All Of Ariana Grande’s Relationships, Ranked

Ariana Grande has made her relationships with past lovers a big part of her public image and she has never been shy of showing the world just how exciting and playful her romances are. It is easy to understand where she’s coming from because when we fall in love, we want to scream our feelings of affection through the rooftops. We want the whole world to know just how lucky we are, and the pop star never fails to leave a trail of adorable Instagram “couple” posts so we can further appreciate her love stories. She has even written a number of record-breaking songs in dedication to the men in her life.

Who are all the lucky people Grande has had romances with? Let’s find out below in the ranking of all Ari’s relationships.

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Jordan Viscomi was Ariana Grande’s boyfriend and backup dancer in 2011 during her Nickelodeon days, on the TV series Victorious. The two dated for several months after Ariana’s breakup with her long-term boyfriend Graham Phillips, and apparently, she ran out of luck with Viscomi when she publicly announced how horrible her break up was with the dancer. She said it was so awful, she “couldn’t stop crying” during hair and make up for Victorious. Poor girl! If only she knew at that moment how much she would accomplish in the near future.


Nothing sweeter than puppy love! It turns out, Ariana Grande was another man’s “Cinderella” before Mac Miller ever wrote the song dedicated to the pop artist with the same name as the Disney Princess. All the way back in eighth grade, the pint-sized diva dated Josh Venkataraman and their story is undeniably adorable. Before Grande was a record-breaking pop star performing in front of millions, she shined on stage at The Florida Children’s Theater in Fort Lauderdale.

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Grande starred as Cinderella in the theater’s production while Venkataraman played the role of Prince Charming. As most middle school romances come to an end, their relationship was no exception after Ari moved to New York to star in the Broadway musical 13.


Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes dated for a short period of time after filming their music video for their duet “Almost Is Never Enough”. The two bonded over both having killer vocals and a strong attraction to one another. Although their love story was short-lived, it was clear there was a ton of chemistry between the singers. According to Grande, they kept gazing at each other during a red carpet event and couldn’t take their eyes off of each other all night. How romantic!


It looks like Ari has got a thing for her backup dancers! Ricky Alvarez was Ariana’s backup dancer for several of her tours along with her music video for “Problem”. According to Grande, she and her back up dancers have formed a very close-knit group, and the friendship between her and Ricky eventually became more after the two kissed on stage at an LGBTQ pride performance. The two broke it off after dating for a year yet they remain good friends to this day which is always a blessing.

“Wrote some songs about Ricky, now I listen and laugh.” – Ariana Grande, “Thank U, Next”


Way back before the sold out concerts and viral music videos that broke the internet, Ariana Grande starred in the Broadway musical “13” alongside Graham Phillips. The two dated for three years and seemed to have a solid romance where Ariana and Graham felt very comfortable with each other and could confide in one another about anything.

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The two were recently spotted hanging out together in March, and it’s so sweet that they still keep in touch after dating years ago.


Big Sean and Ariana Grande were an adorable couple for about nine months in 2014-2015. They started off as friends and collaborated on several songs together, including “Right There” and later, “Best Mistake” while the two were a couple. They seemed to be soulmates, yet sometimes young love must come to an end in order to teach us a valuable lesson.

Perhaps their break up taught Ariana to grow as an independent woman and luckily, the two are still friends. They were recently caught hanging out in February.  Famously in “Thank u, Next”, Grande opens the song with the lyrics about Big Sean, “Thought I’d end up with Sean, but it wasn’t a match.” Sometimes it’s okay if you don’t end up with the person you thought you would end up with. It only means someone (or something) better is just around the corner.


It’s hard to imagine a celebrity as big as Ariana Grande having an “online boyfriend”, yet that was the case at first for the 2012-2014 on-and-off couple Jai Brooks and Ariana Grande. True fans of Grande know just how hilarious she is, and with comedic Youtuber Jai Brooks, the two became an instant comedic duo. There’s no better key to a happy relationship than endless laughter and Brooks and Grande had always been able to crack each other up with their comical wit.

Brooks and Grande were “couple goals” back in the day. There are a bunch of Youtube videos of the two goofing around while having an epic time, and there’s even a popular video of Jai doing Ariana’s make-up in the classic “Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge”, which was all the rage back in 2013.  The two obsessed over sloths together and even had matching outfits with sloths on them. It’s hard to get more adorable than that.


“And I know you know that you’re my soulmate and all that” – Ariana Grande, “Pete Davidson”.

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Everyone was shocked by how quickly Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande got engaged, yet people do foolish things in the name of love. The two were absolutely crazy for one another and were constantly proclaiming their love on social media. It inspired fans to find a partner who they could nerd out with and fully be themselves with, just like Ariana and Pete.

The loving couple had so much in common from their comedic nature to their mutual love of Harry Potter. Everything about the couple was downright adorable from their significant height difference to Ariana’s hit song “Pete Davidson” which professes how much she adores him. Perhaps time was a big factor in their split, yet their short-lived romance was surely an epic ride.


Although the two never officially dated, it is undeniable that Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett have serious chemistry between them. Bennett and Grande played Cat and Robbie on the Nickelodeon series Victorious and their characters share a strong romantic bond. There are several clips on Youtube of the long-time friends goofing around and flirting while behind the scenes of the Nick show, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell there is something going on between them.

You’d think now that Ariana Grande is perhaps the most famous pop star in the world right now, she wouldn’t have the time to keep in touch with her old Victorious cast mates, yet Grande and Bennett are constantly hanging out with one another and it seems as though they are having the time of their lives each whenever they do. Plus, Bennett still appears in a handful of Grande’s music videos including her most popular “Thank u, Next” video, and in “One Last Time” as her love interest.


It’s no secret that Mac Miller was Ariana Grande’s one true love. He left the biggest impact on her, and the pair inspired us all to be with someone who truly admires you inside and out. There is nothing sweeter than best friends turning into lovers, and that was exactly what happened with Miller and Grande. The two were as close as could be since the age of 19 when the two starred in Ariana’s music video for “The Way”.

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It is clear by the way the two looked at each other they were madly in love and although Mac Miller has tragically passed away, their love for each other will never be forgotten. Even after the couple split, Ariana still had all the love in the world for Mac when she posted this about him on her Instagram: “This is one of my best friends in the whole world and favorite people on the planet. I respect and adore him endlessly and am grateful to have him in my life in any form, at all times regardless of how our relationship changes or what the universe holds for each of us!” Rest in peace Mac Miller, you were a beautiful soul.

Who do you think is Ariana’s best romantic partner?



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