Dating an Artsy Woman – 10 Enthusiastic Reasons Why They’re Outstanding

It could be graphic design, game development, painting, writing, illustrating, or music, but regardless of the path, there’s bound to be one artsy girl that’s really good at it—and really good to you.

You’ll bump into at least one creative girl in your life. Surprisingly, it might be the best chance you get for some growth of your own. No, it’s not the sporty chick trying to whip you into shape. It’s not the elementary school teacher or the compassionate social worker.

What is an artsy girl?

Creative girls have a sense of both energy and understanding, making them the perfect mixture of goal-oriented inspiration and patience when you’re burnt out. They spend their time doing their own thing, focusing on their own projects, and thus, don’t cram themselves down your throat all the time.

There’s a sense of independence there. All while being loving, accepting, and willing to help if you decide to take on a project of your own. So basically, the perfect girlfriend material.

#1 They have a sense of independence. Artsy girls aren’t the type to cling to their partners at all times, regardless of how into you they are. Their work is their first love. It’s their own personal mission to contribute something beautiful, insightful, or thought-provoking to the world.

#2 Their view of the world is their own, and even just hearing about it doesn’t quite do it justice. Creative women are curious, insightful, and dying to learn more of the world. Their work revolves around explaining, understanding, and analyzing the world and those in it.

Hearing their points of view enlightens and, undoubtedly, makes you develop your own ideas. In essence, dating an artsy girl shows you how small you are in the giant scheme of the universe. And yet, makes you grow into a deeper version of yourself.

#3 They’re passionate about their work. Chances are, they don’t take on anything in life that they’re not passionate about. If she takes you on, then she’s passionate about you. It’s very rare to find an artsy girl that hasn’t mastered at least one thing. That’s because she works hard. So hard that there’s undeniable passion.

Creative women are driven and hell bent on creating. Therefore, they tackle your relationship with the same vigor. They take on things they truly care about, with intense passion, always seeking to please and make things better than they already are.

#4 Giving advice, or just hearing you vent, will be a forte. Sure, creative girls have a lot to say, but they know when to shut up and listen. If you need to vent about anything, just ask if they can listen to you. They’ll gladly sit down and let you vent.

#5 Just being around her inspires you, even if you’re just a desk jockey. You could be the complete opposite of creative and still be inspired by her. Seeing her work, seeing the results of her time spent away from you, hearing all the stories of the creative process, all comes together and makes you want to know more about what it is she does, and how.

#6 Hanging out will always feel relaxed and casual, regardless of what you end up doing. Creative women may know their way around a wine and cheese plate, gourmet food, or books and art, but something about the way they carry themselves forever feels relaxed and casual.

Hypothetically speaking, if you take an artsy girl on a date to the fanciest place on earth, she still acts the same way she does at the local Sonic. She won’t put on airs or carry herself rigidly, but rather give everything she does a sense of casualness.

#7 Some artsy girls can be pretentious at first. But a lot of the time, they’re underestimating their work, and striving to do better. This serves as good motivation to you. When you first meet an artsy woman, her drive is, by far, the first thing you’ll notice. Unless she’s drop-dead gorgeous and smells like Twinkies.

Always seeking to improve, their sense of creativity is on full-throttle a lot of the time, which means you’ll be exposed to a lot of artistic projects and may even become the subject of one of her pieces.

Furthermore, seeing all of this makes you want to do something of your own, even if it is a small-scale hobby. You may find yourself trying new things, and striving toward goals that bring you a sense of newfound happiness. [Read: 10 couple goals we actually need in our relationship]

#8 Their circle of friends will be completely different than yours. Sure, there will never be people like your friends, because they’re yours. You’ve cultivated memories, shared experiences, and managed friendship for what’s probably several years. However, meeting new people is always a plus, because you can be exposed to a whole new subculture.

People who have their own methods of entertainment and way of hanging out that challenges your own, in a good way. After hanging out with the same type of people for years, you might start to feel stuck in a rut. When a new group emerges out of the woodwork, and does everything differently, you might feel a sense of renewal, enabling you to take some insight back to your group of friends.

#9 Their methods of unwinding usually involve being funny, silly, s*xual, or all the above. Thinking about it logically, artistic people have to be serious at work to get their thoughts on paper and develop those ideas into actual movies, games, books, paintings, etc. While they may have fun and goof around at work, ultimately, there’s a sense of responsibility and seriousness there.

#10 Speaking of s*x, they tend to enjoy it because they see it as a method of expression and sharing love with you. This is one girl that barely, if ever, turns you down. S*x with an artsy girl is unlike any other s*x you’ve ever had. They’re not afraid to be dirty, yet loving, or even borderline risky, while silly and genuine. They’ll make it hot, but they won’t be overly serious all the time.



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