Ladies: Here are the 17 Benefits of Being Single!

I’m single! Yes, I said it. No, I’m not crying over a bucket of ice cream, with dripped mascara staining my cheeks as I watch Nicholas Sparks movies. I’m saying it with a smile on my face because being single is just plain AWESOME.

In today’s society, it’s perfectly fine for a man to be single and go about his life that way—and be happy with it. So why is there so much negative hype about women being single in this world? What is there to be ashamed of?

Personally, I’ve just recently become truly single for the first time in…well, forever. I always had a boyfriend, broke up, started seeing someone new almost right away, and quickly made them my boyfriend.

I’d never really had time to reflect much on myself and the positives to being single because I was just so afraid of it. Being single always reminded me of those old ladies who have 40 cats because they were unsuccessful in their quest for love. And I did NOT want to become that—even though I do love cats. [Confession: I’m in a happy relationship but I just can’t wait to be single again!]

Benefits of being single

For starters, everyone is unique and will find their own happiness in whichever way they please. But if you’re single and only worried about finding that special someone, stop. I’m here to tell you that single life rocks!

There are so many benefits of being on your own and I have decided to share some of the best ones with you. So wipe off that smudged makeup, throw out that ice cream, and pay close attention; you’re about to love your single life.

#1 You can skip shaving whenever you want. Who wouldn’t love this benefit? I no longer have to slather up my legs with shaving cream, only to still cut them on my razor 5 times just so a boyfriend could have the pleasure of feeling smooth gams. Nope! I can skip this as often as I want—which has been frequently, as of late.

#2 You can rock a ton of dark lipstick! This is probably my favorite benefit because I never realized how much I missed this. You can wear lipstick! Since you’re not about to go kiss someone and make them angry with the color of your lips, you have the freedom to wear whichever shade you most desire.

#3 You’ll dress for you. Forget putting on that tight dress so your significant other has something nice to look at. Go out in that outfit you’ve been dying to wear that your partner just didn’t really like. You’ll be able to find your own style again.

#4 You can eat whatever you want and have your favorite snacks to yourself. Oreos, pizza, and brownies—oh my! You no longer have to hide the fact that you eat junk food. You can have your favorite snacks within arms’ reach without feeling guilty about it. [Read: How you can have the best life experiences by keeping yourself single in your 20s]

#5 Binge watching chick flicks on Netflix is a possibility. You can sit and watch romantic comedies on Netflix for 10 hours straight and not have a care in the world—or a significant other who just complains about said indulgences.

#6 You can go days without washing your hair. Although you should still shower, you don’t have to wash your hair! Tie it up in a messy bun and give it a rest for a while. When you’re single, there’s no need to have your hair on point for anybody.

#7 You can flirt and date and talk to ANYONE. That’s right! Hot guy at the bar? You can flirt shamelessly, because you don’t have any ties to anyone. You have the freedom to go on as many dates as you want and not have to call any of them back if you don’t want to. And who wouldn’t want that? I mean…free food!

#8 More ‘you’ time. You can spend hours on your nails, wear all of those gross, DIY face masks that your partner found unattractive, and put all sorts of gooey hair masks on without having to worry that someone is going to judge you for it.

#9 You can focus on what’s important. More ‘you’ time = more time for you to spend time focusing on the important things in your life. Like your career…or your dog. [Read: 8 productive ways you can learn to love your single life]

#10 You can travel anywhere! You have the freedom to travel on a whim and to anywhere you’ve ever wanted! Without having someone to argue with about destinations, or to hold you back, you can really go wherever a plane can take you.

#11 You’ll save more money! No more buying presents, expensive perfume they liked, or spending money out at restaurants. You will be surprised just how much money you save when it’s just you. You can even use that money to fuel your travel adventures!

#12 You have time to find a new hobby. Or you can use that money to pick up a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try but just didn’t have the time. When you’re in a relationship, much of your free time is actually spent with your significant other, and you don’t have time for silly hobbies.

Being single gives you the freedom to try something new. And who knows! Maybe you’ll find something that you’re really passionate about and it will stick with you for life. You never know.

#13 Less stress. Is it just me, or are there actually more things to worry about when in a relationship? I always found myself stressed, worried, and just anxious in general. Agh!

No more of that. You really only have yourself to worry about, and that means that you’re not nearly as stressed. You’ll also have much more time and money to spend on things that are relaxing—like a trip to the spa!

#14 Your other relationships will get stronger. When you don’t have a personal relationship to worry about, you begin to spend time on the other relationships in your life. This means that you’ll become closer with your family and you’ll spend more time with the friends that you’ve been neglecting due to your previous partner. [Read: Last one to marry? 9 reasons why you shouldn’t give a damn!]

#15 You get the whole bed to yourself every night. What more do I need to say? Who doesn’t love having the whole bed to sprawl out, while hogging the comforter for themselves? I know that this is one of my favorite perks of being single.

I can use whatever sheets and blankets I want and I don’t have to worry about kicking or crowding someone. I also don’t have to worry about that loud, obnoxious snoring! This also means you’ll get a much better night’s sleep.

#16 Fewer awkward encounters. Now you don’t have to meet new friends, family, or any of that stuff. You no longer have to accompany anyone to strangers’ weddings, or stiff work functions. This is great, because then you won’t feel completely lost and awkward! [Read: 15 very essential tips on relationships for single women]

#17 You will learn to love yourself. The biggest benefit of being single is really getting to learn about yourself and how to love yourself for all of your wonderful qualities and flaws. It’s hard to truly know who you are in a relationship, because so much of you is invested in someone else. Being single allows you to do things that only you want to do, and you will discover so many great things that you didn’t even know about yourself.



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