Four ways to recognize a man in love!

Before getting married to a man, we ask ourselves an eternal question: is he in love with us, or is it just a story? Commit to a relationship that won’t last, no thanks, we don’t have time to waste!

How do you know if a man really has feelings for us? Here are four unmistakable signs to recognize a man in love

A man in love is patient

The first characteristic of a man in love is patience. When a man falls in love, he is stubborn and doesn’t let go of it like that! If he feels that you doubt his sincerity, he does everything to reassure you and prove that yes, he is worth it!

But above all, at no time does a man in love seek to rush you for anything. It’s okay if you don’t feel ready for a real relationship: he knows how to stay present and caring until you decide to give him a chance. He’s in love, it’s you he wants and not someone else, so he’s not going to screw it all up by pretending to be a heartbreaker!

He loves you as you are

man in love accepts you as you are. Your little flaws, he doesn’t take them into account, because that’s how he loves you. When a man is in love, he does not go into detail, he takes your whole person: your smile, your kindness, but also your bad faith, your complexes, and your upside down!

Besides, an addicted man will never ask you to change your nature. He loves you unconditionally. He won’t leave you because you’re addicted to romantic comedies or a little too speedy! He fell in love because of all those character traits that make you unique! Suddenly, he has no reason to want you to change!

He listens to what you say

A man in love listens and responds. It doesn’t matter if you tell him about your boring day at the office or your moods, he listens. Better yet, he takes the trouble to chat with you rather than leaving you to your monologue. A man who loves you is incapable of ignoring you. For him, it is important to know if you are well, and if not, to fix it!

A man in love also knows how to take note of your remarks. If you tell him that you don’t find him present enough or a little too lazy when it comes to housekeeping, he doesn’t hesitate to make some efforts. A man in love seeks to improve himself because he knows you are worth it!

He looks at you with the eyes of love

In a man in love, everything happens in the eyes. The eyes never betray, on the contrary: they reveal what a man thinks of you in the depths of himself. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. A man who has a crush on you doesn’t look at you like he would look at anyone! He looks at you with the eyes of love.

The eyes of love are easily located: it is this look in which we detect a mixture of admiration and tenderness. Under the gaze of a man in love, you are the eighth wonder of the world: you are both precious and fragile. A man who loves you knows that you are simply invaluable!

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