Shed Bridges or Reconstruct It? 10 Clear Signs It’s Time to Leave

I think one of the biggest things we face as we get older is the fact that some people just don’t grow with us. We change and evolve as we age. There are those who do so with us and those who don’t. That’s not to say they don’t grow and change, but they do so in a different way than we do. Sometimes we need to burn bridges with them.

They no longer add anything to our lives, and sometimes they even hold us back. The hard part about this is the fact that we still like them. Sometimes the memories and the fact that they’ve been around so long makes us want to hold on longer than we should.

It’s okay to change and grow apart

It’s not bad if you grow apart from someone. You can’t stay really close to everyone you were besties with in middle school or even high school. When we grow up and experience new things, it changes us. Sometimes we change in the same way as our friends. Sometimes we end up becoming two totally different people.

And that’s okay. That’s not wrong. Or bad. Or even something to feel sad about. It does suck when you realize you’re no longer compatible with someone even on a friendly level, but it’s actually good to realize it.

Signs it’s time to burn bridges and move on

When you have the realization that someone no longer adds value to your life and you’re just not the same as you once were, you have a decision to make. Either burn those bridges and move on, or let them be and see if they keep making your life worse.

If you’re someone who has a hard time figuring out when it’s time to burn bridges and move on with your life, we can help. These are all the signs pointing you in the direction of removing someone from your life.

#1 They don’t bring you any happiness. The people in your life should bring you joy and happiness on a regular basis. Even if it’s just the feeling of content, it’s better than someone who doesn’t positively influence your life at all. Truthfully, if someone only brings you unhappiness, it’s time to burn those bridges.

#2 They don’t bring you any value. In addition to bringing happiness, they should bring value. Do they support you and offer you advice, or are they just there without contributing any value to your life? If they aren’t bringing you anything, ditch them.

#3 They’re negative. I have a rule. Anytime someone in my life makes me feel more negative than they do positive, they’re out. Burn those bridges. Negativity is never something you want in your life. Those who bring nothing but negative energy should just hit the road.

#4 You don’t agree with their life. People change drastically. You may discover that you no longer agree with their lifestyle or the way they choose to live their life. Instead of trying to convince them otherwise, just burn the bridge connecting you two. There. Problem solved.

#5 You find dealing with them draining. The people you keep in your life are supposed to bring you energy and happiness. If you constantly feel drained when you’re around someone, it could be a sign to burn those bridges. You shouldn’t make time for people who are difficult to deal with.

#6 They’re dishonest and disloyal. Honestly, do I really need to explain why you should burn those bridges? You’re better off not having a person like this in your life. If you can’t trust those around you, it’s time to move on.

#7 You don’t want to make time for them. Maybe you don’t realize it, but some people become insignificant in your life, and you stop caring about them. If you find that you just don’t feel like making the time to keep them a part of your life, you should burn those bridges.

#8 You need to start over. If you feel like you need to start over in life, it may be time to burn all of those bridges so you can actually get a fresh start. If you’re moving to a new city and ready for a new life, burning bridges may be your only option.

#9 They hold you back. You have to be free of everyone who anchors you down if you want to succeed in life. There can be a lot of people in your life who bring you down and don’t allow you to branch out and find success. If you realize who those people are, burn the bridges connecting you to them.

#10 They don’t encourage you. You should only have room in your life for those who support and encourage you. Anyone else actually holds you back immensely. And you know exactly what you should do with those who hold you back.


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