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12 Playful Nail Art Ideas For Gemini Season 2024

Move over, laidback Taurus energy. Come May 21, it’s all about outgoing Geminis — who will reign through June 20.

While Taurus season is associated with all things down-to-earth and cozy, Gemini season is… quite the opposite. Geminis are incredibly curious, expressive, and outgoing. They’re ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, which means that they’re social butterflies by nature and their extroverted personalities are their superpower.

Geminis are represented by the twins, a nod to the duality that exists within those who have the sign placed within their natal charts. As for a few famed Geminis: Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Emily Ratajkowski, Emma Chamberlain, Laverne Cox, Zoe Saldaña, and even the fictional Andie Anderson à la How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days top the lengthy list.

Geminis are known to be the most playful sign of the zodiac, which means that their go-to manicures are far from boring. When it comes to polish colors, this particular air sign tends to prefer shades like butter yellow, sky blue, and even the occasional pale pink — with plenty of art, of course (and maybe a few pearl adornments, inspired by their birthstone).

Celebrate Gemini season with a manicure that embodies the sign.

Butter Yellow Chrome Nails

Yellow chrome nails are perfect for Gemini season 2024.

If Geminis had a signature color, it would surely be a pale yellow — which means these statement-making yellow chrome tips are perfect for the upcoming season.

Pretty Pearl-Inspired Design

Pearl-inspired nails are perfect for Gemini season 2024.

Try a mani moment that’s inspired by the beauty of pearls (AKA the Gemini birthstone) with pearlescent nail art that covers every single nail.

Two-Toned Gemini Mani

Two-toned nails are perfect for Gemini season 2024.

Because Geminis are symbolized by the twins, a two-toned manicure in an unexpected black and pink combo is absolute perfection for the pre-summer season.

Soft Chrome Celestial French Tips

Soft chrome French tips are perfect for Gemini season 2024.

These lengthy, chromatic Frenchies feature the prettiest pearl and rhinestone details reminiscent of the sparkling stars and planets in the sky.

Holographic Fairycore Wings

Holographic fairy wing nail art is perfect for Gemini season 2024.

Geminis — along with Libras and Aquarians — are air signs. A subtle way to honor the breezy element is by adorning your nails in fluttering fairy wing designs.

Sunny Optical Illusion Frenchies

Yellow illusion French tip nails are perfect for Gemini season 2024.

Geminis are truly the brainiacs of the zodiac, which is why colorful French tip nails with conversation-starting illusion art is the perfect mani for them.

Minimal Electric Blue Dots

Minimal electric blue dot designs are perfect for Gemini season 2024.

For mani lovers who much prefer a more minimalistic vibe, these tiny electric blue dots atop neutral nail polish is a move for the weeks ahead.

XXL Mauve Pink Aura Art

Mauve pink aura nail art is perfect for Gemini season 2024.

Alongside shades of blue and yellow, pale pink is a color associated with the air sign — making these extra-long nails with mauve-toned aura art a major green flag.

Sky Blue Cloud-Like Swirls

Sky blue cloud swirl nail art is perfect for Gemini season 2024.

Swirling nail art designs in a calming sky blue polish color not only gives big “air sign” energy as the finished result resembles the clouds.

Gilded Gemini Symbol

Gilded nail designs are perfect for Gemini season 2024.

When in doubt, covering your nails in gilded nail tattoos inspired by your birthday and sign is an effortless way to rep your personal zodiac.

Elegant Pearl Adornments

Pearl-encrusted French tip nails are perfect for Gemini season 2024.

Pearl-lined French tips not only embrace the Gemini season but are also an elegant mani for literally any occasion (even a wedding).

Pastel Watercolor Mani

Pastel watercolor nail art is perfect for Gemini season 2024.

These watercolor nails, painted in shades of pastel green, blue, pink, and purple, are just as charming and versatile as the Mercury-ruled sign.

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