Requited Love – 10 Ways to Obtain Someone to Reciprocate Your Love

Is there anything worse than being in love with someone who doesn’t return the feeling? I suppose war, death, and taxes can be. The most frustrating thing about love is you have no control over who you love or who loves you. The only thing you can do when someone doesn’t have requited love for you, is either move on or try to show them a side of you that they may not see otherwise.

What is requited love?

Requited love basically means that you love someone and they love you back. Before it reaches the love point, it can be that you both have feelings for one another and you’re probably going to start dating and explore where it takes you.

Of course, requited love is the best type of love. Meeting someone who feels the same way about you as you do about them means that your heart is filled with flowers and rainbows. You’re approved of, someone sees your positive points and adores them, and all of this helps you to have that warm and snuggly feeling that love is so famous for.

How is requited love different from unrequited love?

We hear so much about unrequited love. Almost every song is written about the pain and agony of meeting someone, falling in love, and them not feeling the same. That’s basically what unrequited love is. You fall in love with someone and they don’t feel the same back.

Unrequited love is pretty hard to live with for a while. Of course, you get over it in the end, and you probably meet someone who does feel the same. Yet before that time, you can’t get over the pain and upset that this special person in your life just doesn’t love you back.

Life is cruel sometimes, right? The good news is that it all balances out when you meet someone and you experience requited love.

Requited love – 17 Ways to get someone to reciprocate your love

There is no magical way to stop loving someone. Unfortunately, you can’t just “turn it off,” and moving on is always easier said than done.

If you really feel as if there is something between the two of you that your requited love may be missing, try these 17 ways to peak their interest.

1. Find common ground between you

Although opposites attract, having similar interests is a great way to show someone a side of you that they may not appreciate. When you are around them, try to make “special” connections and relate to them in their world. Soon they may find that they enjoy having you around more than they thought.

2. Try a new look

If you know that you haven’t put much effort into the way that you look lately, physical attraction is very important to a relationship and feelings of love.

3. Better yourself

It isn’t just important to work on your outside look. Your requited love may be looking for qualities such as kindness, generosity, and empathy. If you are a little short on those things, you may want to find that special you inside. Consider what you give to others and if you have been somewhat “shallow,” finding more depth to your personality may bring out something your requited love finds attractive.

4. Find someone else

Trying to find someone else is key for two reasons. One, they likely start taking a look at your relationship once you aren’t blowing up their phone or looking at them like a lost puppy.

5. Stop calling and texting

Instead of trying always to be in their head, try taking a step back and not being available. They’ve probably become accustomed to you calling and texting. If you are getting the eye roll every time you try to connect, try disconnecting.

Not only will it force you to take steps to move on just in case you weren’t meant to be, but it will also make them miss you. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

6. Take on the friend role

No one wants to get stuck in the “friend” zone. Being their friend first helps you figure out what it is that they are looking for in a relationship. Once you win your way into their heart via the friend path, you have a special perspective no one else has.

7. Don’t always be there to help

our requited love target has probably become used to you being their emergency contact. They have no idea what it would be like if you weren’t around when they needed someone. Show them what it would be by not being around.

8. Try pulling away

We are all creatures of habit. When we have things, sometimes we don’t want them. What we can’t have often looks really amazing and becomes the focus of our desire. If you start to show them you can live without them, you may make them take pause. Not only is it time for you to pull away for your own good and try to move on, but it also makes them think twice about the place you hold in their life, which may just be love.

9. Don’t make assumptions

The fact that you call them your unrequited love means that you have confessed your feelings, and they don’t return them, correct? If you haven’t ever confronted or been honest about how you feel, then you haven’t given them the opportunity to tell you whether they love you or not.

10. Stop pretending to be someone else and be yourself

Sometimes when we are in love with someone and are trying to impress them, we start to act goofy or differently than who we really are.



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