Just how to Ask a Lady if She Has a Sweetheart Without Being Too Brazen

Knowing whether or not a girl has a boyfriend is really important. You don’t want to waste your time flirting and getting to know her just to end up without a chance. Some girls don’t come right out and say it. That’s why you need to know how to ask a girl if she has a boyfriend. But then again, you want to do it in a way that’s not too forward.

If you’re too excited at the prospect that she’s single, it could scare her off. She might be a little weirded out that you just jumped the gun and asked. That’s why you’ll need to know different ways you can ask her that won’t raise alarm.

Girls who like attention will never come out and say they have a boyfriend

This is just how certain girls are. Because let’s be honest, attention is great. Sometimes they might not be getting the attention they need and you’re giving it to her. She’ll never ruin that by telling you she has a boyfriend.

How to ask a girl if she has a boyfriend

Because not all girls will tell you, you need to know how. You can’t just flat out ask them in the middle of a conversation. Not only would that be rude, but even if she is single, it might freak her out a little bit.

If you want to know how to ask a girl if she has a boyfriend in a way that’ll keep her interest, you’re in the right place. These are the best ways to go about figuring out her relationship status.

#1 Slip it into an indirect question. Being indirect about how you ask a girl if she has a boyfriend is super important. If it feels like it just comes up in random conversation, she’ll be more likely to tell the truth. So you can just ask something like, “Now why would your boyfriend leave you here all by yourself?”

#2 Tell her that her “boyfriend” must be proud of her. You can really say this about anything and even phrase it slightly different. But if you bring up her boyfriend liking a certain quality about her, you’ll be able to tell if she has one. She may even say, “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

#3 Tell her that any guy who has her is lucky. This is actually a great line because not only does it serve as a pickup line that’ll flatter her, you’ll also find out if she has a boyfriend or not. Because she’ll either answer, “I don’t have a boyfriend,” or “yes he is.”

#4 Ask her if she’s there alone. If she’s sitting by herself, it doesn’t mean she’s alone. She could have someone getting drinks or even in the bathroom. So if you get to talking a little bit, just ask her how she’s doing and if she’s there with someone. It’s not directly asking if she has a boyfriend, but she’ll say so if he’s there with her.

#5 Tell her you hope you’re not taking her boyfriend’s seat. If you sit down beside her, use this line. Not only is it a great way to break the ice, but you’ll be able to tell right away if she has a boyfriend. Most people don’t say, “You’re not.” She’ll respond with something like, “I don’t have one,” if she doesn’t.

#6 Tell her you’d love to see her again sometime. Just tell her you want to see her again if you two have been having a great conversation and you’re still not sure if she has a boyfriend. This is a great way to see if she likes you, too. If she declines and says she has a boyfriend, now you know.

#7 Ask her about her week. Something a lot of people do when they’re asked about their weeks is absent mindedly talk about their significant other. That’s because they’re a huge part of their life. By asking this, she’ll either mention him or talk about doing things only two people can do together. You’ll be able to figure it out on your own.

#8 Offer to buy her a drink. If you’re out at a bar and click with a girl, offer to buy a drink. The thing about this technique is that it can be a bit trickier. Some girls will say yes even though they do have a boyfriend. Your job is to look her in the eye and make your intent clear.

Signs she definitely has a boyfriend

If you’re not good at deducing whether or not a woman has a boyfriend by asking, just pick up clues. These are the signs she definitely has a boyfriend.

#1 She’s flirting, but not very much. Women have a line they won’t cross. If she’s flirting with you but still innocently, she probably has a boyfriend. The thing is, if a girl is flirting, she likes you. So she’d go all in.

#2 She crosses her arms or legs and leans back. Girls who have boyfriends cut themselves off from other men. To do this, she’ll cross her arms or legs and lean or face away from you. This is giving off body language that she’s not available. And that’s probably because she has a boyfriend.

#3 She’s only answering your questions, but not asking any. This is also known as her just being polite. She doesn’t want to be mean and tell you to go away.

So instead, she politely converses with you but only answers your questions. She doesn’t ask anything about you or want to know much.

#4 She’s by herself. This may not seem like a sign she has a boyfriend, but it is. Most girls don’t wander out by themselves. They usually are out with their boyfriend or girl friends. That being said, if she’s with neither, it could mean her boyfriend it just in the bathroom or something. Otherwise, she’d have other girls around.

#5 She keeps looking around. If she’s chatting with you but her attention is all over, she probably has a boyfriend. She’ll do this in order to see where he is. She’s looking for someone and that person is probably her boyfriend.


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