What to Do When He Does Not Text You Back – Suggestions You Will not Like

We’ve all been there. Even though I know what to do, sometimes I become so overwhelmed with emotion, I start freaking out. I want to know why he isn’t texting me back—what did I do? Do I text him again? So, if you think you’re the only person who struggles with the whole what to do when he doesn’t text you back concept, you’re not alone. Even I suffer from this.

What to do when he doesn’t text you back

Listen, what I’m going to tell you, you need to do. I know you’re going to want to do the opposite, no one wants to listen to this type of advice because they think it’s counterproductive. But trust me on this, you cannot let your emotions take control or else you fall into a deep hole of desperation. That hole isn’t easy to get out of.

I hate to say it, but there will be one guy that doesn’t text you back.

#1 Put your phone down. Put your phone down. In fact, turn off your internet and phone. You’re going to make bad decisions if you keep staring at it. Do not creep him on social media or see when he was last online. This won’t help the situation.

#2 Don’t make any assumptions. You probably already think of all the reasons as to why he’s not messaging you. Maybe he’s busy, maybe he’s at work, maybe he’s not interested. Listen, there could be countless reasons as to why he’s not replying. You don’t know why he’s not replying, so jumping to conclusions will not help this situation.

#3 Do NOT text him. If you leave him a stream of messages, it’s not a good look. I know you feel vulnerable because he’s not replying. If you message him again, you look like you’re losing.

#4 If you MUST text him, wait 24 hours, minimum. I know not texting him is probably killing you, so if you feel that you must text him, promise me to wait 24 hours. Please. I’m begging you. Maybe your text didn’t actually sound like it needed a response which is fine. So, if he hasn’t texted you, wait 24 hours and then send him a text. If he still doesn’t reply, well, then it’s clear that he’s not interested.

#5 Distract yourself. During this period, if you’re not busy, you’ll go insane. I understand why—you really like this guy! The least he could do is just reply to your stupid text! But the reality is, he’s not replying. So, while you wait for him to reply, keep yourself busy. Go out with your friends, work, study—keep going with your life.

#6 Accept he doesn’t like you the way he needs to. Listen, if he replies hours later and says, “Sorry, I forgot to reply” is that someone you honestly want to be with? Someone who forgets to write you back? If you like someone, you never forget to write them when they text you.

#7 Don’t tell everyone. I know you want to bitch about it with people, but don’t go telling everyone. If you have mutual friends, someone is going to end up telling him what you’re saying about him. Sure, you can ask someone about him and what he thinks about you, but if you go around talking to people, they’re going to notice. Keep it cool.

#8 Don’t post this on social media. Do not post some passive aggressive Facebook status, saying how you wish people would just be honest with their emotions. If he isn’t texting you, he’s showing you he’s not interested. Posting these things on social media makes you look immature when really, he’s the one that needs to grow up.

#9 Do not wait for him. You may think that he’s going to come around, that you just need to show him how great you are. Listen, if he doesn’t see how great you are, f*ck him. He cannot even be bothered to write you back, so, stop wasting your time on him.

#10 Focus on your self-respect. You may feel a little sting in your heart now that you’ve put yourself out there and he didn’t go for it. I’ve been there. Hell, I flew to Australia and got rejected by the guy who lived there. Yeah, I was head over heels for him. So, you can imagine how cringe-worthy that was.


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