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Exactly What To Expect From The Full Moon In Scorpio, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The full moon will enter Scorpio on May 18th, 2019. We are ready for the transformative phases that this full moon will bring. We cut ties with things that no longer serve us in our daily lives. We become more intuitive, braver and determined to get things done and fight for what we want.

Of course, we will also maintain the diplomacy of the Scorpio, which many may view as passive aggressiveness. Scorpio is patient, diligent and likes to keep lists of things that they can look back on when they have the time. This Full Moon will bring many lessons that will guide us through the rest of the year. We will release, restart and replenish the love and happiness that has escaped us.


This period will be a low key one for you as you take time to break away from the world and spend it focusing on you. You may be inspired to take a trip by yourself or to figure out new ways to cut your impulsive spending habits. The Scorpio energy makes us all reflective and contemplate what negative things we should expel from our lives. You will find your answer and release what no longer works for you.


Now that your birthday season has come to an end, you will get back to working harder than ever before. Taurus is focused on the hustle and the output from their work. You now have a game plan, filled with different options just in case you need to shift gears. More opportunities will keep presenting themselves as you continue to be graceful and charming to those who can help you.



Your birthday season comes in full force with the intensity of the Scorpion’s energy. Very much like Taurus, you will focus on working harder, being more efficient as well as having fun. With Jupiter still opposing your sign, you will feel the wave of connections intensify during the retrograde period. Open your eyes, explore, and do not be afraid to dream.


This can feel like a magical time filled with reflection as you focus on your art and craft. Planning ahead becomes a big deal to you as you obsess over the future and try to come to terms with the past. It is the perfect period to let go and not be afraid of the potential surprises that life brings upon you. Reach out to those who you have lost touch with and make sure to enjoy yourself occasionally.


During the full moon, you will focus on trying to nourish your safe places. There may be conflicts that had been brewing within your inner circle, but you have been able to pluck out the poisonous people. Now you will be more reflective, and the renewing energy of the full moon will serve to guide you. You will still have plenty of fun, as well as be able to connect and meet new people. After all, who can resist you?



This Full Moon will get your mental energy to awaken, and you may even feel like you are more psychic. Channel all of this into creative venues because you will be inspired and motivated by the people you might see around you. Expect people to come to you, since you will be filled with wisdom during this transit. Trust yourself and believe in the plan you have for you.


This will be a magical moment for you as you come to terms with your accomplishments this year and focus on your self-esteem and values. The full moon tests what you have learned thus far, allowing you to take the next step and make changes to your plans. Trust the wisdom you are receiving (thanks to Jupiter) and apply it.


The full moon will present new guidance to you as you have made choices to end things that needed finalization and focus more on the beneficial gifts that life has to offer. You are in your element and know what to accomplish for the long run. During this transit, you will feel more vibrant and confident. Change it up a bit with your style and shock the masses.



With all of the great energy flowing your way and the sun opposing your sign, you might feel bouts of excitement and nervousness. The full moon in Scorpio allows for you to escape and to relax. This will be a chill period of time, filled with psychic energy and vibrant dreams. Get in touch with other realities as you take a break from the world during this transit.


This can be quite the restricting time for you as you debate getting closer to people or just cutting them out completely. Be vigilant, protect your emotions, and trust your intuition. The energy of the full moon will enlighten you and provide those answers you have been seeking. It is easy for you to want to take on the hermit mode because you will be more focused on working and getting things done. Although Saturn can make you feel empowered, you may also feel lonely. Just remember that you should take a break and reconnect with others.



It is no surprise you will receive praise at this time for all the work that you do and have done. Make sure to continue to focus on your goals and how you will make it to the top (because you definitely will). The transformative energy of this transit will get you pumped, and you will ooze more charm. With the sun entering Gemini, you will feel the boost of confidence, and it will make you stand out even more.


You are receptive to the ominous feelings that the full moon in Scorpio might inspire within. This is a moment to be more philosophical, to not be afraid of challenges and to trust your wisdom. If you want to explore and learn more, now is the perfect time to get things done. There may have been people who took you for granted and you have learned and let them go. Find a mentor or become one.

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