If your partner does any of these things, you must leave him !!!

The life of a couple is like a roller coaster, there are highs and there are lows. However, certain character traits or things in your partner’s behavior should cause you to question yourself. Sometimes we do not realize it but certain things are very harmful for the couple and precisely we suggest you discovering what are the things that you should not let pass by your partner because it means that he is manipulating you.

He must always know everything

Your partner always wants to know where you are and you must be accountable to him. You have to justify yourself on the time you return. Be careful this means that he is manipulating you to be able to manage your life himself.

You have no right to make decisions

It is never you who make the decisions in the house. It is always your partner who decides and he never asks you for your opinion.

He doesn’t hesitate to humiliate you

When you are in the presence of a group of friends, your partner does not hesitate to humiliate you by cutting you off and speaking for you as if you did not have the opportunity to express yourself.

You do nothing without his permission

You are constantly forced to ask for permission when you want to do something. You no longer have any freedom and your partner has won since you ask him for his opinion and his authorization each time.

You no longer have social relationships

You no longer see your friends and family meetings are becoming increasingly rare. This means that your partner is moving away from your social relationships and this in order to be able to better manage your life.

You have no right to disagree

When he gives his opinion you have no right to contradict him. As soon as you say that you don’t agree with your partner, he starts to make you feel guilty and gets angry so quickly that you end up saying that he totally agrees.


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