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These Are The Four Zodiac Couples Who Are The Definition Of Opposites Attract

Pisces + Virgo

Pisces is openly emotional, while Virgo prefers to maintain its composed exterior. Since this is the case, Pisces has the ability to teach Virgo to be more comfortable with the emotions they sometimes feel the need to suppress. Pisces contributes to Virgo’s emotional stability, as they are one of the best listeners in the zodiac. They are comfortable talking about the uncomfortable- especially with the people that are closest to them, and they are also known to lead their lives with as much practicality as Virgo. Virgo is goal oriented and plan based, while Pisces is known to be indecisive, slightly disorganized, and prefers to go with the flow. Virgo has the ability to teach this fish how to make their dreams become a reality. Virgo contributes to Pisces’ desire to go after what they want and to decide on a career path, without considering the never-ending pros and cons on why they should go for it and why they shouldn’t. For the most part, this strategic earth sign and this demure water sign make an excellent pair, combining both their strengths in emotional intelligence and planning for the rainiest of days.

Aries + Libra

Libra is a peacemaker, while Aries would rather say it to your face. Since this is the case, Libra has the ability to teach an Aries to think before they speak, why sometimes being too blunt could put you at a disadvantage. Libra will always admire Aries’ fearless approach to life. They will always be proud of this fire sign’s ambition, bravery, and pursuit for only nothing but the very best. But they will also never back down from a quarrel when something becomes unjust. This is why Aries finds an ideal partner for life with Libra, as they are both known to stand up for what’s right. Aries can teach a Libra how to set its priorities straight, especially when it comes to life’s big decisions. For the most part, this fierce fire sign and popular air sign form a solid team, combining both their strengths in justice and bravery, making this pair pretty amazing parents in the end.


Capricorn + Cancer

The hard-working power duo. Capricorn is known as the sign to become a workaholic, while Cancer is known to resonate its emotions everywhere they go. Like Pisces and Virgo, this water and earth match is also set to be productive, as this particular water sign prefers a partner to take the lead. The Capricorn and the Cancer are actually one of my most favorite opposite couples in the zodiac. I’ve not only seen many of them end up together in real life but astrologically these two absolutely compliment each other. They both value the importance of work ethic, practicality, and appreciating the simple things along the way. In my opinion, Cancer is the sweetest match for a Capricorn. They are the best water sign who has the ability to succeed in the pursuit of breaking Capricorn’s shell of emotional hesitance. For the most part, this hard-working earth sign and the sweetheart of all the water signs make one of the cutest couples in the zodiac. Cancer will always confide a protector in Capricorn, a motivator, and a friend who’ll always have their back. Capricorn will forever admire Cancer’s emotional openness and the way they can provide a safe place for this earth sign to share its deepest and truest feelings.

Taurus + Scorpio

The most intense couple of the zodiac. These two teach us how to love beyond our greatest abilities. Known for their strong energies, all or nothing life perspectives, and the fact that they’re both the least likely to ever be broke. Taurus is known to have impeccable focus when it comes to their line of work, they like to keep a small group of friends in their life, and you might even snag one or two life hacks from them. Scorpio is the only water sign who admires the concept of power. They are known as the badass of the group, the one who is openly brave enough to embrace every emotion inside them, and the one who’s most likely to own a motorcycle. This grounded earth sign and powerful water sign make an incredible team together. Like Capricorn and Cancer, these two also have a great work ethic, as their main goal in life is to end up with the best stable careers they can get their hands on. Out of these four couples, these two prioritize their privacy the most, as they lead such busy lives during the day, that all they want by the end is something to escape to. These two also bond better in private, where Taurus is one of the only earth signs that is able to provide a safe space for Scorpio to express its deepest and most raw of emotions. Overall, these two make a great power couple. They are hard working, career and family life driven, and they love each other as hard as possible.

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