I never fell in love

Falling in love is the dream of many of us. But to fall in love, of course, you have to find the right man.

Despite our many stories, we never really fell in love. How is it possible? Are we too picky or are they too imperfect?

I question myself

You don’t have to fall in love with every guy you date. However, we women still develop some feelings very quickly, feelings that are not necessarily love but rather attraction.

But good before starting it is essential to know what we are looking for in a man, what should we change in our country, what steps should we follow?

Indeed all this work of self-reflection will allow you to avoid continuing on this path and will allow you to fall in love.

Try to see a future with him!

Agreeing to start a relationship with a man who doesn’t really meet our criteria is bound to be a failure.

However, we must remain open to other perspectives, indeed we cannot fall in love with a man who does not meet a minimum of our requirements, but he does not have to fulfill them all either.

Avoid wasting your time with stories that won’t have a future, because while you are wasting your time with this passing relationship you may miss the man you will actually fall in love with.

I’m too suspicious to fall in love

If we have never fallen in love it is not necessarily because of the men with whom we go out but maybe because of our behavior.

Hey yes it may be that following our love disappointments we have become suspicious and we no longer dare to love. We put ourselves on our guard and thus create a barrier to our relationship.

It would therefore be better to open up a little more towards the man with whom we are dating. This would allow us to finally fall in love!

I get involved in my relationship!

Once you have decided to fall in love, it is essential to change your behavior.

We really get involved in this relationship which is supposed to have a future. By implication, we of course mean giving importance to our relationship and therefore to our man.

The famous ” I love you ” should no longer scare us and believe it when our man tells us. Let us lower the barriers !!!

So what about you, have you ever fallen in love?

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