Leaving a narcissistic relationship is extremely difficult. This liar * bastard * destroys your self-esteem and self-esteem.

When you are finished with him, you will no longer have the strength to move forward. The last thing you’ll want to do is trust people.

Only after surviving the long and painful recovery and realizing that it was not your fault that things did not work out, and that it was he who made you believe in things that are not true, that you will be able to see life in a new light.

Narcissistic relationships are addictive. We get used to their mistreatment and it becomes our life.

Him, it becomes a kind of remedy that must be taken every day, otherwise, we have a crisis. His insults and manipulations become the air you breathe and you don’t want to suffocate. That’s why we stay.

Narcissistic relationships are difficult. Some women stay in this kind of relationship although they are unhappy because they continue to hope that things will change.

They cling to the idea that they are going to make him change and make him a better person. And in fact, narcissists are such good actors that they know when the time is right to pretend that they have changed – the moment when the woman has had enough and, again, they manage to convince her to stay.

Narcissistic relationships are humiliating. These people take away all that is positive in you. They take away your will to live.

They jostle you and corner you hopelessly out of it. You go around in circles hoping to find the exit, but it never arrives.

It makes you the shadow of the woman you used to be. It takes everything you had away from you and creates a woman to his liking – one he can control and ultimately destroy.

But each person can bear this kind of abuse up to a point. All women end up stopping this behavior. The narcissists take them to the point where they don’t care what will happen to them.

They are no longer afraid and their conscience comes into play. This tiny bit of force that remains in them screams and they finally get rid of this sneaky * bastard *.

But the struggle does not stop there. This is just the start of the journey. It is only the first step they have had the courage to take.

Now comes the most difficult. All women who have had the strength to free themselves from a narcissistic relationship are faced with the rediscovery of a love for themselves.

They face the challenge of finding their self-esteem and forgiving themselves for believing all the narcissistic lies and manipulations so far.

The woman has to face the healing and the struggle he will try to wage to recover it. Narcissists cannot live without their victims.

They must have someone they can let off steam on. They must have someone to punch them in, someone to comfort them, and someone to pick on. And they will try with all their might to recover this person.

Here’s what to expect when you finally get rid of a narcissist:

1. He will chase and harass you

Any normal person would understand, if not right away, that after a while, you have to leave a relationship that causes you more suffering than happiness. But, unlike normal people, a narcissist will see your departure as a defeat that he will not want to recognize.

He cannot understand that you were afraid for your safety and he will see it as an abandonment, and no one abandons a narcissist because, in his own eyes, he is perfect. He sees your relationship as a competition and you have won.

Since he cannot accept the fact that you rejected him first, he will persecute you for months and maybe even years after you break up.

They’ll follow you on social media, come to your home, text you, call you, or even use someone else to try to manipulate you to convince you to come back to them.

He’s ready to do literally anything, whether it’s hacking your computer, confusing your head, or threatening you.

2. He’ll pretend it’s all your fault

At first, he behaves as if he is lucky to have you and that you are a blessing. He claims to be lucky to be with someone as good as you.

But as the relationship takes its course and it begins to show its true face, things deteriorate. Because of this, it will make you feel guilty.

He will invent a stupid excuse to make you wear the hat of your broken relationship. Whatever the reason – what matters is that it’s all your fault.

All of this is really shocking and hurtful, and the narcissists do it only because they realize that you are never going to get back together, so they make sure to save what’s left of their face and persuade themselves that they never hurt anyone.

3. Triangle after rupture

He will try to deliberately create a love triangle to reduce you and revive the days when you were with him. In these situations, you have to be careful on social media, avoid it and try not to go to places where you might meet it.

This is really important because you are still in the healing process and each glance or even a failed attempt to make yourself jealous can make you doubt and bring back your lack of confidence and respect for yourself.

You must ensure that you have no contact with your narcissist, in order to remove the possibility of sucking you back into the hell where you lived.

4. He will make you feel guilty for staying

After you have finally managed to dismiss a narcissist from your life, he will try to make you feel guilty so that you come back to him. He will remind you of all the wonderful things he did for you when you were together, and there were many, but unfortunately, each of these actions had an ulterior motive.

Whenever he did something nice for you, he wanted something in return. He will throw these things in your face, hoping that you will remember only the good things and give him another chance.

5. He will make you look like a bad person

You will not be able to dodge this ball. You will not be able to hide the fact that you have broken up because the narcissist will make sure that everyone knows that you are the one who broke up and that now is the time for these people to choose their side.

Your narcissist will want you to experience the total abandonment of your friends. He will speak badly to you on social networks and will chat about you as soon as he has the opportunity.

He will try to convince people that he is the victim and not you. He will try to gather as much sympathy as possible and will make you mean.

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