I Wish They Would Have Warned Me About The ‘Good Guys’

Everyone warned me about the bad guys, but no one actually warned me about the good guys.

No one warned about the ones who hold doors for you and pull chairs out for you. The ones who always know the right words to say. The polite and decent ones. Basically the ones that you would call total gentlemen. The ones who carry the bag for you when it’s too heavy. The ones that compliment you often and always have the nicest gestures. No one warned me that all of this doesn’t really mean that they are in fact any different than the bad guys they tell us to stay away from.


Sometimes the “good” guys turn into whole other people the minute you enter into a heated argument with them. They might turn into the complete opposite the minute they are confronted with something they don’t like. And when you actually tell others about this, it makes it really hard for them to believe you because these are the good guys in everyone’s eyes, the ones that everyone basically tells you are too decent for this world and too rare to find these days.


But little did I know that looks can fool you. You can’t say a person is actually good because of their nice attitude. You need to test them in real-life situations, in heated and stressful situations, to get to truly know them. Because in these situations you get to know if the person is actually the same as how they act and appear to be. You can’t create your judgment merely on just some polite gestures, nice acts, and sugar-coated words.

You need to create your judgment on something way deeper than this and on a larger scale. Yes, these gestures are of course nice, and the person in front of you might actually be from the inside exactly as he acts and appears to be from the outside, but still, you should not base your opinions on their facade alone. You need to make sure that you don’t fall for this trap and that you put other things into consideration. Instead, wait to form an opinion until you find yourself in serious situations with that person.


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