You may not realize it, but you are losing it

First, there are all its messages to which you only respond when you want.

There are also all the photos she sends you, which you take a quick look at before putting your phone down.

There are also all the traces you leave on his social networks, simply because you are bored and have nothing else to do.

But these are also all canceled meetings, whenever a better opportunity presents itself.

It’s the little attention you give her and to which she clings with all her might.

Yet it gives you everything.

Despite the little you offer her, she puts herself entirely at your service. 

But there are also all the surprises it gives you that you are so used to that you don’t even pay attention to. However, these are things that it took her hours to organize.

And then there is your total lack of consideration … Which is reflected in particular by your inability to surprise her in your turn. An inability to love him, quite simply.

It has all the services it does for you, without you having to ask it twice. However, she would never dare ask you the same thing in return.

These are all the evenings that she would like to see continue until the morning, but that always ends very quickly because you have better things to do.

You tell yourself that you can read in it like in an open book.

It is transparent. You know very well that when you need her, she is there. You also know that if you want it, you can have it.

And where is the challenge in all of this? Where is the conquest? Where’s the thrill?

She cares about you and that doesn’t amuse you. It’s not entertaining

She’s honest and that isn’t entertaining either.

What she feels for you is love … But what interest at a time when all that matters are superficial relationships?

You are losing it and you may not even realize it.

For every question you don’t ask, you lose it a little more.

With each appointment you cancel, you lose it a little more.

Whenever you prefer someone else, you lose it a little more. However, only God knows that you are his one and only choice.

Whenever you fail to appreciate her tender and selfless gestures, you lose her a little more.

Each time you take it for granted, you lose it a little more.

Whenever she falls asleep wondering why she is not up to par, you lose her a little more.

She is blinded by the feelings she has for you.

His strong and intense feelings keep him from seeing the truth and opening your eyes to you. It is more than up to par. It is you who are not up to par and who do not deserve it.

Because if it was, you would have known how to appreciate it for a long time.

But make no mistake, this situation will not last forever and you will end up losing it. Because there will come a time when she will have nothing more to give you. And when the time comes, she will leave you.

Yes, she will suffer. Because she sincerely loves you and because she believed in you a lot. Separating from someone you trusted is always painful. But there comes a time when you have no choice…

And one day it will be his turn to stop responding.

In turn to look at the photos you sent him, before placing his phone in a sigh.

One day, your messages will be ignored.

And believe me, the very moment it starts to treat you like you always did, reality will hit you head-on. 

You will invite her out and she will politely decline.

You will flood her news feed because for the first time, you will be sincerely interested in her activities and what she does with her days. Your likes will no longer just be a reflection of your boredom.

And there you will understand that you are no longer the reason for his smiles. You will miss the nights spent by his side and you will regret having never made the effort to stay until the morning.

You will regret not having been able to speak to him. The silence will be stifling and you will dream of a simple little more conversation.

You will hold on to all the things she has offered you, material or not, and they will become painful memories. They will remind you that this girl loved you, maybe a little too much but with a lot of sincerity.

And maybe when you think about it, remembering that she was not mysterious and that you could read in her like in an open book, you will also remember that she was honest. And in doing so, you will finally realize how much his honesty was a precious gift.

She was not playing. She was not pretending, like no other.

No, she was just loving you. And maybe at this very moment, you will tell yourself that it has ruined your life … But not like you could have ruined hers, no. In a good way, like someone who has the power to show us the true nature of things, to teach us that love is indeed the most beautiful thing in this world.

You’ll get over it and meet someone else. In fact, you will probably pass from girl to girl, telling yourself that something is missing in each of them.

And you will try to find it in each of its wives, in vain. 


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