Here’s how to attract the people you want in your life!

We all attract people into our lives based on our attitude, our personality and other factors. However, there is a big gap between who we attract and who we want to attract. Do you want friends who like to go out and party, but are more attracted to cable cars? This article is for you.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main character traits of the people you attract and how to seduce those you really want in your life.

Nature lover

He likes spending every free minute in the great outdoors to forget the modern world and savor the wonders of our planet. He loves to plan excursions and reach new heights (in both senses of the word). He likes challenges, and loves to take risks and go beyond his limits. He likes to jump in a parachute as much as enjoying a walk in the woods. If you also love adventure and nature, the nature lover is for you.

The artist

If your hobbies are painting, drawing or any other artistic activity, you will attract someone who shares your interests. The artist sees the world differently and does not care about money or material goods. He is in his bubble, which helps him to create, innovate and give life to his imagination.

The intellectual

The intellectual appreciates enriching conversations and new ways of thinking. He is cultivated and knows himself in a lot of fields. He is interested in art, culture, history, etc. He loves to learn and broaden his horizons. He has a logical and analytical personality, and is endowed with objective discernment. He has strong opinions and is not afraid to express them. He’s the kind of person you attract if you’re mature and analytical.

The sensitive soul

He feels all the emotions deeply. He enjoys helping and advising others. He will never abandon you and will always be attentive to your needs. He is loyal, honest and generous. He needs security and love. If you are sensitive and compassionate, you will attract these kinds of people.

The technology fan

He spends hours watching movies and playing video or board games. He can also speak endlessly about a subject that fascinates him. Far from the cliché of the geek, he is essential to his entourage because he has kept a childish side fun. If you are a movie buff or a gamer, you will attract this kind of people.

The go-getter

You attract passionate and motivated people if you have big plans. The go-getter will motivate and encourage you to make your dreams come true, even the wildest. He likes to push his limits and know what he is really capable of. He has successful businesses, bestsellers, and maybe even a popular YouTube channel.


The introvert or the extrovert

Either you like spending time with calm and reserved people, or you like going out and meeting people. You attract introverts (or extroverts) because you are one yourself, or you need your opposite. One needs the other to achieve a certain balance.

The Flapper

These people pull you down and bring you nothing good. They like to complain about everything and nothing and their negativity is contagious. If you attract this kind of person, question yourself. Maybe you are a spoiler yourself. If you are a positive person but you still have a spoilsport around you, try to get out of this harmful relationship.

How to attract the people you want?


Knowing yourself well allows you to build deeper, more positive relationships. If you do not know yourself and do not love yourself, you risk attracting people in the same case …



To attract the right people, you need to be open-minded and positive. The laws of attraction will then naturally make you meet inspiring profiles. Don’t we say “who looks alike is assembled”?


Even if you do everything to force the destiny, the meetings remain the fruit of chance. Rest assured, the laws of attraction don’t put anyone on your road. Enjoy the moments you have to share with the people you meet, you always have something to learn, or a bit of a journey to share.


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