commitment, but he has to earn yours too.

He needs to show signs he loves you if he wants you to commit to him.

That means that he should listen to you, support you, do things for you, and make you feel special.

If that isn’t the case, why would you want to spend the rest of your life with someone who doesn’t show you love anyway?

Does he love you? If he does, he will commit to you, and if he doesn’t, you shouldn’t even want him to.

It really all comes down to that, so, if you feel loved, just use what you have learned here and give it some time.

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