Flirty Fingers – Exactly How to Transform an Individual On Over Text in 10 Steps

Texting may be not the best form of communication for lovers *or any relationship*. However, sometimes you’re not able to call the person you want to talk to. Especially when it means talking dirty, you don’t want someone to overhear you. So, here’s how to turn a guy on over text in 10 quick and simple steps.
How to turn a guy on over text – 10 quick and easy steps
I don’t think your boss wants to walk in and peer over your shoulder, seeing your dirty texts. I mean, there’s always an exception. But let’s stay on topic. You want to turn a guy on over text, you’re going to need to know the right words to get the best results—and you want results.

#1 Figure out where you two stand. Does he know you like him? Or are you two just friends? I mean, there’s no point going heavy on the flirting right away if he sees you only as a friend.
If you are just friends for now, try to slowly incorporate the flirting into the conversation and see his reaction. If he’s replying, “Why are you calling me handsome?” well, then ease off a bit. If he’s still replying, and perhaps flirting back, then you know. It is safe for you to take your flirty texts to the next level.

#2 Start off nice and easy. If this guy isn’t your boyfriend, you’re going to want to start off nice and easy. Sure, s*x is great, but foreplay is even better. Think of this as foreplay. Verbal foreplay.
But not the foreplay when you’re already having oral s*x. I mean just in the beginning, when you guys are still in the make out stage—that foreplay. Your goal is to warm him up and get him all hot and bothered before he pounces on you.

#3 Wait for him to reply. Listen, if this guy isn’t your boyfriend, don’t bombard him with text after text if he doesn’t answer. Maybe he’s just busy or maybe he’s not into you.
The worst thing to do is text him again. Leave it. I know, you’ll want to write him and get his attention, but you’ll get his attention if you don’t look overly enthusiastic. Be patient, my young grasshopper.

#4 Time for the dirty texts. Okay, so he’s replying and responding in a flirty way—check. Now, it’s time to amp it up and start with some dirty text messages.
Start off with one like this, “I’ve been thinking about what I would do to you right now,” or “If you could do anything you wanted to me, what would you do?” When you ask this, you’ll get the imagination going. This is where he’ll start feeling some friction—in the pants region.

#5 Be descriptive. If the dirty talk is getting more intense, make sure to use descriptive words. Don’t just write back, “Yeah, I’d like that,” or “That feels good.” Get into it, girl.
You’re the one who started this! Remember, men are visual beings, so paint him a portrait of what’s going on, what you’re wearing, where you’re touching him. Tell him a goddamn story, and trust me, that story will take you far.

#6 Leave on a high. Sure, you could keep the dirty texts going until morning, but, why would you? You need to leave this on a high so he comes back for more. If this is your boyfriend, then he’ll be running home to you. But if is a guy you’re interested in, definitely don’t give him everything. He’ll come back, trust me, they always do.

#7 Send him a picture, if you want. During the dirty texts, you can always send him a picture. It doesn’t have to be a complete nude. It could be a photo of his favorite part of you.
People always think sending flirty photos means you should send them a picture of your breasts or vagina. Nope and nope. Listen, send him anything you want or not.

#8 Bring it to life. If this is your boyfriend, and you’ve been dirty texting all day, don’t just leave it at that. Create the scene at home and surprise him with a special treat. Answer the door in some s*xy lingerie or leave him a note at the front door, making him find you in bed. Yeah, that’ll be one of the most memorable dinners he’ll ever eat.

#9 Don’t think too far ahead. If you’re dirty talking with a guy you like and he replies, don’t assume you two are now an item. Dirty talk is fun, but it doesn’t mean anything.
If you’re looking not to be taken advantage of, make sure you understand what you two are. You don’t need to use dirty talking as a way for a guy to like you. If he suddenly shows interest when you dirty talk, then he’s probably not looking for something serious. Now, if he liked you before that and you happen to dirty talk after, that’s something different.

#10 If he’s not into it, pull out. Listen, if you sense that this guy isn’t into it, then move on. It’s the best thing to do. Maybe he’ll realize he made a mistake *which he did*. Do you want someone who’s going to make you do all the work? No. Not fun.



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