The different little attentions that the man you will marry will have towards you

The man you will marry will hold your hand in a dark cinema, even after years of going to see movies together.

When there is a scary, romantic, or sad moment, it will always find your hand between the seats and give it the slightest squeeze, or just let your fingers brush against it. He knows the best part of movie night won’t be the movie itself, but the time you spend together, and he can talk about it all the way home.

He’ll have a hard time keeping a secret when he’s about to surprise you with something, and you may feel that he’s just as excited as you are about the idea of filling you with joy. He’ll love planning special occasions, or just showing up at the door with your favorite meal on a random day, because he’ll know the only way to keep romance “alive” is to create it.

The man you marry might not be the prettiest, funniest, smartest, strongest.

But for you, he will be the best in all of these categories, because the love you feel for him will make you change those categories to match his description. He’ll be watching his favorite show on the couch with a little bowl of ice cream and it’ll suddenly look lovely to you, because he’s the one doing it.

His silly jokes will be endearing and make you laugh.  His job might not be the one that makes the most money, of course, but you’d rather have him at home with you at a reasonable time rather than having him work nights and weekends in a quality job to make you a little richer. It won’t be perfect one way or another, but it will be perfect for you.

When you’re confused about something minor, he’ll keep his cool. And when he’s frustrated with something small, you’ll know how to put it in perspective. For each other, you will be a mix of therapist, doctor, and trusted friend. You will always be that person to each other.

With him, everything will be more exciting.

Trips to the supermarket will suddenly seem adventurous. Walking around your neighborhood will introduce you to new things that you have seen millions of times, but never noticed.  Small weekend trips will become oases away from the chaos of everyday life. Everything will take on a new meaning with him, and you will find yourself realizing, how much you would like him to be there when you see something really funny, or really beautiful.

The man you marry will make you feel comfortable every time you are with him, because he is the only one who can take care of you, without making you feel like a child. He will make a hot bowl of soup for you, but it’ll still crackle while you eat it. He will hold you in his arms, but he will take your breath away when he surprises you with a deep kiss. He’ll play video games with you all day on the couch, but still stretch for a nice dinner in the evening.

And yes, sometimes you will argue, but you will never doubt for a second that you are always home when you are together. If he comes out in a fit of anger, you know he will go for a walk around the neighborhood and come back. And if you say something that you regret, you know that he will forgive you and hold you back until you feel better.

The man you marry will be your teammate and your best friend.  He’ll be the one you want to hang out with, party with, be honest, and laugh with. And if you do it right, your whole life together will feel like one big endless sleepover.

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