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This Is What To Take Away From The Blood Moon And Eclipse, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You’ve experienced the Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse on January 21st, 2019, now what? It’s possible you assumed these effects were only for a few days but this will influence more than half of 2019. Magical to some and stressful for others, this is a shift that will force us to buckle down and reflect because these same patterns were repeated a year ago in the same signs.

Aries — The party begins, you’ve felt the spark of energy and now you’re ready to slumber for a bit. Do not worry, with Mars in Cardinal Aries, you’ll get that momentum needed to take on the world. The Moon will highlight some new goals, so plan wisely.

Taurus — Everything is mellow now for you, as you might feel like hiding a bit more. Focus on home and those around you. It’s also not surprising if you feel somewhat drained after all of this. Take a break and relax.

Gemini — You’ve now received some insights through dreams regarding how to tackle any issues through communication. You’re more adaptable now and will attract interesting folks through this transit. Use your words to connect more with others.

Cancer — Expect a surprise in income or material gains (perhaps in the form of unexpected presents). Do not get too carried away because you might be tempted to spend on things that make you happy. Keep calm and cool.


Leo — The Moon’s effects will influence… you! How you carry and present yourself will come with scrutiny from others. On the bright side, you should take pride in yourself and your accomplishment. This Moon emphasized the need for self-love, so continue to practice that.

Virgo — You shine and many will see it but you. This Moon tackled your psyche and will make you feel meditative but ambitious for the next course of action. Take charge and be unapologetic. Hopefully, you took advantage of the Venus and Jupiter conjunction to get those plans rolling.

Libra — This is a dynamic moment for you as you’ll now start to encounter powerful people. Time to connect and become more independent. Focus on yourself but make sure to take the initiative to help others when they need you.

Scorpio — The spotlight is on you and work takes a great priority during the next six months. The harder you work, the more gifts you will receive but you’ve been working hard for some time and might want to see the fruits ASAP. Don’t worry, everything will unravel in time.

Sagittarius — The Moon in Leo will push you to want to learn more about a topic that may have been on your mind for quite some time. Be fearless, take the challenges and you’ll see how empowered you feel after this transit’s effects are done.


Capricorn — Time to focus on what is owed and what you owe. How you value and appreciate yourself. This is the good reset needed as you take time to evaluate things mentally. Use this moment to build a game plan for overall improvement. This year feels challenging but you have the tools to reach the top.

Aquarius — Harmony, love, and friendships take precedent with the Moon shining light on your relationships, including romantic and friendships. This is also a period to take leaps and start connecting with people that can help you get to the top. Everyone will be enamored with your aura during this time.

Pisces — You felt the effects of the Moon because your watery intuition is always on point. This is a moment to enhance your functions at work. Productivity is key and being at the top will help you achieve and succeed. With Jupiter in your House of Honors, you’ll definitely be Employee or Student of the month with the Capricorns.


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