8 Single Girl Habits That Are Ruining Your Chances Of Finding Love

Girls, let’s be honest here for a moment. We are all strong women and we can do whatever we put our minds to. You know, GIRL POWER!

Still, we all crave that unconditional and forever kind of love.

We all need someone who’ll appreciate us and treat us the way we deserve. We’re looking for someone who’ll love us in a way no one else has. We are all searching for our soulmates.

However, that quest can take some time and in the meantime, we develop some habits that can ruin our chances to find Mr. Right, without even realizing it.

I’ve listed some of those habits we need to change before it’s too late. Don’t let them stop you from finding love.

1. You talk about your ex all the time

You’ll never be able to find true love if you are stuck in the past. You have to think about your future and leave past relationships and boyfriends where they belong.

The worst thing you can do when you finally meet someone new is to compare him to your ex. You won’t benefit at all by doing so, only make him feel bad.

Avoid talking about your past experiences. Your past relationship has finished and you already know that wasn’t true love. Stay focused on your future and finding your soulmate.

2. You expect a movie kind of love

Forget about the kind of love you’ve seen in romantic movies. That doesn’t exist. Real love and relationships are something completely different.

If you’re expecting that kind of love, I’ll have to disappoint you and say that you won’t experience it. Real life is much more complicated and so is love.

3. You want to be chased

Single life has made you realize how much you’re worth. You know how much you deserve and don’t want to settle for anything less.

This time, don’t invest too much. Give to the other person as much as you are getting from them. It’s not about playing games, but about reciprocity. You are worthy of the chase, so start acting like that.

4. You have an excessively high opinion of yourself

It’s time to have an honest one-on-one conversation with yourself. No one is ever good enough for you. You think that you always deserve more than someone has to offer you.

You show everyone how hard they’ll have to work if they want to win you over. You have a high opinion about yourself and that’s why you don’t want to give chances to guys who you think don’t deserve it.

Knowing your value and self-worth is good for your self-esteem, but creating an inflated opinion about yourself is creating false self-esteem. Every guy will think that you’re being conceited.

I know you aren’t. You’re just using it as your defense mechanism because you don’t want to get your heart broken.

But you don’t need to do that because knowing your true self-worth is enough to protect you from being hurt.

5. You expect too much from a man

Raising your self-awareness makes you raise your expectations too. You expect too much from every man who wants to be with you.

You don’t want them to make you their number one priority, but their only priority. You set so many rules and boundaries for them, and you expect them to respect it all.

It’s good to know how much you deserve, it’s good to have some HEALTHY boundaries, still, you have to keep it real. After all, we all get what we actually deserve.

6. You think too far ahead

You’ve become afraid of starting a new relationship because you immediately think about whether it has a future or not. You think that you’re only wasting your precious time if you don’t see any future in it.

You have to slow down. No one knows what will happen in the days ahead and unfortunately, we can’t affect it no matter how much we think about it.

7. You’ve forgotten about the importance of self-care

It’s important to pay attention to your looks, but trust me, it’s more important to pay attention to your spiritual beauty. You have to nurture your soul too, because your inner beauty is as important as the outer one.

Focus on yourself and always work on becoming more beautiful inside and out. You’ll see how it’ll affect your love life as well.

That happiness, beauty, and love you’ll feel inside will radiate on the outside too. That is going to help you to attract better things and better men into your life.  

8. You’ve already given up on love

If you’ve been single for some time now, you may have given up onm finding the one. If you’ve tried hard to find love, it’s probably made you think that you should quit because love isn’t for you.

Maybe you’ve already made peace with it.

The thing is: No matter how difficult it gets, never quit searching for true love.

We all have our other halves, we all have our soulmates. Maybe they’re really slow to appear, but one day they’ll find their way to you.

Until then, try to get rid of these bad habits because they can truly stop you from meeting the one.


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