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This Is Why You’re Willing To Stay In The Wrong Relationship, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: You like the chase and you don’t want to be bored.

You’re known for a lot of things, Aries—your passion, stubbornness, and adventurous streak come to mind. Yet you also know you tend to grow tired of situations (and people) easily, and you don’t usually stick around unless someone has found a way to keep you enticed constantly. Despite that you may know this relationship isn’t right for you, you also have to admit you rarely find yourself bored, because the things that are bad for us also tend to be the most exciting and you know you’re slightly drawn to the overdramatic.


Taurus: You’re comfortable.

You’re a dedicated person and though you’re stubborn and do your best to take care of yourself, you also thoroughly love your comfort zone and your routine. Once you’ve weaved someone into the fabric of your life, and they become part of the life you’ve known and cultivated, you have a hard time wanting to leave it even if you know the relationship isn’t the right one for you. You would much rather put up with the negative stuff and allow things to stay comfortable than leave and turn your current life upside down.

Gemini: You don’t fully know what you want.

You’re inquisitive and indecisive, and while this can make you a very choosy partner, it can also be the reason you stick with someone even when you have every reason to run the other way. You are always looking at all the possibilities, and even if you are aware of what else is out there, you’re also always worried that if you leave your partner, you’ll be making the wrong choice and you’ll regret it. You also tend to worry that you’re a lot to handle and have too many bad traits for anyone to really care about you. So if you have a partner who makes you feel they care about you, all the good and bad aspects, you aren’t one to give that up easily despite knowing the relationship isn’t doing you any real favors.


Cancer: You are too blinded by love.

You have a strong reputation for caring and falling at first sight, and these things are wonderful traits, but can also be your undoing. You fall head over heels for people easily and already can envision yourself spending the rest of your life with them, and this can cause you to ignore any red flags or justifiable reasons why you’re not in the right relationship. You love them so much and tend to isolate their great qualities and fixate on them, rather than admit when they’re not treating you the way they should.

Leo: You don’t want to admit you were wrong about them.

You aren’t an easy person to please, and you would rather spend your time alone than with someone who doesn’t seem right for you. However, when you do invest yourself in someone you get attached, and even if the person turns out not to be who you expected they were, you are incredibly stubborn and don’t want to admit that you were wrong. And honestly, you know you have a bit of a flair for drama. And even if you know you should cut it off, wrong relationships definitely tend to produce their fair share of it.

Virgo: You think it’s your fault and that you can figure out how to fix it.

You’re analytical and critical by nature, which normally means it takes you a while to truly enter into a relationship in the first place. However, once you’ve been in a relationship for a while and let your guard down, then your critical and controlled nature can be the very thing that keeps you involved in a relationship that isn’t right for you. While you’re not naive and can clearly see what’s wrong in the relationship, you also tend to believe whatever is going wrong is your fault, or that you can find a way to fix it and make it right. Despite the fact that only people can change themselves, you will still find yourself sticking out a wrong relationship is you think there is even a chance that you can find a way to make it better.

Libra: You don’t want to rock the boat unless you absolutely must.

You’re very focused on balance and have a fear of confrontation, so it’s hard to picture you ever truly staying in a wrong relationship. However, you not only search for harmony, you go out of your way to create that harmony and balance in your life, which means that if something is off about your relationship, you will do whatever you can to make things comfortable and brush things under the rug in order to avoid the uncomfortable/bad aspects of your relationship and while it can make you feel better for a while, it can also keep you stuck in the wrong relationship for longer than you should be simply because you don’t want to deal with the conflict and confrontation of admitting you should end it.


Scorpio: You want the things you’re not supposed to have.

You’re incredibly seductive and mysterious and you have your fair share of suitors who would love to be with you. Yet you have some pretty serious trust issues, as well as a strong desire to want the things you’re not supposed to and this can get you into trouble (and the wrong relationships) more often than you’d like to admit. You enjoy the thrill of being with someone who isn’t exactly “right” for you, and it makes it easier for you to keep people at a distance and to not be vulnerable if you choose all the wrong people instead of cutting them loose and really opening up to the right relationship.

Sagittarius: You only see their best qualities.

You’re flirty and a little all over the place when it comes to relationships. And though you strongly value your independence and freedom, you also have a tendency to view everything through unbridled optimism, which causes you to overlook someone’s bad qualities and only fixate on their better ones. You will stay in a relationship that isn’t right for you simply because you always believe things can get better, and you won’t let it go until you have no choice but to admit that it never will.

Capricorn: You’ve invested too much time/energy/emotion into it.

You are hardworking and dedicated, and you don’t tend to play games when you enter into a relationship. You make your intentions known and you desire to see the relationship go the distance. So you invest your time and effort into making that happen. However, even if you get the feeling this relationship isn’t the right one for you, you hesitate to let it go because of all the energy and time you’ve already put into it. You don’t like to waste things that are important to you, and you would rather stick around in the relationship and try to make it the right one, rather than cut loose and start all over again with someone who could be better for you in the long run.


Aquarius: You don’t usually have feelings like this.

You aren’t one to let people in very often, and you would much rather be alone if you’re honest. Yet when you enter into a relationship, it’s not something to take lightly. The person truly has to cause you to feel things you haven’t had before and intrigue you on a mental, emotional, and physical level. Even if it starts to become clear that the relationship isn’t the right one for you, you tend to stick with it because you’ve never felt like this with another person, and you’re not quite sure if you will again.

Pisces: You live for being the emotional therapist and feeling needed.

You’re caring and empathetic, and though these qualities are incredible ones to have in a relationship, they can also get you into trouble. You love to connect deeply and intimately with your partners on all levels, and despite knowing in your heart that the relationship isn’t right for you, you also secretly love being your partner’s therapist/emotional carrier. You are more than willing to take on more than you should and even allow them to manipulate you because you love feeling needed and valuable to them.

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