1. He is not clear about his feelings

You never know where you are with him, he never talks about exclusivity and does not reveal his feelings to you.

He never introduced you as his girlfriend. He hides his feelings.

He acts casually and shows you that he likes you, but nothing more.

You sometimes even have the impression that he is incapable of feeling anything.

If this happens at the start of a relationship, it’s pretty normal. He cannot know if he loves you or where you are after such a short period.

But if you’ve been together for a while and he’s still not clear about his feelings, it’s because he’s only using you as a back-up plan.

2. He avoids talking about the future

He never plans for the long term. Talking about what you will do next month or next year is mission impossible with him.

You are not included in any of the future projects he talks about, he never says “we”, he only talks about his life.

And if you question him directly, he changes the subject and talks about something else.

The painful truth is that he doesn’t see his future with you and that’s why he avoids talking about it.

3. He does not have the same attitude when he is with you and when you are not together

You could say that he is completely someone else when you write to each other and when you look each other in the eye.

When he is with you, he is adorable but as soon as he leaves you, it is quite another thing.

His messages are rare, he seems uninterested and very distant most of the time.

It is usually you who send the first message and it always takes a long time to respond.

He calls you little. Basically, he wants you around but he’s not invested and only keeps you as an option.

4. You haven’t met any of the important people in your life

You have never met his closest friends, or even spent time with his other friends.

You are not sure if his family knows even your existence. He doesn’t talk much about them, he keeps this part of his life secret.

These are signs that he has no place in his life for you.

A man who knows what he wants and where he is going would end up introducing you to the people who are most important in his life.

If it is not the case, it is relegating you to the background.

5. You are afraid that he may move away at any time

With it, you walk on eggs. You are afraid that at the slightest misstep on your part, it will go away.

Perhaps there is something in his attitude that prompts you to think that.

Perhaps he acts as if you should already feel happy to be with him.

You constantly feel compelled to prove to him that you are worth it and to impress him.

Maybe he’s even blackmailing you: if you don’t do everything the way he wants, he’ll leave you.

When you have a healthy relationship, both partners are equal.

There’s no need to impress a guy or bend your back in front of anyone.

If he manipulates you with the threat that he will leave you, he not only treats you as an option but also uses your love against you.

He is definitely not the one you should be with.

6. The only person he adapts to is himself

He dodges your projects if he has better things to do. He doesn’t care about them, but gets upset if you don’t agree with him.

He does whatever suits him and makes him happy, without taking into account your needs.

It doesn’t matter that you bend over backwards to satisfy it, but it would never do the same for you.

He is selfish and it is his first priority. If he does not take any steps towards you, to adapt to you or make you happy, he takes you by boat and that’s it.

7. He’s always “busy”

He never has enough time for you, but you can clearly see that he finds time for anything else that interests him.

He uses his “occupations” to make you fail or justify the fact that you do not see yourself for a while.

But in reality, someone who cares about you will find time for you, even if they don’t have time.

He will love nothing more than spending time with you and will do his utmost to that end.

If he spends only a short time with you and uses his “occupations” as a pretext, he is not busy, he only lacks interest and considers you a second choice until someone else knocks on his door.

8. He doesn’t open up to you about anything

All your discussions are superficial and he never tells you anything really important.

You could even say that all of your moments together are like talking about the rain and the good weather having two strangers meeting at a bus station.

It is common for a man to remain on guard at the start of a relationship.

But if after he has really gotten to know you and has spent a lot of time with you, he does not show the slightest need to open up about his feelings, his problems or his life, it is because ‘he refrains from engaging with your whole heart in your relationship and keeps you at a distance.

9. He’s too focused on his cell phone when you’re together

Today, we are all addicted to our phones and as long as it does not exceed certain limits, it is considered something relatively normal.

But if when you are in the lead, your companion spends his time staring at his screen and does not pay you the slightest attention, this is a bad sign.

Not only is he rude but he also lacks the most basic courtesy.

His attitude indicates a lack of respect and that he does not consider that you deserve his full attention.

Talk to him and see if things can change, if not, don’t just be his second choice when his phone, social media, and messages come first.

Things shouldn’t be like this.

10. He doesn’t make much effort

He lets you plan everything and never mentions anything he would like to do with you.

You are usually the one asking him when you will see yourself.

You are usually the first to call or send a message.

You rearrange your schedule according to his needs, but he never does the same thing. And the list continues …

The general idea being that you do everything you can, while it doesn’t give you anything and things shouldn’t be like that.

A man who cares about you and sees you as a priority will show up, make plans and give you back everything he receives, maybe more.

If there is no reciprocity, it is because your relationship is one way and you are treated as an option.

11. Making love interests him more than you love

He’s adorable when he wants to take your clothes off, but once he’s done, he becomes cold and distant.

He doesn’t want to know anything about you and doesn’t really want to hear what you have to say.

The only thing that interests him is the s**xual aspect of your relationship.

And while s**x is an important part of any relationship, not everything can be built on it.

If your relationship lacks love, emotional involvement or support, it is because he is simply using you to fulfill his needs.

He’s not the kind of guy that stays or you really need. He only uses you as his backup plan.

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